Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Things I love to hate!

I have been tagged by Supremus. I have to list the things that makes me annoyed enough to go grrrrrrrr. So here's my hit/hate list!

1. People who spit on the road ( for gods sake other people have to walk, not wade)

2. Guys who look for Trophy Wife/Girlfriend

3. I hate people who judge others by looks alone. (Facial skin doesn’t impress me)

4. People without a sense of humor.

5. I hate apathy of any kind.

6. People who have no concern for the Environment.

7. Poachers.

8. Religious bigots.

9. People who are cruel to animals.

10. People who don’t care for their parents or aged.

11. People who cut down trees.

12. Hypocrites.

13. Liars.

14. Gossipers and rumormongers.

15. Guys and gals who cheat on their boyfriends and girlfriends.

16. People who make fun of South Indians.

17. NRI’s who complain and grumble about India.

18. Show offs and Pseudos.

19. Politicians.

20. The ISI (Yeah the paki baddies).

21. People who litter and people who use plastic bags.

22. Guy’s wearing ear rings.

23. Low waist jeans.

24. The ever growing shanties in the Nilgiris.

25. Builders who ravage green lands and do not plant trees around the buildings.

26. Treeless landscapes.

27. Wasting water.

28. People who litter.

29. Guys who behave like complete jerks in the movie theater during romantic scenes.

30. Guys who pass lewd comments at girls.

31. Hot weather / Summer

32. People who place their religion, caste, creed or State above the nation.

33. Companies that use pet bottles for their products but do not collect them back for recycling.

34. Foreign MNC’s who pay scant regard to the laws in India they are so careful about abroad.

35. Our outdated laws and education system.

I am supposed to pass on this tag. And the lucky ones are Mind Currry, Alexis Leon,Deepa, Praveen, doctor pissed, Arti Honrao.



Ammo said...

I don't believe this, first one to comment your blog. Pretty much the same here, as far as the 'Hate list' is concerned. Wishing all the bloggers a very HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY.

silverine said...

And the first comment deserves as special reply :)
Happy Valentines Day to you too Ammo.!

Supremus said...

Pehle tho "Happy Valentine's Day" whatever that means hehehe - I have never figured out why *I* wish ppl happy valentines, when I dont have a girlfriend myself hmmmph!... and I know some couples whom I would love to break up myself because they are so irritating together!! hehehehe... but nonetheless.

Coming to this list, hehe, I can see myself nodding to many of them myself (shit, I hate too many things!) - esp wasting water, or people with any sort of piercing, or overblown tatooos and such hehe!! Of course I missed teh ISI too ;-)

Hehe - Excellent list - I am looking forward to the answers from the ppl you've tagged :D


പാപ്പാന്‍‌/mahout said...

I am in agreement with you on most of these. The exceptions are:
16. IMHO, everyone should be allowed to make fun of anything and everything. I have seen people in South India make fun of North Indians when they get the chance. As Alex Leon and Geo know, in CET the North Indian students were called "Shudras" (yeah, the fourth caste) :)
17. When there are things to complain about, what is the harm in pointing out those?(Devil's Advocate)
23. I can't say I complain about those :)
31. Better than icy winters, in any case. A really hot summer adds immensely to the pleasure of those June rains.
32. What about people who place their nation above the well-being of other people on the planet?

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

now , i am convinced that we are long lost " pichle janam ke behen "

and my hate order follows almost the same order as urs ....

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

i was here last night , but my browser at home doesnt support word verification .... and hence couldnt leave even a " hi " on ur previous post ...

but , yes , i was here at 12:00 ...

Hope u fill ur desk with roses today


Anonymous said...

Happy valentine's day.
I take it that you have either paid all your taxes or figured out how to evade them as the IT dept is not in that list. :-)

Geo said...

hate talk on a Valentine's day :-???

Will yo be my Valentine? ;_)

Geo said...

wots the smiley for 'on my knees'

June-An said...

Did someone ever tell you, you're too good to be true? Well if no one did yet, I'm telling you! YOU'RE TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE!

Anonymous said...

@Supremus: Thank you!Believe me 35 is too short a limit. I wish I could go on :p
@Mahouth: About Point 16. I know for a fact that southies are merely retaliating for the humiliations heaped on them in the past. We never threw the first stone! About other points: To each his own!! :))
@Deepa: Yes, girl, we are lost long lost sisters! Two roses down and counting ;)
@Browser: Today being V Day I decided to give them a break :)
@June Ann: Well, this is unexpected. I was expecting brickbats whew!! Thanks sistah :))
@Geo: THAT WAS SO SWEET!!!!!!! *hugs* @};-

Thanu said...

Happy Val's Day...

I agree with most of the list

Alexis Leon said...

