Thursday, May 10, 2007

Night shift!

Recently the Karnataka Government mulled over banning women from working in night shifts. This move aims to protect the modesty of women from the advances of male colleagues according to the government. If I read the governement communique right, this means that men metamorphosise into rapists and molesters like Werewolves as the sun sinks over the horizon.

4 pm in an office

Female Colleague: Rajeev would you know who our most profitable customers are?
Rajiv: I will mail you details right away ma'am.

11 pm in the night in the same office

Female Colleague: Rajeev lets go over the list you have sent ahead of Q4 planning.
Rajeev ( with a lecherous look): heh heh why don’t you come and sit on my lap and I will give you a detailed description of all 56 of them? *makes a grab for her*
Female Colleague: *shriek*

According to the government the hormones of men starts raging as the sun goes down.

5 pm in an office

Female Colleague: Joseph I would like a review meeting with you in the conference room please.
Joseph : Sure ma'am. I will be there with the Q4 details.

1 am in the same office

Female Colleague: Joseph let’s start the meeting with a review of your work in the past three months.
Joseph (salivating and advancing menacingly towards her): heh heh sure babes. Why don't we get a little cosier first hmm? And don’t try to run out. I have locked the conference room door *loud evil laughter*
Female Colleague: *shriek*

Last we heard, the government has dropped the idea. Talking to reporters a minister said “It was all a joke!! I know that women can get molested during daytime too! My own record is an example. I was charge sheeted for molesting 14 women in the day time vis vis only 7 in the night.”

Let’s cut him some slack folks. This guy was being sincere in trying to curb his inclinations err I mean men’s inclinations.


Kusum Rohra said...

So if I get it right it's men who should be banned from working in night shifts!! Good idea, that means my hubby will be required to cook dinner Ah! Such joy.

കൊച്ചുത്രേസ്യ said...

Here are some solutions:

1)Give double/triple workload to all male employees so that they will be too busy to even think of molesting.

2)Make it mandatory to bring their wife/girl-friend to night shift , so that they can be under complete surveillance

3) simply chain them to the chair

Amey said...

Don't worry. In recent years, there have been some discoveries which make the shift less painful (to men and those around men).

But now you know why most good bloggers always post/comment during the day and trolls come out at night ;)

mathew said...

said “It was all a joke!! I know that women can get molested during daytime too! My own record is an example. I was charge sheeted for molesting 14 women in the day time vis vis only 7 in the night.”

btw Joseph is a dedicated employee..cant u see he is in office at 10 am in office..inspite of workin in night shift.. ;-P

Well I was upset to see Michael Douglas in a movie "harrased" by Demi Moore!! Well does someone get harrassed by Demi

On a serious note such cases are quite rare if I believe so..

Alexis said...

That was one hell of a post. Still ROTFL... And the minister's comment was the real gem.

@mathew: I completely agree with you on the Demi Moore part ;-)

Anonymous said...

I'm curious? Is there any time of day the trend reverses? Where women molest men? May I volunteer?

How about another suggestion to Little Flower's list - Just put a cricket match on!

Anonymous said...


Do you know that there is a country called USA, where it is day when it is night in India?

silverine said...

Kusum: Ban men from night shifts? Now don't give the govt ideas girl :p

little flower: I thinkl I am going to send your sugggestions to the govt. They need ideas like these :))

fleiger: "now you know why most good bloggers always post/comment during the day and trolls come out at night" lol!!! Now the guys in US will accuse the guys in India of being trolls and vice versa!! :))

mathew: I changed the timings, that was an oversight :p You are right!! Who in their right mind will complain about being harassed by Demi Moore!!!! :)) And I agree such cases are practically non existent, but this is way cheaper than hiring more cops and strengthening security for the govt. Next they will make a rule asking companies to have segregated offices!!

Alexis: Thank you :) Mathew made a valid observation ;)

G: Yes there is!! It's called "Axeland" ;) And the crime wave against men in Axeland are at an all time high acco to the ads :))

Annemarie said...


good one babe! This is the height of moral policing!!!!

Arun Jose Francis said...


But one doubt! Why have you given names for men, when you referred the female characters as 'Female Colleague'? Too partial! :-)

Neihal said...


Good Minister :P

Gomes said...

all this banning nightshifts only restricts women's work options, prevents them from earning overtime money and now gives their families an excuse to say,' now that you dont have a nightshift,y dont u work more around the house?'

Jay Sun said...

Nice one... :)

accidental diva said...

Rofwlol...hilarious as always!!

random said...

ROTFL. Hilarious.

Amey said...

@Anon: Unfortunately I do, being stuck here for last 2 years :(

@Silverine: Nope, we men stick together. Girls will never understand the idea of a "wingman"

silverine said...

A: It is!!

Arun: Well..since the law aims to protect 'females' I thought it appropriate to use the term :)

neihal: Yes he is! :p

gomes: There is a lot of truth is your statement!

jaysun: Thank you :)

accidental diva: Thank you :p

pawan: Thanks :)

fleiger: I couldnt agree more :)

Amey said...

BTW, it is posts like this which prompted the government to drop the idea. Now thousands of Indian women are in danger :(

I guess there was also a plan like this in Noida, dunno about the outcome though.

Anonymous said...

Sarcasm befits you! Now dont say
"I am anything but sarcastic" :-)

James Kuruvilla

Biju said...

Super post! I wouldn't be surprised if we have all boys and all girls shifts in the offices in future. :-) Well at the same time I know thats not a possibility.