Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Social cocktails

Overhead at the cafeteria today where some 40 something techies (seniors) were having a conversation with a 20 something techie (junior). One senior looked at the junior and said "I love your language Malayalam."

Junior: Thank you!
Senior: *speaks in pure classical Malayalam that only Lord Indra can decipher*
Junior: That was very literary Malayalam. I could not quite follow.
Senior: (Shocked): Bhat!!! Isn’t Malayalam your mother tongue!!
Junior: Err yes… in a way I guess...
Senior: Bhat do you mean 'in a way'. What way were you born heh heh heh.
Junior (nervously): Heh heh!
Senior (frowning): Heh?
Junior: I mean my parents were born and brought up in Mumbai. So was I. So ...
Senior (interrupting): Oh! So Malayalam is your grandmother tongue-aa!!
Junior: What!! :-O Err yes…I guess so… *whew*
Senior (airily): Then you are excused!
Junior: !!!!

Junior got up and ran for dear life.


Nona said...

That is hazing.

Usha Pisharody said...

Grandmother tongue! One term to use in class :)

Bikram said...

loked that term and good job the junior ran away else BHAT would the senior have said MORE ..

Reminded me of my maths teacher in school from south .. Mr. John Britto :) lovely person..


Anonymous said...

'Overhead'? :P

Sunil J said...

I am sure many would agree that some (few) people living outside Kerala speaks far better Malayalam than most of us who live in Kerala.

Anonymous said...

It is a sad thing, this cultural difference between malayalees from Kerala and children of expatriate malayalees. It is kind of a civilzation-mixing generation gap.

silverine said...

None: ?

Usha: :D Poor kids. Dont spoil their vocabulary!

Bikramjit: I think I like John Britto already lol!

Sunil J: Me too. And I find the non mallus who grew up in Kerala, like the Tambrams and the Konkani's who are really good.

Anon; What is so sad about two different people and two different cultures? Learn to accept it and don't foist your culture on people who dont know much about it and dont identify with it.