Saturday, November 23, 2019

City Greens

So, my family and extended family members called me an arm chair environmentalist the other day. Why? Chumma just like that. Guess they didn’t have their morning Kapi, Kanji or Kanjavu. Now if you are wondering about the three K’s i.e., Kapi, Kanji or Kanjavu, don’t wonder. It is a mallu thang.

It all started the other day at a family gathering when I was watching a Twitter video clip of two white foxes chasing a white furry and very cute rabbit.

Me (loudly): Run, rabbit, run, oh I hope he outruns them foxes. Run, run, runnnnn….runnnnn....

The video clip ended abruptly and I was left in anguish wondering if the cute fluffy white rabbit made it home. It was soooo cute to look at.

Then I saw a video clip of a fluffy Snow Leopard grabbing a mountain goat and the two falling from a steep cliff in a never-ending fall.

Me (screeching): No, no, nooooooo, we have so few snow leopards. Oh God, hope he gets the goat and doesn’t fall down and die. Please god, please god, please god, pleeease save the snow leopard!!!

The video ended abruptly and my 12 year old cousin tells me curtly that the leopard had died. I break down and sob loudly.

Family: Whose side are you on!
Me: Err… the underdog.
Family: Suggest you leave environmental concerns for the really concerned.

They are right!! I need to start watching less nature videos and do something real like going to the jungles and making a difference. If only I could get past the city crowds trying to do the same with their DSLR cameras and giant lenses and being shooed back by forest officials. Damn forest officials, they are the reason we “nature lovers” from the city never get to do some real field work.  

In the meantime, I am back to watching nature videos. I cannot give up on the environment just because some grouchy members of my family did not have their morning morning Kapi, Kanji or Kanjavu. 


Anonymous said...

"Kapi, Kanji or Kanjavu" is either an Anoop Menon movie waiting to happen, or the worst restaurant menu ever.


Guruji said...

Your seemingly contradictory stands is because you belong to a category of people(not to mention, good people) called "Concerned Individuals" who will fight for a bull's right to live, but wont hesitate to eat when he is fried and served with pepper. We will fight for mother nature, but will we let her inside our homes? hell no. In fact we have heavily invested in fungicides, pesticides, repellents etc to keep her out

silverine said...

Jackson: ROFL
@Guruji: So true lol