Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Ghosts of Christmas present

I just read somewhere that a movie called Pulse will be releasing next year. This movie is a story of a guy who dies and then starts sending his buddies e-mails.

I apologize to all those folks on my floor that I scared silly by suddenly bursting into laughter after reading this news. It took me a good half an hour of giggling to recover from this news.

What cracked me up was the thought of a ghost using email!!! After battling with spam and forwards now we will get unsolicited mails from ghosts too?? :-p I tried to conjure up a hypothetical situation wherein a ghost sends emails and the resultant turn of events. Now imagine that one day you get a spine chilling e-mail from a ghost: “I want your credit card numbers!”

Mail comes back to ghost with this message: “this user does not exist!”

Ghost resends mail to your other email ID

Mail comes back with this message: “sorry, this user has exceeded his quota.”

Ghost tries your office ID, mail returns with this message: TRANSACTION FAILED - Unrepairable Virus Detected. Please contact your mail administrator.

Now what can a honest upright ghost do in such a situation? He has tried all legal routes to haunt you but failed. So he does a Patrick Swayze act to intimidate you by typing this sinister message on a MS Word document on your PC.


I want all your credit card numbers. Or else....”


Mr. Ghost

Suddenly an ugly talking paper clip materializes from nowhere, blinks and enquires: It looks like you are writing a letter. Would you like help?

Ghost jumps out of his ectoplasm in fright at the sudden appearance of the ugly talking paper clip.The ugly talking paper clip looks awfully like his skeleton back in the grave. He doesn't like the ugly talking paper clip. He tries to scare ugly talking paper clip but ugly talking paper clip stares right back at him unfazed smiling and blinking. Ghost tries to close document to get rid of ugly talking paper clip but ugly talking paper clip enquires : Do you want to save changes to the document?

Ghost retreats in haste, thinks for some time and tries new tactic. He opens Microsoft Outlook. Ugly talking paper clip reappears. Now it is the ghost's turn to feel haunted! He clicks on ugly talking paper clip in trepidation. Ugly talking paper clip asks: What would you like to do?

Ghost types: Get Silverine’s credit card numbers.

Ugly talking paper clip replies: Listen buster! I have been trying to get her credit card numbers too for the past two years, now buzz off!!

Ghost makes New Year resolution never to mess with technology again.


Ok folks, I will stop here for now. Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2006. I don’t think I will be able to blog till month end as I have a very noble duty to accomplish! And that is to ensure my chetan ( my eldest brother) reaches the wedding altar willingly or unwillingly ( even if I have to drag him there). My to-be-sis-in-law is paying me big money for this.

So take care, have a blast partying this Xmas and New Year. Don’t drink and drive, observe lane discipline, tip the traffic cops generously etc. etc. ( this is a FREE public service message for which the cops have agreed to pay scant attention to my traffic misdemeanors for the next one month! Yipeee)

For a sneak preview of the movie Pulse click here!


calvin said...

Happy Christmas and Happy New Year to you too. And thanx for making me waste my working hours reading your post. i can already see fumes coming out of my PL's nose.

Unknown said...

Happy holidays! (Politically correct)

Hope you manage to drag your bro to the altar and leave him there!

Leon said...

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year..

And hearty congratulations to your bro.. :-)

Matter of Choice said...

"I tried to conjure up"

and i began to conjure up another rofl begining to yet another silverine post day :)

honestly, i dont think ghost would have had any success even if her mails didnt bounce(i make the assumption that unlike popular imagination devil is actually a me here :) ). After all, a person who suffers from amnesia when it comes to remembering her passwords can hardly be expected to remember her 16 digit credit card number!

enjoy ragging ur poor elder bro (ahem..but remember that he will get a chance to return the favor!).

as per your advice i shall strictly follow "line" discipline during this vacaion :)


PS: where is the wedding invitation??

PPS: The nasrani community is yet to take a decision on ur punishment. The meeting had to be twice adjourned as barrels of anthi kallu was found (placed there by an achayathi i am sure!) at the location and members realigned their priorities.

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Enjoy this break from blogs and marriage proposals concealed as comments.


Ganja Turtle said...

Wishing you a Merry Xmas & a great New Year! And yeah, congrats to your bro too!

May the silver fox do well at the Happy Hunting Grounds!

Sujith said...
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Sujith said...

the ghost opened MS word that this ugly looking paper clip appeared from no where..

"entammachi!!" the ghost screamed out of fear for the first time in his life..

"what do u want son?" the ugly lookin paper clip asked.

having decided not to lose his 'value' the ghost replied, "i want 'SILVERINE's' cred...."

"entammooo!!" that was from the ugly lookin paper clip as if it heard something scary and it disappeared into nowhere in no time. and the circle of irony completes..

merry christmas to u and ur family and all and also best wishes for ur bro and sis-in-law.. :-)

kickassso said...

then think about an evil warlord who starts typin up his plan for world domination! Word would be so buggy, he'd never finish. I think bill gates did that pre emptively:D

Anonymous said...

aich ghost sending emails. wadda scene. make it use gmail, never fails. tch tch, movies ppl make these days. very saddenin too see ppl run out of ideas. king kong sucked ass. :((

anyways, yappy chrismas and a merry new yeer. dont drink n drive, smoke weed n fly. :laugh laugh:

seriously, weed sux. stay away from it. slap the ones who r plannin to smoke up. have a healthy n hearty life.

Lost in trance... said...

have fun! that goes out to u and all ur honest upright ghost frnds ;)

@ meesamadhavan : was that at me? did i try to conceal it? ;))

silverine said...

