Monday, November 15, 2010

My mom and other hazards

There are different kinds of job hazards in this world. Scientists in nuclear facilities get cancer and coal miners get lung diseases. Some are physical, some mental. There is a professional hazard to being a mom too. Especially being "my" mom. Being my mom has a lot of hidden hazards that God never warmed her about. She bought another baby into this world thinking she will be normal like her eldest son and almost-normal-later-turned-crazy second soon.

One such hazard is living and dealing with the innumerable dogs that dotted my life from the age of three. Now dealing with dogs is not easy as you think. Over a period of time, you lose touch with reality and the ability to make sensible decisions etc. I realized that my mom had unfortunately fallen prey to the professional hazard of being my mom when I overheard this conversation between her and my doggy Honey.

Mom to Honey: Come back here and finish your food.
Honey: *woof?*
Mom (arms akimbo): I said finish your food.
Honey: *Yawn*
Mom: Don’t you dare yawn at me!! Don’t you know there are so many dogs in this world that have no food! Now finish everything in your bowl.
Honey (disparagingly): *woof* **

**Crazy lady! (in dog language)


Alka Gurha said...

All moms are the same at some level..I told you so....When you grow up you will understand...Wash your hands....Finish your food..Drink the is getting cold....

Unknown said...

Something your mom might like (you might need it later yourself too!) -

Shail said...

I am not too sure about your conclusions here. My kids aren't crazy at all and yet I do this all the time, just like your mom! ;)) :P

Destiny's child... said...

My mom has that conversation with our doggy Chikku, daily :D

Grayquill said...

yip talking to animal appears crazy - at least that's what my kids say. :)

Usha Pisharody said...

My kids are a bit crazy, I am crazier and my dogs well, they know that and so they rule :D!

silverine said...

Alka: They don't spare the dogs too? Sheesh :)

Kartik: I have heard it and it is the truth. My mom holds the world record for the number of instructions given per minute :)

Shail: lol! Good one!

Destiny's Child: Whew! So my mom is not loony? Good to hear that :)

Grayquill: :D I do too, but lecturing the dog on wasting food was a bit too much!

Usha: lol! The dogs always rule!

Kannan,Kochi said...

We have a cat called Kurunzhi who visits our house often.Her boyfriend was a revered&well-respected cat in our house.She is so manipulative and tricks my mother into gaining sympathy..then gets pregnant&make my mother take care of the children.We have been looking after two generations of twins of Kurunzhi.She is an expert hunter too.She kills everything from squirrels,garden gecko,poisonous baby snakes for combat training for kids,crow&other birds in the garden etc
Kurunzhi have occasional mood swings and get angry at us,if food is not provided promptly.If she feels there is disrespect,like my mother's sari's or nighty's edge brushed against her body while passing by,that also gets her goat.
My family suspects that she is one of our ancestor manifestations and secretly fears her tantrum throwing.I'm ambivalent on that :) but respects her personality.