Thursday, October 19, 2006

Then & Now!

A true to life incident.

My lil cuz sis to her mom: Mom, Tarun (14 year old) has a girlfriend!!
Mom (turning to me and whispering): Thank god....that means he is straight!!!

( Apparently Moms these days are relieved even if their 8 year old has a girl friend. What a change from the past don't you think? )


mathew said...


Son:Hey old lady..I need space for my GF..time for u to get lost!!
Maa:Dude..atleast take me to a old age home..

generation nxt could be menancingly cool!!! :(

silverine said...

Mathew: You got it all wrong dude

Son:Hey old lady..I need space for my GF..time for u to get lost!!
Maa: Take a walk dear, and take your GF too with you, there is only space for my BF and me here.


Sreejith Panickar said...

Funny, seriously! :P Your post, Mathew's comment and your reply... everything! :-)

Ganesh Ranganathan said...

hehe... great post and great comment

brute said...

we need to thnk media, TV and also movies... :P

Ajith Prasad Balakrishnan said...

This brings back into my memory a conversation between me, my cousin and my mom..

my cousin to me :What are u writing ?

Me : A love letter ( slowly )

She went to my mom and told..

My Mom's reaction : "Avante kayyaksharam anganeyengilum nannaavatte " :)))

-- Even now, after so many years, my handwriting still remains the same ..

Mosilager said...

the question is, how many love letters have you (hand) written since?

Ajith Prasad Balakrishnan said...

@mosilager -- Internet has taken off that task from me..But really, I've flopped in it whenever I've tried :))

silverine said...

Sreejith and Ganesh : Thank you!! :)

brute: Yeah that too!!! :p

ajith: That was hilarious!!! :)) My lazy bro made me write his love wonder he still has such bad handwriting :p

mosilager: Very good question...we will know when we see Ajiths handwriting ;)

Ajith: Well defended!!!! :)

Asterix said...

They are grabbing gfs at such an early age of 8 !!! No wonder all the good ones are taken by the time they are as old as this geezer me! :-(

Thanu said...

Funny yet true... glad parents are accepting kids having BFs and GFs, and kids are telling parents.

Jiby said...

one hilarious post and really super comments that followed all thru!

hmmm...after reading this i think i have a similar story to studying in a boys school and hanging around guys all the time must have made my parents nervous...maybe that is why they would occasionally make fun of me with this "GF" of mine who studied way back in LKG with me when i was in a different schhol!

Alex said...

Well this is 'info' to me.
Didnt know people were moving so fast in an odd way.


b v n said...

its fun !
moi boy friend n me were sharing a cig and cracking some jokes when this firangee lady walks over,asks for a light and smiles at us.she didnt say nething but she meant "eppazha kalyanam" :)))

pretty thougtful post :)

Anonymous said...

I take it Aunty-ji hasn't watched Brokeback Mountain yet heh heh

Alex said...


silverine said...

Alexis: Thank you :)

asterix: Yeah boys are apparently on a roll these days with worried parents anxiously watching for signs of interest in girls from age 8 itself :p

Thanu: The fear that your son maybe gay is very real for Indian parents now.

Jiby: Thank you, I still remember your post on life in the US and chuckle at the incidents you have mentioned there :))

Alex: This generation is indeed going to be very different from ours!

bvn: Hilarious! You should read this
post by Jiby in which he narrates a similar hilarious incident!

G: LOL no I don't think so :P

Alex: Do check out the link I have given in my reply to bvn! :)

hope and love said...

"Maa: Take a walk dear, and take your GF too with you, there is only space for my BF and me here."
kodu kaiy..!!

Biju said...

I liked the first comment and your reply more than your blog. How true!!!!

Mind Curry said...

they say sexual identity can be multifactorial: genetic, mental, physical, social.. talk about life being complicated!

abhishek said...

hahah....i am clutching my sides...laughing is so painful

Anonymous said...

As always good... i was thinking how my mom would react when she knows i am single... *duh*

Isha said...

yeah my mom ... among her mock anger... drenched in amusement.. she says.. "ishu ... your brother is vexing me.. he's always talking to that girl 'sweet lips'" ... sweet lips is my 15 year old brother's gf's msn id name.. this was when he came home for holidays from his boarding school..un-f-believable! :P

silverine said...

HnL: lol Why should only the new generation only evolve...I would like to think that I will be a very modern and spunky 'ol lady with a BF or two :p

Biju: Your turn is coming soon Biju :))

mind curry: I have heard that too, sounds complicated brrr

abhishek: :p

eclipsed thoughts: I think moms worry more about their sons than daughters these days, what a relief!!! :))

isha reddy: Sweet lips sounds soo cute!!! :)

If I tell ya, I'll have to kill ya said...

Gay Indian = Gindian.

Every parents' worst nightmare.

Loved your response to Matthew. More power to parents man.

If I tell ya, I'll have to kill ya said...

Thanks girl...Happy Diwali to you.

Oh yeah, weddings like that are the norm in North India...You should read one of Sidin's recent posts about it. Its hilarious. A northie wedding from Southie eyes :)))

Safari Al said...

At least my folks can be thankful that i am pretty much asexual.

Out of the blue that comment probably sounds weird and strange. Humor me...:)

Mind Curry said...

happy diwali :)

and your blogroll has gone bonkers! everyone seems to have posted today??

Scoot said...

hee hee really!!
Hey Happy Diwali :)

Ganja Turtle said...

lol...i remember when i was on standby teacher mode for a kindergarten PT class...a kid the abt 2.5 feet tall had written a crumpled note to a 2 feet tall gurl..."i luvu u"...we made him romance the ground... ;-)

pophabhi said...

WoW! Great comments indeed!

silverine said...

if i tel ya gurl: Nice to see you back in action girl!! Gindian...LOL news to me! I read that post by Sidin, really well described :)

safari al: ROTFL :))

mind curry: Thank you, wish you had a nice Diwali too. The blogroll seems to be facing some technical problems...or is it a subtle message? *hint* *hint* Do we get a new post? :)

maya cassis: Hope you had a nice Diwali too :)

GT: How cruel!!! That message was soooo sweet! Spoil sport!!! :)

abhilash n: Thank you :)

If I tell ya, I'll have to kill ya said...

Appy Diwali and Eid!! Whay haven't you posted??

Jinu Johnson said...

Very true chief, I have this sexy white suit with grey pinstripes... yesterday I was at a mall in delhi (yup I'm giving India the privilege of having me on her soils for a few months) and picked up a light pink shirt which I though would go well with the white pinstriped suit.. my cousin gives me this wicked look... you dress well, you have manicured nails and are single.. ahem.... Jesus, even I couldnt help but laugh... I actually put the shirt down jus becase of this the onus is on a straight guy to prove that he is straght.. whats the world coming to chief?



silverine said...

if I tell ya gurl: Thank you dear and viola I have posted !! :)

Pooja: That was brilliant!!!

Jinu: LOL I guess times are hard for the single straight male these days :)