Saturday, April 15, 2006

The Wanderer's Tags

I have been tagged by the great wanderer of the netherworld, cosmic voyager, Trans astral zig zagger the one and only Anand K.

5 people who top your shit list..... and why:

Indira Gandhi for The Simla Agreement.

Rajiv Gandhi for promising to take the country into the 21st Century and doing scant about it.

L.K. Advani for shamelesslesly escorting and handing over the imprisoned terrorists in exchange for the Indian airlines aircraft hijacked to Kandahar.

Indian intelligence agencies for failing to nab the big guns who have been wreaking havoc in the country from abroad

The Indian electorate for never realizing the power of their votes and capitalizing on the same.

Close brushes with death/danger:

1.On the road to Sikkim when an army truck nearly pushed us to oblivion into the Teesta river.

2. When I contracted Diphtheria as a baby and the doctor refused to accept my mother’s diagnosis. My folks had to rush me to Ernakulam Lissy Hospital in the night where they performed an emergency operation to open up the tissue that had already covered my throat.

5 Preferable modes of suicide, in descending order:

Never thought of suicide before, but I know the extreme pain of a broken hand and the excruciating moments before you arrive at the hospital. That one time I wished I were just dead. Fortunately before I could formulate an elaborate plan to kill myself the doc gave me a pain killer and suddenly I wanted to live again :)

But if I have to go meet my maker and ask him why he made this world, then I would prefer it be quick and painless like I don’t know how frankly.

5 Guilty pleasures:

Rum and Cola

Beer and Sprite (Shandy) in equal proportions

Eggs... I can eat any amount of eggs. I am an eggaholic and need at least one a day, possibly more…but the good doc has put the fear of God’s wrath for the sin of gluttony in the form of Cholesterol :(

Barbabra Cartland and Mills and Boon books ( this is my deepest darkest secret)

Black and White Malayalam Movies (can’t get enough of that and that’s why RG is in my dislike list. It is frustrating to see the abject helplessness of people in the pre liberalization days)

5 things you never want to forget:

1.To thank God every morning and before going to bed every night for being alive, having my limbs and faculties intact and the blessing of my family.

2.The Grand Family South India Trip, which left from Kerala in two buses, after my final exams in the last year of college. I don’t remember having so much fun ever.

3.My parent’s Silver Jubilee a few years back. We made our parents the blushing bride and groom by digging out their deep and dark secrets from their families, like the things they during their youth and after their engagement. First prize went for not being caught going for a movie together after the Engagement ( but this is Kerala and someone invariably knew). All the deep dark secrets were then read out at the Reception, which led to a lot of other skeletons from other couples cupboards come tumbling as some Achayans got slightly tipsy and very bold with the mike. A tipsy Achayan with a mike in hand is a disaster I learnt while ROFL.

4.My 21st birthday, my friends got together and gave me a surprise party before class complete with a cake shaped like a key.

5.My First Holy Communion

6.The day I became a Godmother to my cousin sister’s daughter

5 things you wish to forget:

1. 4th Standard: I was to recite a poem in a Poetry contest but forgot the lines on the stage. But I did remember that I had to bow after the recitation so bowed and left the stage.

2. 6th Standard: Independence Day Dance competition. My Rajasthani blouse string came undone and I bolted from the stage much to the bewilderment of the audience.

3. Soon after learning to drive I tried to reverse the car in a sharp U turn on Hosur Road. The car got stuck leading to a huge traffic pile up. Finally a tempo driver took over the car and reversed it for me. I did manage to show the finger to the KSRTC conductor who was cursing me fluently.

4. Scraped my hand while falling from a tree and didn’t tell anyone at home as I was forbidden to climb that tree close to the power lines. The wound festered leading to high fever and hospitalization, where they discovered the root of the trouble. It was an *ouch* painful experience.

5. The day my Grandfather died of lung cancer. He was a chain smoker but the best grandpa a girl could have.

5 really exotic dishes you have tried:

1. Frog legs ( at least that’s what they told it was )
2. Camel meat curry
3. Tiramisu
4. Handmade chocolate with peppermint filling( It was exotic the first time I tried it)
5. Injera and Chicken Curry Ethiopian ishtyle

5 crushes/loves in your life... in chronological order

1. I forget the priest’s name who came for Friday mass to our school. He was Goan and the entire school had a crush on him. So prayer responses went like this.

