Friday, May 05, 2006

These are a few of my favorite things…

This is a Tag. Name 10 of life's simple pleasures that you like the most and then pick 10 people (you are invited to attempt this tag ) to do the same (I took Mind Curry's open invitation). Try to be original and creative and not to use the things someone else has already used.

Learning something new: I like to learn new stuff and also to learn more about things I love, like cooking and gardening. It is such a pleasure to then try it out and get it right!

The Nilgiri's: These Mountains are a haven to which I escape as often as I can. It is such a pleasure just being there.

Laughing: I like to read humor and laugh with friends over silly stuff like only gals do.

Silence: I love the sound of nothingness save for the chirping of birds.

Kerala: Love the place and going there and walking around in the quite Parambu is a simple but exquisite pleasure.

State of being content: When everything goes well and you feel you have done your best and there is no niggling feeling of something not quite right.

Flowers: I love flowers and I never pluck them. Love to see flowers growing on plants and shaking gently in the wind.

Rains: I love rains, even with it’s squishyness and muddiness and the fact that it deprives me of my evening walks. and the smell of the Earth after the showers is heavenly.

Walking: I love walking and thinking. And sometimes it is creeping tiredness that reminds me that I have to stop.

Swing: I love to ‘swing’ as in sitting on an ‘oonjaal’ and swinging. Can do that non stop. I still have a swing in the house.


Thanu said...

that is a great list...
our neighbor has a bird feeder, so I get to see a lot of birds and anytime I see a bird, I think if u.

I know this has nothing to do with the post, but just thought of that as I saw the pict of the bird.

Happy b'day to ur brother. Another taurean

Anonymous said...

Just drowned in the overall beauty of this post. Great list as Thanu said and Happy bdday to Chetan. Count me in the 10,000!


Nikhil Narayanan said...

Good list..very very Mallu..

Nikhil Narayanan said...

Missed to wish ur chettan a happy b'day
"Happy B'day Silverine's Chettan"

Ali Thanikkal said...

Wishing your bro a very very happy B'day -:)

Out of those 10,000, 94 are mine -;)

Dhanush | ധനുഷ് said...

You still have a swing at home. I am jealous of you. I hope it is the one with the normal Kayar and Thengin Mattal.

My Achamma's House had a big Mango tree in front of it, and there was a big branch that was just above the courtyard. There we used to put up a swing during vacations and swing. I was really expert in standing on it and swinging. And at times "Choppan Urumbu" will come and bite.

Later that branch was cut to make a Road and put up a gate :(. Now Its been ages since I swung.

And Yea, Birthday Bumps to your bro

Mind Curry said...

now thats what i call a "straight from the heart" post! as per medical criteria and evaluation of your posts and comments, i notice you have a very very large heart :)

wishing you lifes best always..may you never stop blogging!

silverine said...

@Electron: Thank you :)
@Thanu:anytime I see a bird, I think if u That was such a sweet thing to say. Thank you :)
@MM: Thank you :)
@Nikhil: Mallu list? hmmm :)
@Alit: Thank you, your wishes have been passed on :)
@Dhanush: We had a tree swing with Kayar and plywood seat till it could hold our weights. The branches were quite thin so we soon changed to a regular playground swing made of Iron. Summer nights and the swing is a heady combination :)
@Mind Curry:as per medical criteria and evaluation of your posts and comments, i notice you have a very very large heart
Oh my God!!! I have an enlarged heart??? *gasp*
lol Thank you dear doc for that analysis, hope you wont charge me too much for it :)) Just kidding,thank you for your kind words :)

Sarah said...

Ammachi would tie a swing every onam and I miss tht...

silverine said...

@Alexis: Thank you so much! I got 10 k hit in the month of April :) Since I installed the Stat Counter on Oct 13th it had crossed the 50 k mark :)
@IMC: The swing is a joy forever :)
@Aashik: Thank you :) Contentment need not be 'resting on ones laurels' it could be just enjoying the laurels beacuse you realise you have earned it.

Anonymous said...

Flowers, Rain, Swings,Mountains ...........lalalalaalaaa....Yash Chopra's search for the next Bollywood heroine is over !!!

Would you mind if the Nilgiris is actually picurized at Switzerland ???



ജെയിംസ് ബ്രൈറ്റ് said...

Nice to know your favourite things and congratulations for crossing the 10,000 mark!
Great achievement...!

Sujit said...

pretty nice collection of things that make you happy at any given time!.. These things that you like.. are contrasting to the bolgs you put on!..ins't so?.. seeing from the outside world?

pDd said...

thats probably the best tag ever!
I'm tagged!

ps: i haven't blogged in a while, so have a lot of catching up to do with everyone elses... hopefully i'll keep it up! :)

pps: hopefully everyone still remembers me...

silverine said...

@Flaash:Wow! You sing well!!! :)) Now all you need is a heroine to make it a duet and I know someone who fits the bill very well. Guess you know who I am talking about ;)
@dreamslitle: Thank you James. The 10 k mark was for the month of April only :)
@Sujith: Thanks. I wouldnt say contrasting but this is another facet of me, I am sure you too will have many of these facets :)Why dont you attempt the tag? Let me know when you do.
@Pallavi: Me dear girl, I am so happy to see you back to blogging!! I am so looking forward to reading your prose dear..."Prose" as in some very really good writing :)

silverine said...

@Pallavi: Thank you for taking up the tag :)

pophabhi said...

Rain!! The mystery and coldness...The fresh smell....
You took us back to Kerala. Nice one!

silverine said...

@Popabhi: Thank you ! I guess you cant take Kerala out of the mallu wherever he/she is :) Why dont you take up the tag?
@Espritnoir: I am so glad to see another person taking the tag :) Believe me it is so enjoyable to list life's simple pleasures. Your post was so beautiful!!!
I would be honored to figure in your blog roll :)

Biju said...

I'm just back from Kerala. Yes a short walk around the Parambu behind our home is definetly a pleasure. You are right, its not possible to take away Kerala from a malayalee. Nice blog!

silverine said...

@Biju: Spoken like a mallu :) Thank you!