Sunday, December 28, 2008

Chikka Technology-ooru!

Vice President Hamid Ansari recently declared Bang-a-thalai-ooru the "Nano city of India."

Soon after the announcement, the state government rebuilt the roads. The citizens of Bang-a-thalai-ooru (Bang-the-head-town a.k.a Bangalore) rejoiced!

On the second day of the announcement, the government hastily re-laid the roads when they realized that they had completely missed the old roads while relaying the new coat. The citizens of Bang-a-thalai-ooru rejoiced.

On the third day of the announcement, the BWSSB dug up the new roads. The citizens of Bang-a-thalai-ooru gnashed their teeth in despair.

On the fourth day of the announcement, the roads developed potholes. The wails of the citizenry rend the air.

On the fifth day of the announcement, the government wondered what Nano Technology was all about.

On the sixth day of the announcement, the bureaucrat who drafted the announcement was thrown out.

On the seventh day of the announcement, the government stopped all infrastructure repair work and took rest.

According to a Press Release released late that evening, the government was under the impressions that the Vice President had declared Karnataka a ‘Nano Car State.’ Speaking at the Press Conference a government spokesperson said "Gee…that VP's statement had all of us fooled ha ha ha!"

The citizens of Bang-a-thalai-ooru ...never mind the citizens of Bang-a-thalai-ooru!

('Chikka' in Kannada mean 'small' or 'Nano'! 'Ooru' means town or village)


phoenix said...

ha ha!! =))

Pathetic state of affairs indeed! Happy New Year and looking forward to more posts from you this year!

Anonymous said...

LOL .. reminded me of the Soloman Grundy poem! First time here. Will frequent more.

Anonymous said...

what happened to the remaining 5 days of announcements?

and i'm not sure i got "bang-a-thalai-ooru". Do I take it at face value, or is there something implied that i don't get?

_ said...
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silverine said...

Manoj: Thanks! :)

Ghost rider: The poetic effect was unintentional! :p But this is the sequence of road laying events in Bangalore generally! :)

Rukmini: We Bangaloreans are mostly found banging our heads in frustration, when we have roads repaired once in a blue moon only to be dug up by the BWSSB (water and sewerage broad) the very next day and whats left develops pot holes! :p Hence the term. Banga-a-thalai means bang your head!

RM: Happy New Year to you too! :)

Anonymous said...

i also missed the implications of bang-a-thalai ooru .... if not for ur response to one of the comments :)

pretty true ... i shud say ... may be an addition from my side will be the decision to build a fly-over to ease traffic and thats chaos for the next ten years

Anonymous said...

So thats why they stopped the roadwork!! :-)))

Anonymous said...

"On the fifth day of the announcement, the government wondered what Nano Technology was all about"

ROFL!! Clueless in chikka technology ooru heh

Y said...

Ummm.... I second Rukmini ... what happened to the other 5 days of announcements? :-)

A song to get folks high for the season -

PS: Its Tenacious D, so I might as well add NSFW to it.

Pratz said...


Praveen said...

BTW, did this happen actually?

Unknown said...

gnnnnngnhgnggnng..... thats me gnashing em!
Nice post!!

skar said...

You can read my hints well. You must be from hinterland?

Joyous 2009.

Janus said...

I hope they could build the roads and the Metro at that speed..they don't have to worry about tearing them down...a little divine help a-la Genesis would definitely go a long way [:)]

silverine said...

Sandeep: Well decisions are easily taken, but implementation may happen in your grand children's lifetime! :)

Manjunaatha: Looks like! :p

Phoenix: :) We have had several such announcements earlier. Wonder what will be next!

Loup: God took seven days ( including day of rest) to create the world. So I wonder where you got the extra five days from! :P

Pratz: :)

Praveen: he he it sure looked like it! :))

Karthik: Happy New Year to you too! :)

Abraham: Another Bangalorean I see. Well the good news is that they have resumed work. :)

Janus: Amen!! I hope too! And I see you got the Genesis connection! :)

_ said...
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Toon Indian said...

Here's Wishing you a very happy and prosperous '09!!!!!

silverine said...

RM: My dear is obvious that I was referring to the Genesis version of the creation of the world by indicating that God took rest on the seventh day! :) btw your comment at TP was hilarious!! Giving URL's over phone has some hilarious consequences! :p

Rahul: Thank you dear. Wish you the same! :)

_ said...
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