Sunday, May 13, 2007

For God so loved me that he made my mom...

Happy Mothers Day to my Amma and all the Mothers of the World today...including me. Well... I am mommy to three dogs and one baby squirrel too.

I don’t think many mothers know of the existence of this day like mine. But she does like the fuss she gets like the flowers given by all of us!

So let me without getting senti wish the most special person in my life today.

Happy Mother’s Day Amma. Hope we made you feel special today. Hope you are happy that you made me peel those irritatingly tiny chakkakurus (jackfruit seeds) for making my favourite chakkakuru maanga curry.
(and this dear people is the reason this post was delayed hmmph)

Thank you God for giving Mademoiselle Leelamma as my mom. I would call this the height of customisation :p

Thank you ma for being such a perfect mom. There is so little of you that irritates me :p

I hope you will be my ma forever cos no one understands me the way you do. Any other mother would have given me up for adoption or left home by now!

Thanks for being such a wonderful daughter, sister, wife, mother, aunt, godmother and local guardian to lots of bachchas of the family studying in Bangalore. Maybe you should start a consultancy on being the perfect woman.

Thanks for being a housewife with so much dignity and without losing your individuality and keeping the three men in your life in their places (muahahaha)

I admire you for not being a typical Indian mother by making your sons grate coconut, cut vegetables, water the garden, shop ,clean their rooms and do a hazaar household chores that a lot of Indian guys won’t even dream of doing.

Thanks for giving meaning to the word unselfish, selfless and gullible. I must confess I like the last trait of yours very much :p

And thanks for understanding that I will never be your clone.

I must confess that I have a role model in you. With the necessary changes of course to accommodate the difference in the times we live in.

Thanks for being such a dignified woman. I will always look upto to you for that though I will NEVER be like you because I so love the gossiping and bitching sessions with my friends. And no it does not matter if half the stuff we discuss may not have happened at all. Cut me some slack ma. It is harmless gal talk.

Thanks for being proud of me. People who know you will understand that this is no mean feat to achieve.

I feel so proud that you were voted "Best Mom" by my friends. Coming from teenage girls that has to be the "ultimate" compliment!

And I am sorry that I was/am not plump. And putting up with all those jibes from relations that I was underfed hinting at your mothering skills. I know my ‘weight problems’ were/is the bane of your life.

Thanks for never feeling hurt no matter what I say in irritation. It is really nice to have that one person in my life who will never misunderstand me or sulk on me.

And thanks for bearing up with all my bear hugs and being such a cuddly mom. I love you plump. (egads I can’t imagine having a pencil thin mom!!!)

And since this post will be printed and given to you by chetan, I want you to know that it is high time you made some payasam :p

This is my 150th post here. What a coincidence that it is Mothers Day too! And so bring out your handkerchief ma for this post is dedicated to you :)


The Dalda said...

aww so cute. i just asked my mom for ice cream.

Unknown said...

That was very sweet! :)

Alexis said...

Nice, warm and lovely. Well written with the usual humor but a little less flamboyance that makes this post very special and apt for the occasion.

I wish your mom and all mothers a very Happy mother's day.

Your mom have a lot in common with my mom and yes she too is plump:-)

Biju said...

Sweet post! Your mom will need a handkerchief for sure. I don't quite agree with

"...... a lot of Indian guys won’t even dream of doing."

you can exclude the Indian from it. :-).

Anonymous said...

Very sweet.

//Thanks for giving meaning to the word unselfish, selfless and gullible. I must confess I like the last trait of yours very much :p

Hmm.. sounds like me! :D hehehe! :D

N A R I YA L C H U T N E Y said...

This is such a sweet post and Your mom would have been so happy to read this post .Moi think all mothers with name Leelamma are among the sweetest moms in the world :D.

Neihal said...

Again so much I relate to, Almost all of it. Mothers are special, and how much can we thank them for bringing us up the way they did, never enuf, I know.

Adarsh A. Varghese said...


mathew said... really touched by this post..somethin what i always wanted to write..but somehow am very difficult with emoting..

chakkakuru maanga curry.dare u mentioned that sometime back!!..i would have send skinheads from here to finsih you off.!!such sadism..hmmph..

well a big congrats for the 150th post..and keep them coming!!

cheers to her highness Leelamma!! ;-P

Da Vinci II said...

Really thoughtful post...mothers are truly the best!

Geets said...

Sweet post.. your mom is lucky to have such a sweet daughter!

Btw, on pencil thin moms, I beg to disagree. They could be great too

Rajesh said...

Beautiful post...

Anonymous said...

I read both your blogs. Both are very frank and down to earth. Keep it up.

flaashgordon said...


such a lovely read this was !!

Well, wish i could write one like this on my mom but then - Image poville ? :-))

guys ought not acknowledge any such show of emotion, right?

btw Long time since i had Chakkakkuru :-(( Didnt know i will ever miss that

Neihal said...

completely missed that one....Congrats for the 150th post. 150 gems, that gave tummy aches to so many of us ;-P

You Rock Girl!!!!


silverine said...

ze dalda: Nice to see you after a long time :)

Joey: Thanks :)

Alexis:Thank you :)

Biju: Guess there are exceptions but most dont do housework :)

NC: Thank you! :)

neihal: Great to know that you relate and thanks for the wishes on the 150th post :)

Adarsh: great to see you again buddy :)

Mathew: Thank you! You can always cut and paste this onto a card with necessaary changes and give it ot her :)

da vinci II: I agree! :)

geets: Thank you and I guess whether your mom is thin or fat doesn't matter :)

Rajesh: Thank you :)

Anon: Thanks!

flaashgordon: Your image will be safe believe me and you will earn for yourself tons of female fans ;)

neihal: Thanks girl!!

Sneha said...

That was a very sweet, honest and thoughtful (in other words very cancerian) tribute to your mother. Both of you are lucky girls :)

Ganesh Ranganathan said...

happy mothers day to your mom... :)

Paresh Palicha said...

You can beat Karan Johar if theme is 'Loving Your Parents'.

But your ultimate success is that you make your reader think of similar experiences. If I take your post as a checklist for the qualities in my mom- I'll tick everything & exclaim "My Momma is the GREATEST".

Unknown said...

sweet of you :)
happy mothers' day to your mom too!!

and, happy 150th!

hope and love said...

cho chweet..

silverine said...

sneha; Thanks dear, it's takes a gal to truly appreciate another :)

Ganesh: And to you yours too!! :)

Paresh: I dont aim to make anyone think. My blog is not a medium of reaching out to others. I try and reach out to me by being as honest here as possible. This is only way I can keep the real me alive and kicking :p

akhil: Thanks buddy :)

HnL: Thank you dear doc :)

ap said...

I Cudnt wish my mom....completely forgot abt the day.....
rite now living in altogether different part of world with no communication!!!!!

Sh'shank said...

Congrats on the 150th,,,
read some of your others the interview one is completely hilarious but I guess you already knew it...
Congrats on the job...

silverine said...

AP: YOu can always make up later on :)

pRicky: Thank you :)

Annie: Done! Lets do it this week!

Anonymous said...

That was really sweet :-)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful ..........

Anonymous said...

Hope you are happy that you made me peel those irritatingly tiny chakkakurus.
Also the bit abt not being the typical Indian mother.

Loved those .
My mom is right beside me reading what u wrote, and i guess wishing i wrote the same abt her ( There! that earned a 'guffaw' from her)