Priest: And may God bless all of you
Us: Sighhhhhhh (instead of ‘Amen’)

Priest: And may the Peace of the Lord be with you always!
Us: *droool*

2. My PT Teacher: forget his name.
3. Tom Selleck (the crush lives on to this day)
4. Harrison Ford (he still rulez)
5. Matt Le Blanc

Strangest dream you ever had:

I had a Doberman called Mika when I was 12 years old. Mika was sick and my parents didn’t tell me that she wasn’t going to live. One day my Grandad appeared in my dream and told me that he had come to take Mika. I woke up later and went to check on Mika. She was dead. The dream avoided a major heart break as I was very attached to Mika and felt she was with my Grandad in heaven. ( Mika I still love you)

5 most valued personal possessions:

1. The books gifted to me by my Grandad.
2. The Viewmaster that he bought from the US for my mom which he gave me.
3. The numerous audio and videotapes of birthdays, weddings, engagements etc that took place in the family.
4. My portfolio of creative work done during my ad agency days.
5. My grandmom’s wedding ring.

5 favorite superheroes..... and why: ( Redone as Anand wanted a 'brief' on superheroes who wear their underwear over their pants and fly and send thunderbolts from their eyes and fight all those monsters etc.)

a) Phantom: The first underwear over pant superhero, he appears from the shadows to deal with criminals and disappears after leaving his trademark, the 'skull' embedded on their skin.
b) Mandrake the Magician: He didnt exactly wear his undies over his pants but hey he was a magician and a real one at that who used his magical powers to fight crime.
c)Flash Gordon: The planet hopping superhero who flew so effortlessly across space. Fascinating.
d) Tarzan: Was raised by Apes and lived in the jungles and seemed to live a fascinating life talking to animals and getting their help to beat up the baddies.
e) Batman: The Dark Knight in Skintights :p His quest to fight crimes like the one that killed his parents was such a thrill read.

And now all of you cowering under the tables, beds and behind doors, I see you and hereby tag you to carry on the task that was entrusted to me by HRH Anand K.

Best of luck, If I tell ya, I'll have to kill ya , Ganja Turtle ,
Alexis Leon , Fleiger, Aashik , flaashgordon , Injinuity .



Anonymous said...

The problem with memories is that they are alive... and the only way to find peace with your memories is to learn when, where, why and to whom you should reveal your secrets to. I think Mr. Anand has achieved that very well here.

Paresh Palicha said...

thought i'd be the 1st to comment, but someone beat me. You're so clear about your likes, dislikes, love & hate. Wish I was like you.

meenakshi said...

That one time I wished I were just dead. Fortunately before I could formulate an elaborate plan to kill myself the doc gave me a pain killer and suddenly I wanted to live again :)....LOL....had thought abt numerous ways to suicide after every fight with my siblings when i was small....but then could not bear the pain related to each of the ways and so always ended deciding that i don't want to die.

4th Standard: I was to recite a poem in a Poetry contest but forgot the lines on the stage. But I did remember that I had to bow after the recitation so bowed and left the stage........happened to me in my first stage appearance.....had to read out a poem....i forgot midway and then mumbled and then said sorry i forgot the rest

My parent’s Silver Jubilee a few years backi was waiting desperately for my parents silver jubilee anniversary and it is next month only but sadly won't be home at that time.....will miss it a lot

btw nice compilation:)

[Amod] said...

hey! i'm here for the first time and really enjoyed reading.. I like this tag, Why don't you tag me? :D Gone are the days of humility, hehe!

Lost in trance... said...

those injeras r yummy...i'm suddenly hungry :)

quills said...

Interesting! :) So you managed to tackle Anand Ebert's tag successfully.:)Well..I better get to it too as promised.

I respect your opinion but one thing I slightly disagree with you is about Rajiv Gandhi not leading the nation into the 21st century. I still believe he is responsible for paving the way to economic liberalization, which after his passing, Narasimha Rao took over and delivered successfully.

The consequence of RG's first wave of economic reform was an economic boom. When RG took over, the country was going through a most critical time period on many fronts.

