Tuesday, February 20, 2007

The new Internet Generation

The golden oldies in our midst are no strangers to technology, though their interpretation of the same may be slightly different from us. For example the Internet, the great tool that gives you any information at the speed of light after making you wait for one and a half and a half hour for a page to load, has tons of information that you never knew affected us in very intimate ways. Take a look at this eye opener of a conversation between two seniors that took place in my home recently.

Aundie one: How is your new grandkid?
Aundie two: He is so naughty, hyperactive and always on the move. I am so tired running after him!!
Aundie one ( ominously): hmmmm That’s because he is an Internet baby!
Aundie two( in consternation): What’s that!?
Aundie one (looking furtively around and then lowering her voice): Today’s couples see lots of stuff on the Internet and the resultant babies are called the Internet Generation.
Aundie two: Oh I see!! But how did you know all this?
Aundie one (smiling triumphantly): That achchan (priest) who conducted the Potta retreat in church told us!!!

Now that is one interpretation of the ‘Internet Generation’ that sure beats every other definition floating in cyberspace!

Guess we will soon have the Church issuing "Security Updates".


Jiby said...

Hahahahaha lol....i cant stop laughing. Y2K and the millennium bug was all about the apocalypse for the Church...achanmaar sure are becoming tech-smart...wonder if they are right this time about!

reading this i am visualzing security bulletins already as a part of the sunday mass in small towns and villages in kerala considering the Church's desire to keep people as conservative as possible and chettathimaar looking at us, the future Internet-Generation-enablers with disapproval.

good one!

Amey said...

Interesting... now I know why our generation was called "TV generation" ;)

mathew said...

hehehe..reminds me of a relative who was spelling her Son's email ID over the phone..'Mone!!..Sanju1981 kazinjittu oru chakkrathinte ullil 'A'..pinee gmail..pinee oru koothum com'um '

I was ROTFL hearing that..Sadly I am already out of touch what the next generation gadgets people talk about..

Jive Talker said...

So i was on voice chat with a friend the other day. On an impulse called my mom into the room and said the computer wanted to talk to her. After the initial disbelief can you imagine her absolute horror when she heard my friend?? I'm cruel .. :-)

hope and love said...

why is the old generation always sceptical of new devlopments esp so when the new generation is enjoying it ?

Anonymous said...

heh heh @ Cyber Church.

Error 404 Priest Not Found.

b v n said...

Nice one !!...guess it takes a lot of effort to keep the message the same with babies moving from testube to youtube.

Ajith Prasad Balakrishnan said...

The cyber influence has reached even Rome..A piece of trivia - Vatican received an Economics IgNobel prize ( Something that has been awarded for weird and useless inventions and plans ) in 2004 for its breakthrough plan to outsource prayers to India :)

Neihal said...


Synapse said...

funniest thing i heard in a while! :D

Mind Curry said...

yeah and the church might hire ankit faria or his likes! hihi..good one..

already i hear of various churches hosting "their own" websites..and a major competition brewing.

God must be wincing in pain!

Dhanush | ധനുഷ് said...

Well.. Err.. I hope you don't get a SHIFT-DEL notice for this article from them ;)

Good one. I didn't know Church is so advanced.

Slogan Murugan said...


Ravi Kapoor said...

Nice Article Anjali...since me work for AOL(America Online)Tech Support in India..it was good to see some humor related to the Web ;o)

take care mam n keep writing amazing articles..cheers!