Monday, January 15, 2007

This is me!

Saw this tag somewhere and picked it up on a whim. It’s a long time since I yarned about me :P

1. Yourself: Single, very straight, Cancerian, mallu, amateur birder, lives a day at a time, cannot be serious for a minute.

2. Your boyfriend/spouse: None

3. Your hair: Waist length

4. Your mother: I need to have her around all the time. The only time I get cranky is when she is out of station. Yeah I am a spoilt brat :( But it’s all her fault!!

5. Your father: He is my best friend and a sweety pie 99% of the time and when he is bad I call him “Dadzilla” like yesterday night when he absolutely refused to let me drive alone to a friend’s place hmmmph…he did compensate though by telling me one of his younger-days-ka-bravery yarns. It involved an Engineering college and getting some friends out of the slammer using some innovative methods :p

6. Your favorite item: My Sony Walkman with FM Radio….yes NOT my Ipod!!

7. Your dream last night: Of dead bodies in the drain :(

8. Your favorite drink: Tea

9. Your dream car: My Dad’s car :p

10. The room you are in: A conference room

11. Your ex: Never had any though many like think of themselves as my ex arrrgh…

12. Your fear: Heartbreak…infidelity

13. What do you want to be in 10 years? Grown up

14. Who you hung out with last night(Saturday) ? A couple of guys in the forest. The first was a tusker, the second a wild boar. They kept running away from me *sob*

15. What you're not? Artificial. What you see is what you get.

16. Muffins: Banana and blueberry muffins

17. One of your wish list items: An automatic blog writer

18. Time: So precious!!!

19. The last thing you did: The lights in my office have sensors and hence come on only when someone is in the vicinity. So I kept jumping here and there surprising the sensors :p But it is damn handy, you know when someone is coming towards you as the lights light up his/her path and hence I am able to blog from office he he

20. What are you wearing? Jeans and Tee…I am one of the few people working today yayy!

21. Your favorite weather: Winter

22. Your favorite book: I have many favorites!

23. The last thing you ate: Rava dosa.

24. Your life: A serene sea as of now…

25. Your mood: Relaxed

26. Your best friend: Mittuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu (but I am still not talking to you girl hmmph)

27. What are you thinking about right now? The Nilgiri Mountains and how the heck can I save the damn place.

28. Your car: I borrow everyone else’s car in the house :p

29. What are you doing at the moment? Pretending to work

30. Your summer: I HATE SUMMERS!!!!

31. Your relationship status: Single

32. What is on your TV? TV? Wots zat?

33. What is the weather like? Cold and foggy!

34. When is the last time you laughed? Today when THIS happened…

Colleague: Did you see boss?
Me: Yeah, he walked by my place some time ago!
Colleague: Any idea where he is now?
Me: At the speed at which he was walking I would say he has reached Airport Road by now.

Both: ROFL

Tag!!! You are it Alexis and anybody else who wants to take this up.


Pratish Menon said...

:) Nice to know u

Anonymous said...

Information overload :)

Jay Sun said...

Thanks for sharing... :)

N A R I YA L C H U T N E Y said...

An automatic blog writer :).Very Interesting Concept . How do you plan to add humour as an ingredient in blogs written by an automatic blog writer ?:)

Anonymous said...

Bit of an oxymoron eh, a single woman fearing heartbreak and infidelity, unless ofcourse, God forbid, you're single because of all of the above.

In that case, dinner's on me :P

b v n said...

you fear WHAT ??? thats bad...... Neways, I am a very confident person and an eternal optimist so I don't have such issues and more so because I know what I want :)))))
*Gods of blogdom, Gloria !!*

btw, i'm in too for nilgiris, thats nice of you *serious*

Alexis said...

Nice one. I would love to hear that story your dad told you.

Dead bodies in the drain. Very disturbing. Can't imagine how people could be so cruel.

Tea... my favorite drink too. That is, after I stopped the more exotic beverages...

though many like think of themselves as my ex arrrgh… ROFL

Was nice reading the list and I would definitely like the automatic blog writer.

Will do the tag soon...

Ashwin Raju said...

me game...
back on bench ..
nothing to do...
and airport road is far... even if i walk fast...

Ganesh Ranganathan said...

waist length hair...that should be beautiful...

And I loved the What you see is What you get line

Synapse said...

U call ur dad dadzilla!!,
thats cute! :D

Amey said...

Nice to know more about the Comedy Queen of blogland...

You missed mentioning your current sadistic inclinations though ;)

Neihal said...

ha! did this tag today only....stuck to one word answers though :))

mathew said...

"Yeah I am a spoilt brat :( But it’s all her fault!!"

that is height...Lol!!

I cant imagine myself calling my dad 'dadzilla'..Ill be history soon!!! :-P

silverine said...

Prats: You too Pitaji :P

Jay: What else did you expect...on my blog and in a tag ?

Jay Sun: :)

NC: That's just a wish!

G: You don't have to go thru it, when your friends go thru it, it's like going thru it yourself :)

BVN: I love the Niligiris :)

Alexis: Looking forward to your tag.

Bleak: Read your tag, very forthright :)

Ganesh: Thank you :)

Synapse: I call my mum, mumzilla too :P

fleiger: Catch me admitting it :P

neihal: Read your short and sweet tag :)

Mathew: Hard to believe fellow brat :))

Amey said...

Deal... So you followed a tusker and a wild boar? Whom did you get finally?

Alex said...


Good to know you. :)

hope and love said...

Your hair: Waist length.
lovely..!! is it curly , wavy or straight..?

Sujit said...

hehe.. pretty nice!.. bannana and bluberry muffins are awesome..! tomorrow will have to go and have them... :D

Praveen said...

oh ok, this is silverine, whom i have known about 2 years but i know her better now ;)

Unknown said...

kewl tag :D

Mind Curry said...

your hair has grown a bit since we met last time!

But it’s all her fault!!
lol!! that was sooooo classic!

Of dead bodies in the drain :( hmmm..interesting..i am trying to decipher that. did you spend too much time in the shower??

:) goooooodddddd one silverine

silverine said...

Fleiger: None :( I told them that my intentions were very honorable and that all I wanted was to click a snap!! :p

Alex: Why dont we get to know you?! :)

HnL: It's wavy :)

Sujith: They are delicious specially the whole wheat variety!

Praveen: Why don't you do the tag...long time since you blogged! :)

ice man: "kewl tag" Coming from the Ice Man himself that is a big compliment indeed lol

MC: Thank you doc!! :) Dead bodies in the drain due to the news about the child killers in Gurgaon :)

Mind Curry said...

afterthought: i'd like to know what kind of waist you have to understand the exact length of your hair.

venuss66 said...

Hi, something very interesting. You must be an interesting person.:)))))

Anonymous said...

Umm.. are you like... a girl? Are you hot? LOL...

U mentioned single twice up there..

U live in a sanctuary? single girls are a rare species..

funny stuff... nice ;-)

SeePearrl said...

hey nice to know you silverline!

hillgrandmom said...

you're an amateur birder. That's cool!

രാജ് said...

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Anonymous said...

where can i get my very own auto blog writer?