Saturday, June 16, 2007

Pehla Nasha

I have been tagged by Lady Malady of Confused, Toronto,Ontario,Canada (phew these royals have such long names brrr).

According to the diktat of the Lady, I have to describe my first kiss. Well if you are looking askance at Lady Malady wondering if she was out of her mind tagging a single south Indian gal, then I have news for you. You will be surprised to learn that you are biased, prejudiced, Xenophobic and other bad things. If you think that all that a south Indian gal does in her youth is learn to make 'sambar' and 'avial' then you are right. But that does not mean we have no love life. We!!

Back to the first kiss was one of the most magical moments of my life. It was a puppy love kinda moment but one that I will remember for a long time. I have spent moments freaking out wondering how my first kiss would be but when it did happen it was so natural!

Year: Circa late 1990's
Venue: Leah Varghese's house.
Event: Our weekly chick flick get together
Witnesses: 6 girls, a pile of charcoal roasted bhuttas (corn), a plate of sliced raw mangoes sprinkled with salt and chilly powder and half a dozen Dixie Cola bottles.

The movie was half way through and a mushy romantic scene dominated the TV monitor. Our eyes glazed as we watched the beefcake hero take the pink candy floss heroine in his arms and give her a smooch that lasted exactly 1 min and 34 seconds ( Exact time not verified. According to Priscilla's watch it was 1 minute 15 seconds). This was the second kiss of the movie and hence the extension of 34 seconds.

As we went "awww" in chorus, Jimmy Varghese sauntered into the room. He walked casually to where I was sitting and plonked himself oh-so-casually next to me. He had deep brown eyes and a really cute but naughty look on his face all the time. In short, he was a dream boat. I frankly didnt think this hunk who had girls gushing over him 24/7 would even look at me let alone acknowledge my presence. Soon we had the inevitable power cut and the girls trooped out to get something more to eat, leaving me all alone with Jimmy. I turned around to him with a nervous smile ready to make polite conversation when he leaned across and surprised me with a kiss right on my mouth.

Taken aback I gasped "ewwwww" and rushed to the bathroom to wash my face with soap thanking God silently that Leah had the sense to give Jimmy his Rabies shot!!! Alsatian puppies however cute and pampered enough to be given the family surname still need to be vaccinated. But *sigh* he was chooooo cute.

( And pssst all you south Indian gals out there who are getting ready to burn my effigy, please note I was speaking for the majority here. I know there are a minority of you out there with a BF, but I will bet my D'damas diamond pendent that your Amma doesn't know about it hah!!!!!)

Wokay back to the "avial" class....*sigh*!

Jimmy Varghese looked somewhat like this. Pix courtesy Corbis


Unknown said...

LOL! Jimmy was fast wasnt he :p
rocking post as usual! :)

Unknown said...

I knew it was a dog from the start! :-P

mathew said...

u zimbly dont!! ;-P

Jimmy gonna sue for spillin out all the mushy details in public...

neways I am lost what to write when you are among the super majority south indian guys clan who are more likely to be in rajnikant fans association than in a Golf or Polo Club !!

Anonymous said...


Neihal said...

@Joe , exactly my thoughts. :P


hahahaha. Now if u set out to make this tag different than others, you just succeeded. :P

and those first puppy loves....u took it way too literally ;)

Anonymous said...

heyya..its me Jimmy Varghese..

woof woof!!!(uh..bad throat day)

And they made a book out if it too..and called it "curious incident of a dog in the nightime!!"

Can u stop spillin details in public..You know that am dating Scooby Doo right now!!grmphh!


silverine said...

Joey: *HUGS*

rockus: *sob*

mathew: Jimmy passed away long time back so no fear of being sued :p

"super majority south indian guys clan who are more likely to be in rajnikant fans association than in a Golf or Polo Club " lol arent we all?

Anon: Yes?

neihal: Thank you :) It is yet to happen dear :p

Anon: Jimmy died long time ago dumbo!

Anonymous said...

you got lucky, my ginga has a tendency to kiss other 'projecting' parts that women have. Of course I get teased that I trained him to do that.