I have posted my hate list. You were right about the numbers--35 is too short a limit. So I made a list of 40 and combined a lot. Still a lot of 'hatred' left :-)

It was kind of spooky. I didn't realize that I hated so many things ;-)

Mind Curry said...

first of all, a very Happy Valentine's Day :) hope you have enough vases for all those roses.

secondly, thank you for honoring me with the tag. that my name comes first when you thought of a hit list is even more gratifying. lol..kidding..hope you didnt think this will be such an easy tag for me!

Anonymous said...

i'm no fan of the ISI, but steer clear of using words like 'Paki' or they'll reply to this post. and not by posting comments....

Anonymous said...

well same goes here to some comment extent? http://www.alexisleon.com/ros/2006/02/14/things-i-hate.html

anyways things annoying suits better than hating all these people ;) and better way to get people who have no care for environment is to make them friends of us n the environment. hatred wont let them understand :) ya poachers shud be punished but you must be aware how poachers are used to guard jungles as well and how well some have done it as they're experts on the same and they know how to tackle other poachers!!

shud be applicable in other fields too!

Anonymous said...

che! well same goes here to some comment extent?

shud have meant

well same comment goes here to some extent?

calvin said...

hehe ..Nice list.. And is that all ? I dont mean to offend , but where is Mahatma's tolerance ? I admit even I hate all those and more , but after a while , I think , "whats the point ? shitheads will always be shitheads , well I will be myself "

Jagan said...

such a big list ..a first timer to ur blog will definitely wonder if there is anything tht makes u happy :-) ...ofc we kno tht u take the lighter side of things .

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

i am dressed in black today :)

Jagan said...

and one doubt - u said u dont like to go by looks ..that is , appearance of a person doesnt matter .But then u say u dont like guys wearing ear rings .Why does a guy's personal preference of wearing a ear ring affect u ?

Sreejith Narayanan said...

hmmmm.... u sound like a hardcore peta activist and environmentalist ;)

Dr. Pissed said...

Happy Valentines Day ya.
And for whatever its worth, June-An, i already told her just that. She just fails to accept it.

Weee, i quit my job, yet i am off to Hampi for a 3 day shoot. Bye bye

Shiv said...

Wishes for a gr8 Valentine's day..The first point makes me go GRR GRR GRR

Ganja Turtle said...

Hmmm...we got a hygienic,deep thinking,animal-activistic,secular tru-to-self,Southie biased,
slightly xenophobic ecologist in the making...noticed u've done up your profile - in the classic womans way - nothing noticeable, but hey somethings different! ;-)

Hmmm...whats exactly this trophy stuff abt?

Shriedhar said...

think my first comment here.

so u chose this fateful day for telling ur hating list?? :)

happy v-day !!

silverine said...

@Thanu: Same to you dear.
@Alexis: I should have done the same i.e. combine some things!
@Mind Curry: No Comments LOL
@Spidey: Why should 'paki' be insulting?
@Rocksea: Poachers who turn protectors are not poachers anymore. I am talking of the active poachers here.
@Aashik: See I am practising tolerance here. I have not taken a gun and shot them all down :))
@Jagan: Thank your lucky stars I didnt tag you, or I would be saying the same thing about your tag lol and about your second comment, if he was born with those earings then I would have absolutely no problem :))
@Deepa: I wore red today gal :)
@Sreejith: PETA? Absolutley no.
@Dr Pissed: Same to you. You call this perfection? Then just check out Mahout and Ganja Turtle's commnets. You will quickly revise your opinion!!
@Shiv: We agree on one point I see :)
@Ganja Turtle:That's what I am, no apologies. By trophy I mean guys who look for gals for sheer looks alone.

silverine said...

@sreedhar: Welcome to my blog. Yeah swimming against the tide and all that jazz :))

Fleiger said...

What a way to say Happy V'day!!! You have just alienated about 75% of India's population (not to say about 75% of world's). Out of remaining, I guess 20% are going to be girls (I haven't seen many girls spitting on the roads, you know).

Anyways, as a representative of rest 5% of India's population, Happy Valentine Day to you too! ;)

monu said...

Happy Valentine's Day ..

Expecting a blog about Valentines Day and its "consequences" ;)

Anonymous said...

what i talked abt is the way to deal with active poachers

Matter of Choice said...


how abt a romantic post today?


Sreejith Narayanan said...

and, aah..two things i forgot in my previous comment
a. i forgot to add something abt ur some points (most of them abt chennai)

1--> people who spit on the road. In chennai, u cannot walk on the footpath, not because people spit thr, but coz they shit there. thts even worst.
and most of the people who spit on the road are the ones who chew pan, so indirectly hatred goes to that as well ;)

16--> I agree to appappan that there are equal no of southies too who make fun of northies. but them cribbing abt south india is bad.One funny thing, is I have heard some guys frm rajasthan cribbing tht it doesnt rain in chennai, as though it rains throughout the year in rajasthan :)

28--> people who litter. In chennai, thr r no dust bins in many of the places :((

35-->wasting food is also equally bad

and finally... happy valentine's day.. i knw its a bit late..but still.. :)

Abhilash said...

yo silverline

iam only half way down the list. i dunno, the only guys you'll like will be Jesus, Moses and Dr.APJ


Sujith said...

