Sunday, June 11, 2006

To some special men..

Happy Fathers Day to my Dad and all the Dads of the world!

Thanks for being my Dad. Guess you had no choice :p

You will always be the number one man in my life. Guess you have no choice here too :p

Thanks for being such a gentle man. I grew thinking that all men would be like you. I should thank my brothers too for being the reality checks..that not all men are gentlemen :p

Thanks Dad for all those times you let me pluck your moustache hairs. I used to be so fascinated by hair growing on someone’s face.

And thanks for letting me comb your bushy eyebrows and letting me walk around in your huge shoes.

Thanks for letting me sit in your lap while you drove. (And sorry that inspite of that I am such a bad driver)

Thank you for the Sunday picnics in Lalbaugh and the long walks with numerous stops while I painstakingly went through each flower and leaf.

Thanks for being the most patient man in the whole world.

Thank you for trying and succeeding in getting me out of my thumb sucking habit by spending hours in the kitchen making concoctions like bitter gourd juice to paint on my thumb.

Thanks for obsessing over my running nose and cleaning it a million times.

Thank you for being so biased in my favor.

Thanks for doing all my school projects prompting the teacher to announce “And as usual the best project award goes to Silverine’s Dad” :))

Thank you for showing childlike enthusiasm whenever I got a project because you so loved doing them.

And thanks for taking over my projects completely making them elaborate with the help of electricians and then coaching me to explain it to the teacher. I am still in the dark to the numerous award winning projects I did in school :p

Thanks for letting me watch the intricate electrical stuff you did with your mind boggling array of gadgets, tools, soldering irons and other stuff. ( I am sure Mom would like to thank you for repairing everything under the roof without blowing up the house).

Thanks for flooring my teachers with your ‘Yes Ma’m” and “Thank you Ma’am”. In an all girls school with an all ladies staff that was a huge bonus for me.

And thanks for making the teachers all a twitter whenever you came over. I was always the gallant gentleman’s daughter. (Hope my Mom doesn’t get to read this. And after I have penned this you and me are gonna have a talk…as to why you came so often to my school. I don’t remember getting into trouble so many times hmmmm :p)

Thank you for quietly eating all the stuff I made when I was learning to cook. I know my initial cooking experiments were horrible.

Thank you for being the first to make up after I went into my famous sulks because you refused to break your famous rules.

Thank you for not being over ambitious for me. That was a huge relief.

And thanks for the firm belief that “My daughter can do no wrong”. Made me toe the line so that I live upto that belief. (Nice tactic Achcha)

( Fathers Day is on Sunday 18th June ) :)


Sarah said...

wow.. simply beautiful..

Anonymous said...



Manasi said...


Mind Curry said...

that's so really sweet and i could almost feel a lot of love..heres to a great dad and a lovely daughter, cheers!

isnt this sentence incomplete though?
Thanks for letting me sit in your lap while you drove
it shoulda been "Thanks for letting me sit in your lap while you drove yourself nuts", right?

Thanks for obsessing over my running nose and cleaning it for millionth time.
now i know why BMC was after him to solve the drainage crisis in blore city.

…as to why you came so often to my school. I don’t remember getting into trouble so many times hmmmm :p funny and cute at the same time..i hope to meet up with your dad some time and learn from him.

happy father's day to yet another amazing dad!

Brijesh Nair said...

"I should thank my brothers too for being the reality checks..that not all men are gentlemen :p"
That was a nice one

Your father was so nice to you still you made him eat all you cooked? Tooo bad.

Anyways great post.

shruti said...

hey really sweet .. this is wht makes fathers and mothers proud of the day they gave birth to a sweet one like u ,, I wish i could articulate some of wht u wrote too .. neways welcome to the club ..i too was a thumb sucker and man did my mom try everything on my thumb including green chillies ..ultimately strategically made braces did the trick..
An famous sulks ..( cancerian style ) he he ..i could just visualise them and wht would have ensued after the fight !

Anonymous said...

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww...........Gonna print & frame this post.Following what I learned from my folks & this .. I am sure 24 years down the line my kids would be writting such sweet things about me then....inshallah!!

Siddharth Chaudhari said...


one day i'd like to have a daughter just like you :-)

Kusum Rohra said...


Silver this is too good.

