Friday, June 05, 2009


Saw the weirdest thing today! It is raining cats and dogs and buckets here and my neighbor uncle is - you wont believe this- washing his car with a Hozelock Ultra 9 Hose Water Gun.

The car is parked outside in the rain! :-|

And it gets weirder...

Uncle is sheltered under an umbrella. And his son is holding the umbrella.

No, I haven't been drinking. Too early you see.

Nice gun though. (Note to self - steal err borrow it)

Have a great weekend friends!!


Useless Bugger said...

So what?

I have seen B-grade Bollywood movies, where the heroine, clad in white saree is drenched in pouring rain but the hero still proceeds to throw a bucket of water on her!!


silverine said...

Parikshith: Err you mean Uncle is got a car fetish? OMG then beta is being kabab mein haddi!!

Will advice him when I am sufficiently tipsy!

Thoorika said...

you are right!! nice gun :D

Useless Bugger said...

Ha ha ha ha.. lol!... not sure about Uncle's car-fetishes. What I meant was the Hero splashing water on an already drenched heroine and the Uncle washing car in pouring rain - are similar on two counts:

1. Futility
2. Idiocy

Good post, by the way!

silverine said...

Thoorika: Yep!! I am so gonna beg/borrow/steal it! :p

Parikshit: I knew that! hehe :))

Smitha said...

lol! and thats quite a high tech device to wash cars with!

Fun neighbours you have :)

Guruji said...

That’s called Manu-smriti or the laws of manu, no one knows for sure what he says and what he does, whether he is right or wrong…Manu of course stands for Middle-Aged Neighbourhood Uncle.

scorpiogenius said...

hahahahaaa you seem to reside right in the middle of 'mabu's.. :P

skar said...

You've got to be uncling me! :|

LOL@Santhosh's manu.

/urgu said...

Priceless. Suggest him watering the plants (in the rain, of course), all it takes is a different direction with the Super Gun thing. Somebody should inform Manu of his intelligence.

anurag said...

how come you have so funtabulous neighbours...??
and what was the colour of his car...

Aniket Thakkar said...

Weird. You should have recorded it. It would be a huge hit on youtube. :D

But yeah, if you got caught, that would Weirder. :)

As far as am concerned, Liv Tyler (One night at McCools)and Denise Richards (wild Things) have got rights to wash cars whenever they want, for as long as they want. Rain or no rain. :D Rest I wouldn't probably notice.

thomas said...

Have you seen Jayan taming n cleaning his horse showing his muscles in order to attract Seema in those erstwhile Malayalam movie. Would it be wrong to assume a parallel between that and this? Of course I wouldn't assume you to be the Seema anyway. Any goodlooking ladies in that area?

(me pats my head for my angle of thinking) :D

silverine said...

Smitha: His son sends him awesome stuff from "foreign"! :p

Santhosh: That was the most apt description ever!! :) Hopped over to your blog, good read!

Scorpigenius: We all live with them. Guess only few people like me notice them! :)

Karthik: After hearing that term my mom is a much relived woman. She had been desperately trying to coin a term for my Dad! :|

Urgu: LOL!! :)) And I am not suggesting anything cos I will be 'borrowing' that gun and like all the other things I borrowed from him which he promptly forgets about I want him to forget about this too. :|

Anurag: We all have them. Get off that TV and look around! :)

Aniket: I was cursing myself for not having my camcorder handy ! :) And I would like to add a few males to that list ! :p

Thomman: You are right! I do not look anything like that fat ugly woman! :p And uncle is short sighted so the ladeez will have to breathe down his neck to get noticed lol!!

PJC said...

make sure u never let ur guard down arnd ur neighbors.. and ya.. kool gun!! :p

PS- the blog's a gr8 read!

Abhi said...

That's an awesome gun! Looks like some alien shooting stuff from Men In Black. Uncle sure might be an Alien and that Umbrella might be his shield. Who knows the car might even be a Spaceship in camouflage:)

anurag said...

yes ma'am..
but i don't have a TV..
i was planning to buy one...
now i will not.
But where will i get "your occult observational powers" ?? ;)

jk said...

Now i understood where you are living and more importantly, why you are there..!!

btw, how long you need to be there? what is doctors opinion..? is your "observations" curable..? can't the treatment done at home, or you need these types of 'shock' at regular intervals..? wish you a speedy recovery..!

though not well, you writes well...

silverine said...

Prathik: Its even cooler to operate! :)

Abhi: lol! Don't put ideas into my already overcrowded brain! :p

Anurag: Anurag my dear boy, you dont need occult observational powers. That will make you see err something else. Just peel the eyes away from ze gals and look at others for a change! :|

jk: I write well? Gee thanks!!

Nasia said...

Probably he was washing the muddly rain water of the car!?