I read somewhere Rajiv Gandhi's term in office was described as one with "good intentions, some progress, frequently weak implementation, and poor politics." But I firmly believe that he had only good intentions to deliver India from its unfortunate situation at that time.

Fleiger said...

Hey, that's my first tag... thanks, I am sure you will regret it ;)

Anyways, gotta run to a party, so comments later. Just one thing though, How you doin'?

Anand K said...

Mogambo Khush Huaaaa!

Grrrrrr, you are zpeeking to a major Indira Gandhi fan here! IIRC, it was Haskar who was hoodwinked by the snak-oil charmers froom the "Padosi Mulk". Or is it?

Lavv Eggs? Ahhhhh...... somezing we haf in kommon. Very Gutt!

Mills and Boons? Ze great Silverine reads M&B?!!! What has this world come to? What next, Napoleon wore corsets in bed?! :P
I had a brief suspicion when you wrote about "Aunty lying on top of Uncle" book in that Sitting Ducks post..... 'coz they are the only ones who feature wide-eyed damsels in the arms of impossibly chocolate beefcakes on a beach at sunset.

And superheroes:
I was referring to those masked guys who wear their underwear over their pants and fly and sent thunderbolts from their eyes and fight all those monsters etc. Sigh!
Anyway, thanx for the new take... 'coz these men are superheroes too... just that I can't get the image of Narayana Murthy in Tarzan's uniform out off my head! Damn..... "Me Murthy, You Gates." :P

Wanna comment more, but I gotta take the morning flight back to ze Rodina, i.e Kerala. Detailed psychanalysis later. Zoon..... very zoon!

Tvm ...... your Prodigal Son returns. Lock your daughters and chickens indoors! NJAHAHAHAHA.

Jiby said...

i'll have to take up the tag now...was planning to ask the "The Great Wanderer" from excusing me...the best thing with tags is they help us dig into personal stuff in a very focussed manner.

Mr.Anand K...why lock up the daughters and chickens of trivandrum...its easier i call up ur mom and tell her to lock u up!!!

-Poison- said...

nice list of lists!
that dream was very premonitory. seems like u like mosta my superheroes!
B-) heres to the phantom!

-Poison- said...

sunday ya monday ande hi ande!

happy easter
have a lota easter eggs!

bombay dosti said...

Great list.. Cant imagine what you must have felt when caught in the traffic!!!
And yes PT teachers are always a high potential candidate for high school crushes....

silverine said...

@Divyaa:Memories are indeed alive and the dead ones are dug up by Ze Great Tagger like Anand :))And thanks for the compliments.
@Paresh: So nice to see you here Paresh. I am sure Alexis will tag you, so put on the thinking cap and get ready :)
@Fundoome: How many of us have never bumbled on stage? :) I think that would be the most embarassing memory for many of us. Sad about the Silver Jubilee. It's a very special day, hope you get to go.
@Pooja: Thank you :) I am waiting to read yours. In fact I am awaiting all the victims er..I mean taggees tags :)
@Amod: Thanks and welcome to my blog buddy :) You are tagged!!! Now let me know when you have done it :))
@Quills: Thank you gurl.Interesting take on RG. Let's agree to disagree ;)
@Anand K: Hail Mugambo!!! I have done the Superhero correction. Gosh, what a lot of undies over pants wearing super heroes I had. Blame it on the newspapers and comic book stalls who stocked only these guys. This was fun though mentally exhausting. Thank you :)
@Jiby: Hope to read your Tag soon :)
@Poison: Poison buddy, Happy Easter to you too.
@bombay dosti: Thank you. PT Teachers were the best weren't they? ;)

anup.777 said...

just dropped in to wish u and ur family a very Happy and Blessed Easter! Have fun!!! :)

Mind Curry said...

I was laughing and so happy reading your tag and noting that I was not tagged! Then I realised I laughed too soon!

Eggs... I can eat any amount of eggs. I am an eggaholic and need at least one a day, possibly more
lol..babbbbyyyy!! ok..i used to be the same when i was 1 year old.

My 21st birthday, my friends got together and gave me a surprise party before class complete with a cake shaped like a key.
where did it lead to?? :))

6.The day I became a Godmother to my cousin sister’s daughter
must be a day she cannot forget in her life as well..hope its for the good reasons :)

My portfolio of creative work done during my ad agency days.
shareable? would be interesting to see!

excellent :)

Happy Easter girl!

