Friday, December 29, 2006


In a large IT company like mine, every requirement from a pin to an airline ticket is designated to various departments. The people working in these departments are adept at avoiding us and when we do spot one of their ilks, we tend to make sure that we make maximum use of the opportunity and pour out all our complaints and requirements. Most of the time the only place where you can spot these people is near the restrooms.

Lady: Hi Robert, haven’t seen you in ages
Robert (hurrying towards the toilet): He he yeah I have been busy, now if you will excuse me....
Lady: Robert you still haven’t got me a new Calculator!!
Robert: Sure Sure I will send it right away now if you will please excuse me...
Lady: And also my soft board needs to be replaced
Robert (jumping lightly): lady please put all this in a mail.... I must rush now
Lady (pouting): I have mailed you several times!! Robert you are always avoiding me!
Robert (crossing his legs in pain): Hnnnnnnn aargh...
Lady: And my car dangler is in tatters.
Robert: *groan* please contact Security for that...please lady I gotta go
Lady: Where are you off to?
Robert: umm mmm errr
Lady: And there was no water bottle on my desk today...
Robert (in great pain): lady you got to contact housekeeping for that....speaking of water *groan* I am sorry but I gotta gooooo (runs towards the toilet)
Lady: What a rude man!!!

I could have put Robert out of his misery but then it was kinda nice to watch him squirm, specially since there are about 560 mails of mine rotting in his inbox for a box of paper clips.

p.s it was me who told the lady, a fairly new employee, that Robert would help her with the Car Danglers and Water Bottle.

p.p.s and it was me who called the lady and told her that I had spotted Robert heading towards the rest room.

What a nice way to end my last working day of the year! The year ahead looks very promising indeed!


Jay Sun said...


Do let me know if i ever get into your "not my favourite people list "...i will immediately do all i can to redeem myself...else face your ire like Robert did !!! :)

Abhi said...

"What a nice way to end my last working day of the year! "

That's sooooooo rude of u!

N A R I YA L C H U T N E Y said...

Poor Guy! With you working in the same office :D , he is going o have a blasting year ahead :). Wish him and You a Prosperous new Year :P

shruti said...

hey ..rocking post as usual .. Ever since I have joined GE from Eveready I have realised tht I need to send 20 diff mail to 20 diff people to get one small thing done . I was tired with following up on the ASM's and branch managers ( around 15) In Eveready for tracking slaes promo feedback and getting excel sheets of regionwise response ..and thgt I will escape follow ups now ..but someone is taking revenge and big time ..however efficiency rate is better because eventually I get the work done which was rare in my first company !!
Nice to be able to read u once again net since 10th november has made shruti dull!! BTW are u in bangalore ..I have lost your mail id hence unable to mail but you can catch up with me at

b v n said...

Your next working day will be very very interesting silver

your's truly waiting for payback,


b v n said...

Happy new yr to you too..stay clear of Rabart :)

Asterix said...

The day you are asked to sign a form to get a ghatiya 5 Rs waala Reynolds ka pen, will be the day your company can compete with my company in red-tape.

And don't get me started on getting a ream of those A4 sheets.

Ajith Prasad Balakrishnan said...

One or my friends mails to admin depts after joining Oracle read
If there's anything that u provide for free and not mentioned in the below list, please send each one of those items too in addition to the list below..
And the list had everything from paperclips to Oracle logo stickers on cars ...Try something like that to ur admin guy :)


Synapse said...

you r soo wicked!! :D

Alexis said...

What a way to end a day!! It is the same story everywhere and I see that it has changed...

We had to pester, intimidate, and even manhandle these guys for small things like paper clips, spiral notebooks, pens, etc.

But the best way is to get into their 'buddy list'. Saves a lot of time and energy :-)

Anonymous said...

aaah, the joys of NOT working in IT!

silverine said...

jay sun: lol will let you know pronto :P

abhi: I know!! :P

nariyal chutney: He is in the hot seat alright ;)

shruti: These guys are lazy, thats all and they expect us to come and pick up the stuff we ordered :)

bvn: He doesnt know that I set him up lol :)) Happy New Year to you too comrade!

asterix: It's just the opposite in my co, collosal wastage is the norm :)

Ajith: That is precisely the problem, they wont deliver, we have to go and pick it up :)

synapse: I know :P

Alexi: My last working day was actualy last week. These guys are just too lazy to deliver :)

the smiling girl: You still have the chance to get even :))

G: Enjoy maadi :))

ToOothlEss WOndeR! said...

In law, the infliction of severe physical or mental suffering, whether for punishment, intimidation, or to extract a favour is a crime.

Standing between, or conspiring/ instigating a third person to stand between a man and his men's room while the subject in a state of severe aquatic stress qualifies as afflicting third degree torture, and hence is punishable under multiple counts of laceration Ref: The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (1964).