Abhishek said...

beagle puppies are cuter. Maybe you will find true love with them ;)

good post.

Other female german shepherds will be burning your effigy for snagging one of their own!!!

Alexis said...

That was a great post. ROFL...

But why me? I am under the 'never being kissed' category :-(

Abhi said...

Well as some1 said before i knew it was a non-human creature. After all from what you are posting here about your escapades with your colleagues in the office and of comments about guys driving ther bullets i just won't be able to digest the fact that you too have a lover.

Pakshe there are exceptions "Vene chakka verilum kaaykum" Alleyo??

Anonymous said...

I am a Bengali and all I need to do is switch the word South Indian to Bengali. Not much differences surprisingly. Good post.


ap said...

Poor jimmy!!!!he must have being hurt so much over ur behavoir of washing off after a kiss!!!!!

Amey said...

Ahem, "sadistic pleasure" indeed.

So, would it be safe to assume that you are the kind of girl who likes the guy to take the lead?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I feel let down :(

Sanjay said...

It took you that long is it? Have you graduated to more risque stuff like biting, or still to get there?

I had my first dog bite at the tender age of 8... or was it 10. The funny thing is all my canine aquanintances seem to enjoy the bite more than the kiss.

Wonder if this is a majority experience. Is it also restricted to canines or is it a mammal thing?


Ajith Prasad Balakrishnan said...

And u didnt reciprocate to Jimmy ? Very bad :D

Anonymous said...

Sumone gt a D'damas diamond pendent ahem ahem ..did jimmy gift u ???lol ....nice post ...

Jiby said...

lol...this was too good...except for the foto you built the suspense up too well...i suggest take the foto out and put a link to it so that readers dont get an inkling of what's about to happen!

and about taking up the first reaction way would i do it...but then i thought what the heck!

Jay Sun said...

LOL lovely post :)

SeePearrl said...

thats the cute puppie in the prev pic!

cafm said...

LOLs....good post :)

ToOothlEss WOndeR! said...

I totally knew this was coming.
I have mastered the art of window (as in windows window) camouflaging at the office, so didn’t see the puppy picture.
Spark’s brother Transducer used to look that way, but I suspect he is gay. [see that rhymed :) ]

Lalit Singh said...

So Jimmy Verghese was the lucky son-of-a-bitch eh???
:D :D

Dhanya said...

Silverine, I recently came to your blogs through a friend and it's really funny. Keep it up :)

silverine said...

mosilager: Thats outsourcing your inclinations!!! :p

shek: I found true love in all the doggies I have come across :)

Alexis: Use your imagination ;)

abhi: :)

annie: :p

Anon: Thank you :)

ap: He was too busy slobbering the other gals to feel hurt :p

fleiger: Yes, but only when I give the cue ;)

G: :)

Anon: Why?

sanjay: It was puppy love so no risque stuff :p

ajith: Of course I did, he was too cute to resist, so gave him a kiss on his furry forehead :)

Anon: Thanks for all the comments at the other posts too :) But please leave a name or a pen name to identify you.

Jay sun: Thanks :)

Jiby: Awaiting your tag :)

white forest: Yes he is cute.

alien from mars: thank you :)

toothless wonder: LOL!!

lalit: Good one!!! :p

dhanya: Thanks a ton girl :)

Asterix said...

In a sad and eerie way, I knew something sick was gonna come up :-(
And I was right!

And am I the only one who gets a WTF feeling on hearing a name like Jimmy Verghese for a dog??? Whatever happened to Moti, Jackie and Tommy? Well we all know what happened to Tommy. He went on to make those god-awful clothes. But the rest are still there!!

Vidhya said...

Hey.. Just came across your blog by chance... Glad I did.. lovely posts!!

Anonymous said...

A dog with a last name!! Now I've read it all, I can die in peace :-)

Bullshee said...

aha!Damn funny!!!made my day!

Nanditha Prabhu said...

adi poli post!
njaan blog roll cheitootte!

Kusum Rohra said...