Pratish Menon said...

bahut lamba list tha, interesting lekin.

venus said...

ok, ok, we get that you hate politicians, and people voting for them! may be thenpeople like us should get into politics! I'd vote for narayan murthy if he contests for PMship!

mika dream is quite a freaky coincidence!

beer and sprit?!?! is it also an acquired taste? i find beer yucky just like that..

at least you remembered to bow for the recital :)

and u're also for undies over pants heroes :P

Happy Easter and Happier Easter eggz treat!!

Dr. Pissed said...

Full Marks to you my friend
Happy Easter!

Dr. Pissed said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator. said...

wow , that was something really going down the memory lane.

must have had a good time, thinking of the good old days.

but i guess , old days are always good, almost always :)


Matter of Choice said...

wow very interesting!!!!!!!

indira gandhi for simla agreement? i have her for emergency and for stupid economics!..if only she had the intelligence of her daughter in law...she could have just resigned ..gone back to the ppl and come back with even more votes!!!..atleast the italian dame has learned her lessons well!!!

M&B ...hahhahahahahaha ROFL :))

beautiful post!!!

Anonymous said...


LOL!!! Nice List!!!

I totally can relate to many things on the list....

Close brushes with death/danger:

1.On the road to Sikkim when an army truck nearly pushed us to oblivion into the Teesta river.

Instead of Sikkim this happened to us at Thavang which is Near Roopa.. Arunachal pradesh

5 things you wish to forget:

1. 4th Standard: I was to recite a poem in a Poetry contest but forgot the lines on the stage. But I did remember that I had to bow after the recitation so bowed and left the stage....

Moi...9th standard.. forgot the lines of O Captain My Captain on Stage.. swore "Sh*T"in front of the whole school...Man that was somthing...Mind u this was before the Suresh "commissioner" Gopi days...

While Doing Bhangra at the Annual day.. the Saree tied up as the Phagri came undone just when i steped on to the stage and I "Balle Balle"ed Phagri less....

Ahhh those days..... seems so far days all I remember is Parameters & customizations...anyway...

Happy Easter to You & Everyone around you :)

venus said...

U've been Tagged if u wanna get tagged again :)

ജെയിംസ് ബ്രൈറ്റ് said...

Interesting list.
Happy Easter(eventhough I am late in wishing).!

silverine said...

@anup777: Thank you, hope you a had fun weekend :)
@mind curry: You liked eggs when you were one? Which means you dont like them now? That's sacrilege!!!!grrr :))
And the key led to ......*drums rolling*...nowhere because the rulez and regulations remained the same despite the key :(
My Godchild thinks I am the coolest Godmother thought her parents are having second thoughts :)) The portfolio, you will see here soon though it will be changed a bit for the pot shots I will taking at some quarters ;)Thank you dear Mind Curry :)
@Supremus: Thank you, I can see the happiness in your comment at not being tagged :)
@Pratish: arrey kya karoon, bada saheb ka orders sir hatheli pe :p
@Alexis: That is the ususal crushes of a convent school girl :)) I am waiting for our list.
@Venus: If Narayan Murthy contests for PMship then I will canvass for him free and will even do some booth capturing , multiple voting etc. Beer and Sprite cos here we do not get it ready mixed like you do in States. And undies over pants superhero was the order from Herr Anand Hilter :p Hope you had a great Easter too.
@Dr pissed: Thanks machcha :)
@ATG: yes, it was real nice going down memory lane :)
@MoC: Emergency and for stupid Economics too!!!!! Though my hate vote will go for Stupid Economics :) IG resigning would not have any effect since she didnt have the power of electronic media to showcase her 'sacrifice' ;) And why the laughter on M&B? *Eyebrows Raised* :))
@Uncle Jaggu: Thank you :) So the little niece has wrought profound changes in your profile name I see :) That's so sweet. Hey our exps. are so similar!!! I miss those days so much now, esp after taking this tag.
@venus: Et tu sistah?!?!!? :)
@deamslittle: Thank you dear doc, wish you the same :)
@Pooja: Poomanam, as in Spring Sky :)

silverine said...