@aashik: Thank you. Now u know where to go when u wanna waste some time :)
@lazystrokes:Thanks, yeah a great challenge lies ahead!
@Leon: Thank you :))
@MoC:Why do you think the ugly paper clip was so pissed off? lol Getting me to remember 6 digit passwords is in itself a herculean task lol The change in location has been noted, further reinforcements in the form of more anthi kallu and an additional piece of entertainment has been arranged to tilt nasrani priorities forever!!!( SF)
@Jithu: Kahani mein twist!!!! lol
@Ganja Turtle: Off to happy hunting grounds indeed. I am on leave from today yipeee!! :)
@MM:I shall definitely enjoy this long awaited break, thank you. and marraige proposals? I think some gentlemen were trying to give me a compliment :)
@kickaso: Very true!!! :))
@the dalda:smoke weed n fly rofl !!! Your comments are so side splittingly funny and I am glad that you decided to come over here from dr. pissed's blog.
@lostintrance: Honest upright ghost wishes you right back! :))Happy Holidays!

-Poison- said...

happy xmas n new year! and best wishes for ur bro n sis-to-be!

and give me your credit card numbers or i will come to haunt >:)

-Poison- said...

jk jki :-j

-Poison- said...


Ammo said...

Wishing you Merry Christmas and great year ahead...Hope you have fun dragging your bro to the altar :D


Jina said...

Hey..sudeenly I realize I am gonna miss you...and strange I dont even know wait..I do know u...Ur blog is u...ohhhh..wat am i sayin..forget it..i am just a lil disillusioned..happy Christmas and a happy newyear....

Aashi said...

heheee!! funny!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to u too!!

.... said...

Merry Christmas Silverine!
Ho ho ho!
I've refused to play Santa this year on account of losing weight. I dont fit the role anymore , you see :-)

Talking of emails, when I was a teenager, I once sent an email the the wrong person. So I write this long letter to my girlfriend, and sent it to my dad by mistake. I usually ask my dad for money and ask my girlfriend for things I cannot mention here. But when mails get mixed, the effect is disastrous. I soon found out what the term , "the ghost in the machine" was.

and oh, Happy New Year to y'all!

silverine said...

@poison:Expecting me to remember my credit card numbers? :-j
@ammo:I sure will :)
@Ursijna: Thats so sweet. Me putting up my next post sooner than what I thought cos I am itching to say something. It will be a serious post though!
@AF:Hope I didn't put the fear of the lord in you with that comment on the Geyser :))
@twinkle: I shudder to think what you asked your dad in that email LOL Happy Holidays to you too !

Sushil said...

Happy Christmas to you and have fun at the Wedding. Had a lot of fun reading your ghosts post.

Praveen said...

Merry Xmas and Happy New Year Silverine and as usual it was fun reading the post.

Alexis Leon said...

You have this uncanny knack of ‘conjuring up’ very entertaining posts from thin air. I too had read about Pulse and never gave it a second thought. Hats off to you… Amazing creativity and imagination… Good work. The movie is based on a Japanese horror movie named Kairo.

I wish you a merry Christmas and wonderful 2006. Congratulations to brother… Have fun.

Safari Al said...

hey, happy christmas to you too. and wish chetan and chechi(correct me if i am wrong, my knowledge of mallu is terrible, and i am supposed to be from palakkad) a happy married life.

Drop by i posted my tag post on blogspot.

Safari Al said...

oh...and happy new year 2006. oops...i forgot.

*begs forgiveness*

Sujit said...

Hey happy new year.. and ghost concept was hillarious... have a great time..

The Storyteller said...

This was fun reading :)
I love the way u write...

Wish u a merry christmas and happy new yr


Kaala Kavva said...

awesome hai re

Anonymous said...

@lostintrance: See, I got you. It was just a bait and I got the big fish. But don't worry potential targets included drug addicted and shell covered reptiles too.


Thanu said...

Have fun at the wedding. Oh do u get to stand behind ur sis in law after the minnu kettu. I always wanted a brother so I cud do that. My cousin is 18, I've dibs to stand behind his wife already.

U r gonna get a lot of "Oh so I wonder who is gonna be the next?"

Merry C'mas and a Happy new year.

Congrats to chetan.

Sangeetha said...

ok so that saved me from reading my regular dose of Calvin & Hobbes!

Camphor said...

Merry Chirstmas and Happy New year to you too!!

And congratulations to your chetan.


silverine said...

@sushil:Thanks and wish you the same. Is that you in the picture? Looks like you did go to 'Close Shave Barbar Parlour' afterall :))
@Praveen: Merry Christmas to you too :)
@Alexis:Glad you liked this rambling of mine.Thank you for your kind words. Interesting that this is a remake of Kairo. Now I really curious about the ending. Merry Xmas to you too.
@Safari AL: I read your amazing tag and tried to comment but was not able to comment at your blog, since my IP is an open proxy. Now that you have put it up at Blogspot I will comment soon. Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year to you too :)

silverine said...

@sujith and Akansha: Thank you so much! :)
@Ze Exaggeratorr: That's a very interesting name you have ;)Thank you for dropping by!
@MM: LOL :))
@Thanu: Yes!!! I get to stand behind the bride after the minnu kettu and am looking forward to it :)And if anyone asks ""Oh so I wonder who is gonna be the next?" I will point to the second brother lol
@Camphor and Sangeetha; Thank you!! Wishing you a Merry X Mas and Happy New Year!:)

Jagan said...

merry christmas ..hav fun in the wedding :) .

Rahman said...

Maybe you should tell the ghost to change the annoying paper clip into a wizard or a cat or a dog!! :)

Wish u a Merry Christmas & A very happy new year! And a happy marriage to your bro.

silverine said...

@jagan: thank you :)
@1.618: Ugly talking paper clip is more interesting ..don't you think? ;)

Anonymous said...

MS WORD/OUTLOOK n The Ugly paper-clip n nobody's favourites I guess...
Belated Xmas n advance newyear wishes..