Sunday, August 05, 2007

Friends are forever!!

What is a friend?

A friend is someone who crosses the road risking her life because she wants to say "hi" and also because she thinks that you look horrible in that Purple top and hence should remove it immediately.

A friend is someone who will then yank you to the nearest restroom and make you change your top with her T Shirt. There is no way she is going to have you walking around looking like a fashion faux pas.

A friend is someone who will send you an SMS first thing in the morning that says "good morning" and someone who sends you the last SMS that says "good night".

A "sad smiley" is all you need to convey to your friend that you are down.

Friends are people who will take leave enmass just to hang out together.

Friends are people you let your hair down with.

Friends never judge you.

A friend is someone who will fight tooth and nail and hang on to ten different dresses she thinks you will like at the "Ultimate Discount Sale" while I take my own sweet time to arrive at the store.

A friend is someone who knows your mom as well as you and can hence fend her off with smart answers.

She will then SMS you the entire conversation so that you are prepared for the Third Degree when you reach home.

A friend is someone who says " I love you bitch".

And she will not blink an eyelid when I respond fondly " And you too whore".

A friend is a person who got the maximum pinches from me in Kindergarten, max "katti's" in first grade, max hair pulling in third grade and still remained my friend because of the lame reason that "she likes me".

A friend is someone I know I will call 30 years from now to complain about my arthritis and heart problems. And she will be there at the other end of the line to listen to my grumblings patiently. ( bitch if you die before me I will kill you....real slow grrr)

A friend is a person that makes life's journey look rosy, because no matter what life throws at you, you know you are never alone.

A friend is a person who will make lemonade for you when life throws lemons at you, because you are too lazy to make your own lemonade.

A friend is a person who will defend you even if you are wrong and then give you a pasting in private.

A friend is someone who will SMS every hour with words of encouragement till you sit on that dentists chair. After which she will SMS you telling how much she is enjoying the pani puris and gol gappas and pav bhaji knowing very well that you can only sip liquid through a straw for the next two days. It is at these times you wish you had taken a nice present for her, something really nice like that Dentists Drill when he is not looking and do some "unfriend" like things to her for being such a good friend.

A friend is someone who will never get hurt no matter what you say and do as she knows you too well.

A friend is someone you can trust blindly with gossip that can get into real trouble. That in girl terms is the "height of trust"

A friend is someone you pray your brother will marry. A sister in law who is your friend is one of the wishes I would be asking when the Genie appears. ( Thank god my brother doesnt expect the same!!!)

A friend is family.

A friend is forever.

And to all my friends who have been with me through thick and thin, I dedicate this post. I know this blog has taken away a small portion of my time with you. But what the heck I know you guys will forgive me anyways :p

To all of you my dear blogpal, thank you for being such a good friend and dropping in here to read my demented ramblings and still remain sane.

Happy Friendship Day to you all.


Sanjay said...

Non of the girls I know have done that T-shirt thing with me.

I am really upset

mathew said...

That was a nice version..a feminine definition many of em though...

A friend is someone whom you dont have to say everyday.."You are my friend so will u be there for me.."

Friend is someone who you might have forgotten to call on his birthday and still call a week later to apologise for that!and he wouldnt crib about not callin on that day...

friend is someone who you can rely on without any strings attached!!

Mind Curry said...

sweet..happy friendship day..may you be blessed with more..

Annemarie said...

Happy Friendhsip day kookie.

Venkatesh A.R. said...

i guess u'd have spent a lot on SMS-ing ur friend!! as mathew said, a feminine vesrion of friendship..!!
happy friendship day!! :-)

Neihal said...

lovley post :)

Abhi said...

Nice of you to put in so many varied definitions and eventhough i cdn't relate to all of them, esp th T-Shirt part, still liked reading the post! here's 1 from me :D

Friendship is a language spoken by Heart, not written on paper,not given by pledge, it's a promise renewed every time we contact.

........HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY.........

Anonymous said...

Beautiful post!!

silverine said...

sanjay: ROFL!!! Guess you have good taste in clothes ;)

mathew: Gal pals like your mom plus sister all rolled into one :) And I liked your take on friendship because ultimately it is about real people and not nice sounding words.

mind curry: Thank you!

Annie: My sentiments exactly!!! :p

Chanel: Thank you, wish you the same!

vankatesh a.r: Thank you! :)
easy :p

neihal: Thank you :)

abhi: Nice line. Thank you :)

Anon: Thank you :)

Alexis said...

Nice post and beautiful definitions... But I think have to undergo a gender transformation to get into the list ;-)

I wish you a happy friendship day and may you be blessed with a lot more friends as you need a lot more people to do all those tasks you have listed :-)

Wonderful post...

Unknown said...

Happy f'ship day!

PK said...

Happy Friendship Day!!!

Expect things like these on Mother's day, fathers day etc...

Anonymous said...

for me, friends are those for whom you don't need a specific day to acknowledge their presence in your life. nevertheless the humour in even this senti post is lovely :)

Amrita said...

Lovely post

Sam said...

Brilliant like all you posts!! Probably I can say that am lucky enough to have atleast one such person..;)
adding you to my blogroll.

Santosh said...


A Friend is someone who does not get mad at me cos i dont keep in touch !

Nicest blog i ever read ! A Tad late though :-)

Anonymous said...

This moved me so much. You have good friends.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful. I want one of those T-shirt friends and also the Bitch-Whore ones... I am ready to be that for that person.. :)