Unknown said...

Fantastic... Beautiful...
Happy Fathers' Day to ur achhan, mine and all the achhans' in this world...

Achhans' Rule!!!

Such.. posts only make me feel more guilty.

silverine said...

Sarah: Thank you :)

Chetan: I will take that as a compliment :p

manasi: Amen to that!

mind curry: Thank you so much doc :)
driving him nuts ...only sometimes ok? lol And cleaning nose was during childhood years :) You have chosen the right person to learn from :p Wish your Dad the same :)

Alexis: Thank you :) eveybody was teasing him and he said he used to come to meet Sister Principal who was his cousin sister leading to much guffawing in the house :P

Brijesh: Can I take it from that comment that you are a brother too? LOL Actually it is due to my Dad and brother that I learnt to cook. They were very willing guinea pigs :p

Shruti: Cancerian sulks are legendary aren't they? :)) Finally it was a bitter medicine sold in shops in Kerala that got me out of it.

Jaggu: Inshallah!!!! Thank you so much!!! In the meantime why don't you write one for your parents? :))

Sidharth: Thank you, that was a really sweet thing to say :)

Kusum: Thank you dear :)

Koutilya: Achhans' Rule!!! :)) Just read your beautiful post!

Anand K said...

Ahhh.... "maintaining" your a running nose, eh? I had a long history of hisnophelia and sinusitis and what not as a kid... dad would make sure my hair was dry(which I hated) after taking a bath(which I loathed) and applying a generous dose of Rasnadichoornam(which made me a mortal enemy to the Kottaykal Aryavaidyashala). Well, it paid off anyway.... hisnophelia is history and so are the ear-aches, sinusitis has been dormant for quite some time.
Thanx Dad! :)

Jiby said... well written...and u have succeeded yet again in adding ur trademark element of humour to such a heartwarming post!!!

verbaltorture said...

Neat post.
Just the right amount of senti and the right amount of humor!
Did your dad read this post ? What did he say?

Unknown said...

'Achan' acha hain

aks said...

hey sil...ONE for all dads...loved this post a lot maybe cause i love the Word DAD a lot....DAD...a must do thing which all men should experience to attain fulfillment in life.... the relation between a dad and his daughter....a bond beyond definition...and guess u have experienced that in abundance....and as for ur DAD meeting ur teachers...loved that part....kudos

Anonymous said...

Awww. A man who can remove a sulk has my COMPLETE admiration. -- Fellow Cancerian. :)

silverine said...

Anand:What is it with mallu parents and their fetish for bone drying kids hair after bath??? Mine were the same though the culprit was Mum. But I love Rasnadichoornam and still use it :) You still have time to wish him as Father's Day is next Sunday :)

Aashik: :)

Jiby: Thank you :)

verbaltorture:Thank you :) He did read it and by now the family is tired of hearing how great his daughter is :))))

madan: All achchans are achcha don't you think?

Aks: the relation between a dad and his daughter a bond beyond definition I couldn't have put it better. Wish your Dad next Sunday i.e. Fathers Day :)

Pratish: Thanks Pratish :)

Ph: Right said fellow Cancerian!! Sulks is a great way to get what you want and I used it very effectively :p

Suji said...

Great post! Achchans are the greatest (especially to daughters)!

kickassso said...

your dad used to mess around with soldring irons? NICE!!!!
but he was biased in your favour? Thats just wrong, too wrong!now I feel sorry for your brothers:(

Rose said...

Hmmm.. Feel the same way abt my father..



Reshmi said...

Fathers and daughters share a special relationship rite??

Touching post..:)

Dhanush | ധനുഷ് said...

@For the last few commetns I read :-
What is it with Achchan's and Molu's????? Grrrr !!!. Yday too he said, when my sis leaves home to her hostel the house will feel the huge void, but when i leave it doesn't matter much. To which my mom added that she will loitter around tell and ask all the viseshams, while I will be immersed in TV. Very True :-(

Nice Post. Simply beautiful, laced with your Trademark Humour Seal

silverine said...

Suji: Thank you and Dad's are special aren't they?

kickasso: He still messes around with soldering irons if he has the time :) You forgot Moms...their sons who can NEVER go wrong :))

Rose: :)

Binoy: *muah* and a big *hug* for you :) Call him!