Considering you have a clean record, and have in fact been kind to the male species in te past, the jury decides to acquit you of the charge, so you may be free to have a blast this new years eve.

I'm only jobless, and have been watching too much court tv!
yappy new year!

Thanu said...

Have an awesome new year.... template epum change aayi..

Mind Curry said...

is your name A "revenge" P?


kidding..but someone like you is just whats needed to spice up the situation! awesome!

Di said...

LOL revenge sweet revenge... :)) Happy new year to u too dear..

SP.VR. SUBBIAH said...

Indeed, it is a good posting

Sujit said...

happy new year :)

Rahman said...

It really is a big task to get things done from these guys and it was a nice location to get hold of him! ;)

Happy New Year...

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

poor guy ! escaping from ppl must be pretty tough !

no wonder they have plans like allowing just 3 min for each of nature;s urges !

happy new year !!


~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

hey how come u have put up ur name as well as email id on the profile page ?

Rushes' Anomaly said...

That was a super cool revenge! I had my share of mailing/chasing the hr, housekeeping and stationary folks etc.. I thought they had a regular agenda, "how to get the engineers suffer a bit more"... well, but these days, when I have to buy things paying a price..I do miss them - tho them being a lousy bunch, I loved the feelign of getting a bunch of stationary stuff, cool ones - totttally phree:-))

Happy NewYear and Great Reading!

Arti Honrao said...

Bechara ... Silverine ke shraap ka maara ;)

Happy New Year@


SeePearrl said...

lolz...very funny indeed...
Have a very Happy and Prosperous New Year!!

Amey said...

Now that's what I call a well-developed sadistic streak ;)

Basanti said...

Hahahaha! The evil, evil you!! I will keep this in mind when I start working! hehehe!

Happy 2007 to you! :-)

Sunita said...

The impish delight you derive keeps your spirits high :)

Wishing you a Happy New Year!!

I have blogrolled you

mathew said...

I have heard the 'curse of Robin' is quite nasty!!! :-P

neways it seems having lot of fun in office..have a great year to read your other blogs..lot of catching up to be done..



Strider said...


Happy new year!!

silverine said...

toothless wonder: You are too kind to let me off the hook :P

Thanu: I like the template too and happy new year to you too :)

mind curry: A little bit of spice to make things livelier lol

di: And to you too dear :)

sp.vr: Thank you!

sujith: You too, have a rocking new year!

1.618: Sometimes drastic measures are needed :P Happy New Year

deepa: I always had my email ID on the blog and name everyone knows anyways :))

sasi kumar: Thanks.

rushes anomaly: lol thanks gurl and Happy New Year to you too :)

arti rao: Not just me but the entire office's shrap is on him:) Happy New Year!!

White Forest: Happy New Year :)

fleiger: Finely honed indeed ;)

basanti: Best of luck...for when you start working :))Happy New Year!!

sunitha: Thank you, am honored and a Happy New Year to you too :)

mathew: The curse of silverine is worse :)

strider: Happy New Year to you too dear :)

Ankit said...

N people call me a sadist :)

Anonymous said...

Dear Silverine..
here i be..ur most ardent blog khaitan fan....the bestest..most admiring blogfan i am
and i have no further words to express..

well, again on third thoughts...let me say'll burst my mind otherwise-----
i wish to beg, borrow, or steal ur blogging mind and parade it as mine!
Haaaa..endhu not much of an adventurekaari..
so..lemme wish u the best of the blogworld and realworld and whichever order it appeals to you.
Abs luved the blog abt ur brother..its a sense of deja vu when i read it..
so i consider u as the spoken blog of my unblogged mind. Pls dont ever think of copyrighting this wonderful blog brian of urs...atleast i can pirate anything pirated..pirated CDs, pirated sweets and now pirates of the carribean.
Ur most ardent (not Khaitan) blogfan..

Neihal said...


silverine said...

ankit: Welcome to da club :p

blogfan: Whoever you are a big hug for you :)

niehal: :)

hope and love said...

hilarious.. as usual..
happy newyear sweetheart..

flaashgordon said...

Poor Raaberrt!
Silvi dont be silly !!

but well on the topic of admin..its the same with all IT co:s ...U really have to run after the admin/accounts/ HR/ Travel folks to get things done.,

I was onsite for one month..didnt really do much work as the project had got cancelled in the first week itself and i gotto surf the net in the second. But after gettin bk i spent more hours running after the accounts settlement than i spent working there !!!!Quite exhausting!

Gladtomeetin said...

Hahahaa....Hope you do better things in New year ;-))

രാജ് said...

നല്ല ഒന്നൊന്നര ദുഷ്ട. അല്ല സില്‍‌വിക്കുട്ടീടെ വീട് കൊല്ലത്താണോ? കൊടുത്താല്‍ കൊല്ലത്തും കിട്ടും എന്ന പഴമൊഴി പിന്നെങ്ങനെയുണ്ടായി ആവ്വോ!