Tuesday, January 10, 2017


At Singapore in a clothing shop:

Shop Owner: Excuse me Madam, please don’t try on the clothes here, go to the changing room!!!
Indian lady: Teek hai! Teek hai!
Shop Owners Wife: Madam, Madam, please don’t try on that lipstick, use the trial pack please!!!
Another Indian lady: Ok, ok fine, give it to me!!!
Shop Owners Daughter: Sir, Sir, please don’t remove the comb from the cover to comb your hair!
Indian man (shrugs): Ok!
Shop Owner (In Chinese): #@&^%$#&amp Indians;!!! 

Half an hour later the Shop Owner, Wife and Daughter have their hair standing on ends, are taking generous swigs of antacid and looking flustered, not necessarily in that order. They are also panting due to the combined effort of after running around the shop after various Indian customers.

One hour later:

Indian lady walks to the cash counter with 10 tops, 5 pairs of shoes, cosmetics and perfumes.
Other Indian lady buys  5 tee shirts, 8 pants, 3 dozen underwear and  3 bottles of cologne.
Indian man shoves his shopping bag of some half a dozen pants, shirts, socks, handkerchiefs, ties, and other sundry items onto the billing counter. And so do others.

Shop Owner (in English): We luvvvv Indians!! Such nice people...


Guruji said...

Market dynamics indeed, also good to know that you are alive, Indian Economy.

Anonymous said...

O-M-G!! Silverine! You are back!! It's been ages!! So very happy to read your latest blog! Hope you are doing great! And M too (Yeah, I am one of those anonymous crazy unabashed M fans, LOL)!
One of my colleagues made fun of my "Mallu" accent. Generally, I laugh off such things. But yesterday, I lost my cool totally. So today I thought maybe it's time I should revisit some of your older blogs of "Gelf" and "Ungles and Anties" that I can cool off and be able to laugh off such things (Malayalees' very own quirky Mallu traits) as I used to earlier! And lo! There is new blog! Thanks! As always, you are a pleasure to read! And this latest one def cheered me up!

P.S. Warmest regards to M :P Fingers crossed that he's still single and ready to mingle, ROFL!

Syam said...

After a looong break!

Syam said...

After a long break, huh?

Anita Jeyan said...

:D hahaha !

Anonymous said...

yay, new post!! Happy New year.

Anonymous said...

yay, new post!! Happy New year.

monu said...

Welcome Back :)

Nice to see you back in the blog world with those funny but interesting posts which everyone used to enjoy...

Or you moved to FB posts as lot of other bloggers have done ?

Rex said...

Wow, you're back after two years! I was just thinking the other day how Facebook seems to have killed independent blogs..yours was one of several I've missed!

Anonymous said...

That's a long hiatus! Good to have you back.

Have you been travelling? Or relocated to Singapore?

silverine said...

Guruji: Yeah I am alive and back! Thanks for you comment! :-)
Anon: So sweet! That M is still single and giving my parents nightmares!He has been voted the wisest among his batch mates for that lol. Nice to see you girl :-)
Syam: Yeah, hope to stick around :-)
Anita: :-)
Anon: Thank you and wish you a very happy new year too! :-)
Monu: No I didn't move to FB posts, who reads them anyway! :-) Its just that blogs had become saturated and I needed a break from it too.
Anon:No I have not relocated, but do travel often :-)

@All: You guys gave me the push to publish the latest blog. Thank you!!

SG said...

Money talks.

starscream said...

Thought this blog was dead... Was just checking and happy to see that's it still alive and kicking Indian ( Mallu) A**!

Karthik said...

Nice to see you back Silverine!!