Monday, March 08, 2010

The white elephant

Mom was going away for the weekend. And she did what she usually does before she leaves….stuff the fridge with ‘customized’ eatables so that that her darling babykins ( a.k.a my middle brother) does not starve. He is a non vegetarian by religion and eating vegetables is against his religious and personal principles. And since the cook doesn’t make continental food, mom cooked and stuffed the fridge with various continental delicacies and left a note on the fridge, to reinforce some instructions given to his deaf ears earlier in the day.

1. Do not leave empty dishes in the fridge. Put them to wash.
2. If there is little food left in the dish, transfer to a smaller dish and put the dish for washing.
3. Put the dish for washing in the sink.
4. Do not give the dogs pasta or I will make kanji for you next time.
5. The coleslaw is in the orange tiffin. To be used for burgers and rolls only. Do not use as dip.
6. There is buns and rolls in the cupboard. Do not eat plain sausages.
7. Drink water.
8. I have boiled veggies to go with your pasta.
9. Make sure you eat the veggies with the pasta.

After mom had left we i.e. me, dad and my eldest brother looked at the scribbled instructions and then looked around to see if the coast was clear and added another point at the bottom.

10. Make sure you take a spoon of Sat Isabgol (laxative) every night.

Precious prince is looking all befuddled and confused at the message and grumbles about the tasteless Sat Isabgol which he has to take every night on mommykins orders.

We are having a hard time keeping a straight face.

We have also decided that we will not clear the empty dishes from the fridge and the maid has been threatened with a painful death if she dares remove them. We are hoping that when mommykins comes and beholds the fridge, she will hopefully whack sonnykins ears or maybe slap him about or perhaps give him a thrashing with the broom. Of course, nothing of that sort will happen. But the thought is soooo nice.

Have a nice week folks.


The Wanderer said...

(Do I get the privilege of being the first commenter? I hope :D)

Why do I have a feeling the empty dishes in the fridge are going to be courtesy Anjali ;)

thomas said...

If my memory is correct, a long while ago, you blogged that your boss regularly uses Sat Isabgol mixed with wine or something. Now I understand the hard truth about how he got the idea. Eebil, very eebil.

Arjun said...

Do I smell an air of favoritism in the family??? Or is it good old jealousy? All the food in the fridge seems to be made only for one person. By the way, are you calling your brother a White Elephant? :)

Rajlakshmi said...

hahahaha lolzzz poor sonnykins :P your mommykins is so caring :P and you siblingkins so naughty :P

Vinita Apte said...

heheh so evil of you Anjali :P....your poor brother is going to have a very clean digestive system by the time your mom comes back from her trip :)

Donny said...

(Don't wanna be *that* guy, but ..)
Didn't know he had principals who were concerned about his religious AND personal needs :P

mathew said...

you are evil!!!!!!!!!!!!

silverine said...

The Blue Indian: :D Valid doubt, but I prefer my own continental cooking ;)

thomas: :p That was ze big boss your evil hooman!!!

Arjun: Favoritism? No, more like White Elephant-ism! He is my moms self made White Elephant! :)

Rajlakshmi: We are trying to 'unspoil' him! If there is such a word! :p

Lazy Pineapple: lol!! For sure!!

Donny: Thank you for pointing that out Sir. If it hadn't been for your keen eyesight I may have gone on with my life without ever realizing you can spell better than I can.:|

Mathew: With great humility, I accept thy compliment. :|

Pink Mango Tree said...


Most of these Mamma Boys are spoiled brats!

Interesting post, as always! :)

Kiran said...

That is so very cruel of you .. and you'd do this to your own brother? Poor fellow ..

Ah heck .. you wrote this post on Womens Day and obviously emotional blackmail wont workon you so I might as well admit that I did smile when I read this .. especially the "tasteless Sat Isabgol" part :)

But wait til your bro reads this and .. well I leave the violence to imagination.. I might as well chant an RIP right now :P

Destiny's child... said...

Poor sonnykins....:D

skar said...

This may be borderline indecency but I"m gonna take a shot at posting this comment here anyway: (Warning: Graphic video) Footage shows why everyone would be vegetarian if slaughterhouses had glass walls -

Ashly said... are a very lovely sis !!!!!!

The Holy Lama said...

A real blue eyed boy, your brother. Follows point 10 religiously:0

Anonymous said...

Hey come-on ..this is too much.You guys can't rag that poor guy like this :D

Nona said...

With a sister like this, one will never miss his/her enemies.

How did you manage to rope in daddykin and remaining-sibling-kin to play this prank?

The Wanderer said...

Agreed you'd prefer your own cooked continental over mommykin's, but that doesn't stop you from stuffing the fridge with YOUR unwashed dishes, does it? ;)

Shrutzz said...

Heeeehehee, How cruel lady!!!!

Sajith said...

How nice of you to take care of your bro - and his digestion! :P n how affectionate could d name get - Veluthu Aana! :)) Ur a little devil!!! :)

Bullshee said...

You wicked,wicked people!!

Ha ha ha!!