Reshmi:Thank you..very special indeed :)

Dhanush: wait till you become a Dad to a little kutty. Mr Dhanush will be putty in her hands and wrapped nicely around her little fingers dancing to her every whim and fancy. I have seen the toughest guys crumble :))

ilaiy said...

Thats an amazing post ..


Dr. Pissed said...

Shit bloody
I thought I missed Fathers Day and when I read your Blog Title, I didnt even care to read through the whole post but went to the family room and called my dad out to the hall and wished him a Happy Fathers Day!

You arrgghh thing you. Chumma gave me tensions.. As it is, I dont know which day today is also, and over that made me think that I'd forgotten his gift and all. Cheh!

But lovely post none the less. All I can remember is my father taking my brother and I on his cycle, even though we had a car from the office, every sunday to my uncles house which was in 1st Block Koramangala to call my mom who was in Dubai and I'd sit in front on the bar on one of those small seats and my brother would stand up on the carrier at the back and cling on to my dad's shoulders. Damm those were the times! Brought them right back with that post. Cheh!!

Unknown said...

Nice post...
So many moments I have with my Dad...too bad we are not so close as we were once... :(

Enigma said...

my daddy :) is the best :)

Patty said...

What a lucky girl, to have such a sweet, loving father, and what a lucky man your father is to have a daughter he can be proud of.

kickassso said...

you havent seen a lot of moms have you:P

silverine said...

ilaiy: Thank you :)

dr pissed: ha ha serves you right for not reading the post :p Now wish him again on Sunday :))

Rockus: That's sad :(

Enigma: High five :))

Patty: Thank you :)

Kickasso: I have seen a lot of moms :p

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

one sec .. i thought the driving was initiated by M .. no ???

hey ! we also had those lalbagh picnics .. amybe , we might have bumped into each other when we were growing girls !

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

am impressed ....

finally proved myself cleverer than u !

i dont have a mobile ...... :)))))

but , sis left hers with me for this week .. itz making my bag shake like a .... a..... smthg !

venus said...

little funny and quite touchy thanking to your dad! You are also being a lovely daughter for your dad :)

It's good you have not forgotten what your dad has done for you, many kids forget about their parents' sacrifices after they "gorw up"!

Happy Father's day to you too..

anup.777 said...

Has ur Dad seen this piece? ... must be really happy na ... :)

... ya and my sis also learnt from me that not all men are gentlemen ... I educate too! :)

silverine said...

Deepa: We may have bumped into each other at Lalbaugh..small world!!!That was clever of you to stay off mobiles :))

Venus: Thank you gurl. That was a lovely post on your grandma :)

Anup.777: ya and my sis also learnt from me that not all men are gentlemen ... I educate too! LOL

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

yes indeed !

i stay away from mobiles mainly coz it rings when i dont want it to ... tho i agree , it helps a lot at times like when u miss ur office bus .. etc etc

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

btw , is the anony (2nd comment) ur bro ?

i saw the letter 'M' .. so asked !

Anonymous said... comments. Toooooo good.

why dont you write a book sometime..? i m sure it would beat the records of Chetan Bhagat and the likes ....

nice post....:) didn't want it to end...

silverine said...

Deepa: Yes it is M and the grin is because even his school projects were done by Dad :))

Anon: That was a sweet thing to say. Thank you :)

Rushes' Anomaly said...

Hey There! I hope another line saying that "Great Post" wouldnt be lost :-) Loved it! Me too a daddy's girl: dream and reality.

He never raised an eyebrow, but stood by me during all my not-so-conventional decisions..

U did sent us back to those days ..

~ sAn ~ said...

Nice and sweet! :)
Btw, ur blog has been added in my blogs, under links :D Hope u dont mind ;)

silverine said...

Rushes'Anomaly: Thank you girl:) Your Dad sounds like a really great Dad !!! Thank you for dropping by!

San: Thank you...for the kind words and for blogrolling me :)

Ganja Turtle said...

nostalgic.reminded me of dad.good post.

silverine said...

GT: Thank you :)

pophabhi said...

Thanks for reminding the old days.

Anonymous said...

Very neat! Just reminds me what I lost on Father's Day... must've been writing one dumb post instead of cooking up something like this! :)