@Fleiger: oops I missed replying to you, unsheath not thine talons on this poor mite :p
How wuz the party? Awaiting to get a peek at the great eagle's tag :)

Anonymous said...

Beer and Sprite! And if that wasn't enough Mills and Boon!!!! Yuck, Yuck, but I guess it is a girl thing.... :-)

If I tell ya, I'll have to kill ya said...

i love mills and boons! its my deep dark secret too :-) but one i thoroughly enjoy!

"bowed on stage and left" ROTFL that is so cute. i can just imagine this tiny pig-tailed girl in a cute frock doing that and running to mommy and daddy.

good list silverine! and nope, you and i didn't cat fight when you were in delhi...although next time you plan to visit, drop me a comment, and i'll definitely have to buy you beer and sprite (try it with fanta...thats nice too).

whats that i hear? a collective groan from the men?? what to do? we are like this only.

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

hey ... u forgot superman in the undies list !!!!

rajasthani blouse : ahem !! i think i'll refrain from commenting ;))))

the wedding aniversary was funny .. but ,i've read ur posts on that :))

mika .. sigh !!!

Anonymous said...

Got the link from Drpissed's blog... and wats tiramisu anyways... and you scare me girl... if thats how much u r...i dunno myself at all.....

Nikhil Narayanan said...

u completed XII in 1998???...I know pappan....get me his email id....:)

Fleiger said...

That was instantaneuos reaction reading about Joey in your post. Anyways, written the tags, so go ahead and read them (at your own risk). Part was great, lasted till wee hours of dawn.

Great Eagle? Sounds nice, like Red Indian Chief or something... should start putting this name on the posts now ;)

About your post, Intelligence services need political backing if they have to pull off something like Mossad did to the Palestine terrorists after Munich olympics. Remember these are the same people who kept 2 atomic tests under complete secrecy. They can't do anything if our leaders care about what world will think and all...

Sujith said...

dont feel guilty abt rum and cola. it is divine! btw happy easter to u and ur family.

silverine said...

@browser; Definitely a girl thingie :))
@IfITellYaIWillKillYa: Nothing like those Mr Perfects in M&b :p btw I am tagging you for this instead of matterofchoice as he is too busy. And the beer is on if I come to Delhi. I love it with fanta too.(did you hear the thuds? that's the guys fainting he he )
@Alexis: That was such a gallant announcement!!! :)) Read your tag and commented just now :)
@Aashik: And you have done well. Good tag that was :)
@Deepa: I could put only 5 superheroes dear. And Rajasthani blouses are ahem quite something arent they??? ;) I am NEVER gonna wear another one again!!! I think the post you read was Fathers day post :) Mika was such a sweet heart and my eyes were misty when I wrote about her here :( Still am to get over her.
@Joe: Thats all there is to me dear. Sorry to disappoint you.
@Nikhil: I guess you are referring to Anand. I dont have his email, but you could leave a comment on his blog.
@Great Eagle er...Fleiger: The name does sound nice :) I just read your tag and commented. What you say is right about the Intelligent Agencies. But they should be autonomous.
@Jithu: Yes Sir!!! From now on I wont feel guilty about Rum and Cola :p A comrade in "spirit" I see!!! Thank you for your kind wishes :)

Fleiger said...

Autonomous Intelliegence agencies? People will start crying about Gestapo . Anyways, RAW, the external intelligence agency reports directly to PMO, and if you see the article, very less is known about it. But then, when you do something like Operation Bayonet you need to be ready for every single country in the world crying for your blood, and that's when unflinching leadership of the country comes into picture.

Great Eagle has spoken...

Mind Curry said...

oh man, i wrote a lonnnggg comment and now its gone!! ugghh!!

i was telling, i am now dying to see your portfolio..and not to worry about pot shots..we will protect you from them and any armed attacks and all such things.

so relieved to hear about your Godchild :)

i also said, you get some of the best and some of the weirdest comments :)

Anand K said...

Johnny's backkkkkkkk!

