Friday, December 30, 2005

Happy New Year !

My New Year Resolutions

Make a New Year Resolution!

Make a New Year Resolution that I can follow.

Stick to my New Year Resolutions

Remember my New Year Resolutions.

Make sure my New Year Resolution last at least a month.

If possible two months!

And if possible….

Stop getting obsessed about my New Year Resolutions.

Is there any way I can break my New Year Resolutions?

Can I make half-a-year New Year Resolution?

If I break my New Year Resolution can I start afresh?

Or do I have to wait for the next year?

Can not making a New Year Resolution be my New Year Resolution?

Is New Year Resolutions accepted by the law? Then please can I not pay taxes?

If I make a New Year Resolution to be on time for office, do I have to do it the whole year? ( oh my gawd!!! )

Do I have to make ‘good’ New Year Resolutions? I cannot always be nice to people when they tell me how much I look like my grandma every time they meet me.

Can I make ‘bad ‘New Year Resolutions like letting my dog on my pesky 10-year-old neighbor every time he bursts a cracker just when I am passing by?

Any ideas on New Year Resolutions?

I hate New Year Resolutions!!!! hmph

Have a great year dear blog pals. Hope to read lots more posts from you and I hope to post more often too. Now that’s a New Year Resolution to begin with!!!!

Happy New Year 2006!


Matter of Choice said...


wishing you a great year ahead :)

i have decided to make another new year resolution...last year was the first time i ever achieved my resolution, so i am now on a high!

u have lotsa questions in there..hopefully u will get answers to all of them!!..but trust me...u gotta pay the taxes (IT office is still fuming about ur sholay post :)) ). payback time :))


Safari Al said...


ജെയിംസ് ബ്രൈറ്റ് said...

Let us make these New Year resolutions mandatory for all!
Happy New Year to you..!

Ganja Turtle said...

Lets hear it - a toast to the New Year - Here's a drink to the New Year! Heres anothr to silverenes blog! Here's one for her resolutions! Heresh one for the onesh he breaks! One for the ones she doeshnt! Hic! Heres a brandy toast for her Brandy who fires no fearcrackers! Here's one for her grandma who looks like her ma...where wash I? 8-% yeah...her grandma-cheers to her too...and heres one for Safari Al whosh totally confushed with triple koshtn marks...and one for MOC whoshnt...Double Hic! Uh oh...duh..u wont believe it but the carpet just floated up & smacked me...hic! And why am I seeing lots of shoes around? These crazy blogs I read must be mushing uop my mind...a drink should sort it out...Happy hic New Year!

And btw, silver lady...add this to your NY resolution list:
A singular Anton brought down the stars for his waves, but he was second in line to a lagniappe of an ancient tongue.

-Poison- said...

maybe u cud let the resolutions wait till the chinese new year ;)(no need to thank me for that excellent excuse!!!) (as for me, i never make resolutions :D )
happy new year silverine!

Unknown said...

Me making a first time new year resolution! Quite serious though...Happy New Year :-)

Sujit said...

Happy new year.. and hope the first of your resolutions will be something that can be acheived :)..!!

All i can think of... make a goal and stick to it!!.. some goals take time.. stay focussed..!!

Anonymous said...

yay. my new year resolution is gonna be 1280*1024 at 90 hertz. :p

wishin u a very happy new year and gorgeous 2006 to follow. enjoi maadi.

Thanu said...

Have a great and blessed year ahead.

Don't make any resolution, then u will not feel bad breaking them. That is my philosophy.

Pradeep Nair said...

May the New Year be one of
Lots of Opportunities,
Help you Discover more Happiness
Give more Confidence to face challenges,
And, thereby Lead you to Success.
Wish You the Very Best.

Jagan said...

happy new year ...

may be generalization , but nevertheless a question that needs to be answered - y do girls make simple things complicated ?

Anonymous said...

U2 have a great newyear ahead...
a little confused bout the resolutions part I c.. u'll get over it..its just a matter of time...making n breaking nweyear resolutions are a part of life..u'll get used to it...


Jina said...

aah..thanx aton..i was too lazy to think about newyear resolutions..u have made my job easier...hehe...

Mind Curry said...

so far i have tried to keep away from resolutions..and after the first few lines of your post, i couldnt take it anymore..and had to stop reading it :)

hope and love said...

ha! ha! ha!
i was planning to make some resolutions.. but now that i have read ur post i really wonder if i should..

Sangeetha said...

i made a resolution to brush my teeth every night....i dont hav a clue when i broke it either...neither do i have any idea whether i followed it!!!

happy new year!

Unknown said...

Resolute Resolutions!

This new year make resolut resolutions. The missing 'e' in resolut is the seasonal trend. High on spirits [Hint: Absolut].

Sujith said...

Happy New Year, Dear!

Biju said...

Wish you a happy new year!

I've taken a resolution once and was able to stick to it for a year.

This year I've decided on another one and pretty sure will do it too.


kickassso said...

yay. my new year resolution is gonna be 1280*1024 at 90 hertz. :p

damn! i got beaten to it:(

but mines different anyway, 1024*768 @ 85hz

what sorta machine ya running man?(1280*1024@90 hz!!!!)

Anonymous said...


Have a wonderful 2006 O the one who knows how to tickle the funny bones.:)Me thinks...He/she who breaks a resolution is a weakling;) He/she who makes one is a fool....

Anonymous said...

i have a P4 with 5200 card. so i get 1280*1024 @ 60 hertz (windows resolution). not the talk of town when it comes to gamin, but happy with it.

Aashi said...

wish u a very happy new year!May all ur dreams come true!

.... said...


I hope this year is filled with more gyan, more dhyan, and hell ya, a lot posts :-)

Good luck, and god bless.

Alexis Leon said...

I wish you a happy New Year.

May all seasons bring peace, joy and prosperity .

With love, light and joy,


Manoj Prabhakaran said...

Happy New Year!

Adarsh A. Varghese said...

Happy New Year, silverine! btw, I have never ever made a New Year Resolution and I dont have any plans to make one this time around!

silverine said...

Thank you everyone for your wishes! Hope you all had a blast this New Year. Have a truly momentous year! :)

Safari Al said...

silverine get a pic for your profile.


Ganja Turtle said...

Couldnt crack it?

Praveen said...

hope your resolutions last more than one or two months

Anonymous said...

@ganjaturtle: Saw ur clue yday and the one on your blog also. Since some people are clamouring to finish it I though I will leave it for them :))
p.s.comment no.1 was quite 'spirited'
@safari al: Well.. I value my privacy so don't think that will be such a good idea ;)
@praveen: Hey when dis u post that one on Hindi movie? Damn... now I got to watch it, since you have described it so well!! Happy New Year Praveen :)

Praveen said...

Hmmm... I posted it sometime back, surprised you did not see it since you are among the first to comment on my posts usually :).

The movie is a must watch, you wont be disappointed.

Happy new year to u too.