@Asterix: Oh I know you :P even if flowers were blooming and birds were chirping you would feel that something sick was gonna come up :P

@Silverine: Muhahahah. Guess you are the only female with an inter-species first kiss :D

Anonymous said...

...and silverine is still single and all's well with the world :-)

silverine said...

Asterix: Echo Kusums comment :p My doggies have my surname :))

vidhya: Thanks girlie :)

browser: R.I.P but not before you tell me that story about the seaweed :p

bullshee: Thanks buddy :)

nandita: Am honored ma'am :)

kusum: *sigh* wish it was a first but I guess most of us have been kissed a.k.a slobbered by a doggie first :(

Anon: :)

aks said...

hey sweetheart...tat was amazingly hilarious.... loved it....did jimmy get to wash his mouth too???...{bad ques i guess....}

Amey said...

Gotcha!!! ;)

Anonymous said...

I love your writing.


shruti said...

that was indeed well built up ..he he ..I have unfortunately never been kissed by a dog ( am terribly scared of them to go near one without trembling) ..still Have hugged and stroked a couple of horses ..

Sh'shank said...

OH Tummy aching
Lost to anything remotely anything to say...
And you knwo what you will win the bet...

Mind Curry said...

boy!! did varghese uncle know about it?

Nasia said...

I hav been redirected to this blog by the great Bullshee...
This tag`s been doing the rounds a lot.. :-)

Annemarie said...

pinne where is Leah nowadays?

Arti Honrao said...

Fantastic post ... as always :)


How do we know said...

has anyone told u u are WICKED.

Jeseem said...

ohh the lucky jimmy
every dog has a day...
and every girl too

guess u already had ur day :P

perfect silverline style post

Cosmic Voices said...

Why should dogs have all the fun? :-(

hope and love said...

jimmy varghese is a real dream boat..!1
kalli pennu..!!

silverine said...

aks: heh that was a good one :))

fleiger: :p

sini: Thank you :)

shruti: Horses are so gentle...I love them!!

pricky: Thanks buddy :)

MC: hmmm I dont think so, cos Leah hasnt been disinherited yet :p

nasia: Thanks :)

annie: She is very much in Blr.

how do we know: Yes!! :))

jeseem: I had my day that day but Jimmy was a much kissed puppy :)

cosmic voice: lol!! Dont be J! :p

HnL: He sure is a dream boat!!! :)

Alexis said...

Tag completed...

FX said...

I had a jimmy verghese too..
My lil son one morning came beaming ..
he told me that he brushed the teeth of Jimmy verghese..
I was shocked
Did you use your brush?
I sighed in relief

He continued
I used yours and its kept safe in its place
geeeeeeeeeeee Jimmyyyyyyyyssss

FX said...

Science say that all Jimmy verghese smacks the mouth...... the reason?

Try colgate.....

Anonymous said...

a suspense post? funny as usual. wondered how u would make this tag post a funny one. but with ur usual 'sneakiness' , u did.
well done!
PS; jimmy is dead ( read ur comments)! long live jimmy!

mathew said...

ah..finally I reveal it all!!tag done.

Dewdrop said...

Goos post. Liked it. :)

Anonymous said...

That was too cool, better than Mathew's Padma Lakshmi story. I knew he was faking from the start. I really thought that jimmy was this hunk (and got jealous too) who was head over heels in love with you who jumped to the chance of kissing you.

Btw i just started reading your blog. It would be really nice if you can publish your feed full. You can do this in your settings > Site feed, changing the Allow blog feed from "half" to "full". It will let me get more of silverline in my rss reader. Thanks

Unknown said...

hmmm...serves me right for googling my own name.=) Good post regardless.


Jimnophobia said...

Err... just like the previous dimwit, I too googled my name... sniff sniff... :'(

Why does the bloody dog need to have a surname?? x-(

hehe... nice post, nice blogg as such...

-The real deal, Jimmy Varghese.

(And i do not need to be given a shot for rabies!!) :D

M@mm@ Mi@ said...

ithu kurachu kaduthu poyeee....