You had a Diptheria Operation? Gawd! And other injuries from a HALO jump from the tree? Scarred, grizzled veteran of the rigors of childhood, eh?
Note to self: Next time in Banglore, watch out for a girl with a bolt through her neck and near-Stigmata scars. :P

Tiramisu cake? Wowwww........ there's something I REALLY miss! Abhi, Rajay and Soda who worked at the University cafes always used to nick some at closing hours. Sigh....

PT Teacher: No comments! :))

And Joey? Yuck! Chandler's the real deal.....
PS: Mebbe it's becoz his character is so eerieley similar to yours truly. ;)

Me said...

Absolutely hillarious! Now I absolutely have to try Shandy (Beer and Sprite - I am seeing a big burp coming up )

silverine said...

@Great Eagle: You are right. I have heard a lot about RAW and how little people know about them!!:)) And I am talking of the young Matt Le Blanc and not the character 'Joey' he plays.
@mind curry: After I comment I 'Copy" it before publishing as sometimes it vanishes. I didnt get it in mail so the comment is lost I guess :( My portfolio the jealously guarded treasure will be revealed one day :))And you are right about 'wierd' comments he he
@Anand: Welcome back Johnny :)) I am very much the scarred, grizzled veteran of the rigors of childhood and PT teachers are demi gods in a girls school didn't you know that? :O And it is Matt Le Blanc the younger version and not 'joey' that I was talking about. He was so handsome. Hope the gals and chickens of TVM are safe LOL
p.s "Me Murthy, You Gates." ROFLAO
@me: Welcome to my blog :) Do try it, it's delicious. If you are in States you will get it ready mixed. It's flavored beer.
@Jeremy: You won't believe it, that's the typical reaction guys give me when I tell them of Tom Selleck. He is droolicious :p

Nikhil Narayanan said...

yes avan thanne..didnt know that hez now Anand and not Pappan!!!
posted a comment on his blog too...posted on ur before going there..tnx anyways [:)]

Kusum Rohra said...

Jesus!! how come everytime i come here you already have some 125485 comments,

They say it all then wht else do i say :(

Belated happy easter to you sweets.

Fleiger said...

I know that... but then he is known as Joey, I don't find that many famous characters in his filmography.

Batman takes such a dark hue sometimes, that it is difficult to separate him from the people he fights. Of course that makes him more human than say, superman. But still, spiderman is much more to my heart, his being a college student not harming it either.

tcr_79 said...

Very nice... beautiful piece...

You have a knack of holding the attention of a reader inspite of it being a long post

Loved every bit of it... great job

silverine said...

@Nikhil: Isn't it nice to bump into long lost friends like this?:)
Kusum: It is nice to see your comment here even if everything has been said :)
@Fleiger: I like Matt the man who plays 'joey' so well. Batman sure is a dark character. But mysterious too.
@tcr_79: Thank you :)

Ganja Turtle said...

God bless the Viewmaster that brought home Mickey Mouse, a fantastic Alsatian crimefighter dog(forgot its name) and lots more...God bless the Viewmaster, the American bioscope, where you could travel across the world in an era when the only channel on TV was DD...God bless grandparents, parents and all those aunts and uncles - harbingers of heavenly delights, strange smells and jeans that lasted forever...Amen.

Manoj | മനോജ്‌ said...

Note to self: Bookmark this site before you forget :))

I loved the lists, and looking forward to reading more (actually catching up) soon!

silverine said...

@GT: Saw your comment the day you posted :) You just said it. Exactly my feelings. It was a wondrous world indeed that the View master created. Mine had the Moon Mission and the Colarado slides too. It was awesome , like standing at the edge of the canyon and looking down!!! I cannot describe the feeling of wonder when I saw those slides. I am forever greatful to my Grandad for the Viewmaster :)
@xiix: Welcome to my blog and thanks for the comments. Hope to see you around :)

Unknown said...

Hi Silverine,
Your blog rocks and I was going through some of your old posts like this one. I want to point out that Mr.L.K.Advani didn't accompany the terrorists to Kandahar. It was Mr.Jaswant Singh, the External Affairs minister who had to accompany the terrorists, as you probably would have learned by now. (He says that occupies the No.1 position on his shit list of experiences). You may want to replace Advani with Jaswant on your shit list now. :P

(No need to publish the comment. I didn't notice anybody else pointing this out and me being the history freak couldn't keep my mouth shut) :)