90% of the "things" u love to hate where "people" and not "things" a misanthrope in the making? :p

പാപ്പാന്‍‌/mahout said...

Re Trophy Wife: It is not just the looks alone that determines whether a wife is 'Trophy'. The term specifically refers to an old but very wealthy man marrying a far younger woman for her looks. The marriage is typically at the cost of the man's existing and in many cases longstanding earlier marriage. Very prevalent in the state of Texas in USA in particular. A famous case would be that of Anna Nicole Smith's. Google, if you please.

പാപ്പാന്‍‌/mahout said...

(Sreejith somewhere above: Regarding public defecation in Chennai, are those people making a statement of some sort? As everyone knows, the septic tanks etc came with the British. So perhaps this is a call to go back to the traditional Indian customs/values, you think?)

Anonymous said...

Real long hate list for a supposedly cheerful happy go lucky person. :) I agree with what spidey said since the P*** term u may have used unknowingly is very derogatory to our neighbors and even us if you were to visit the UK.

silverine said...

@Fleiger:Now the 5% you mentioned is intriguing.
@Monu:My Valentines day was 'inconsequential'. Wished my Dad first and told him he was my Number One. Dito with Mom ( diplomatic tighrope walking)both have no clue what V Day is. Bought roses for my elder bro and forced him to give it to my sis-in-law. And me and mom got our first rose from second bro which I am planning to auction and make some money :))
@rocksea: Tribals maybe but I dont think you can reform hardened poachers like that guy in police custody now.
@Sreejith: :"appapan"? ROFL ha ha ha.Well... I had only 35 points to list. What you have pointed out is equally disgusting.
@Abhilash: How do you know that Jesus, Moses and Dr.APJ don't do the things I have listed here. :))
@Jithu: Read these points as the (1) act of spitting (2) Act of cutting trees etc.
@Mahouth: Well I meant guys and gals who go for looks alone.
@Lena: I am not perfect dear. I dont think I have given that impression anywhere. And this list reinforces that fact.I have my pet peeves and if given a chance I would have listed more. There are thouands of terms derogatory to people in different parts of the the world. Please excuse if I don't know them by heart.

Jagan said...

na..i still dont get it ...wearing an ear ring or particular type of dress ..can these be used as attributes to like someone or not like him ? isnt it similar to liking someone bcos he/she looks gud ?

silverine said...

@Jagan: What I mean is I do not like people who like or dislike others based on looks(facial charecteristics) alone.

Anonymous said...

'paki' is kinda like 'nigger'. if you're not a pakistani then you shudn't be using it. back when bush first became prez he referred to the pakistanis as 'pakis' and had to issue a quick apology. check it out here http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/Paki

asliarun said...

Uh Spidey, the word "Paki" is used as a racial insult to denote Pakistanis as well as Indians. Since we're Indians, i see no reason why we should not freely use the term.

Mind Curry said...

no comments!! grrr!! :)
done with my list! phew!

Mind Curry said...

i can see another "cartoon controversy" types in the making here coz of your paki usage :) good we dont have a silverine embassy - else it woulda been under threat of arson..lol..ok..just kidding everybody..

Anonymous said...

'paki' is used against anybody with brown skin by white folk. but the pakistanis believe they have exclusive rights to it. and they probably believe that indians have no right to it...

The Storyteller said...

:)Done the tag

silverine said...

@spidey: thank you for pointing this out. This is a post about my dislikes. Let's stick to the topic.
@Asli: I have heard that this term is being 'recovered' with some pride by our neighbours abroad.
@Mindcurry: LOL Don't take it too seriously. I just took the bait from your comment about your being the first and obvious choice. :))
@Arti: Great tag girl!!!!

Praveen said...

thanks for the tag and belated valentines day wishes.

My god! You do hate a lot of things :)

silverine said...

@Praveen:Belated V Day wishes to you too. I am awaiting your tag :)

Densel Mayor said...

*grumbles about India* Hang on, silvey, I gotta pull my low-waist jeans off the floor ROFL....

silverine said...

@Densu: ROFL While you are at it kindly pick up your earrings from the floor too =))

ജെയിംസ് ബ്രൈറ്റ് said...

Today morning I made my hate list while going to work. But now when I read your blog, I realised that all those points which I had planned are right here! So, I may be copying some of them(if you don't mind) as Alexis tagged me too!

silverine said...

@dreamslittle: Please go ahead. It is surprising how similar most people's hate list are!!!! :) Now I am off to your blog to read yours.

Anonymous said...

A hate list on valentines day?.. spread the love ;-) jokes apart I have to admit that I agree with you on most counts

Anonymous said...

22. Guy’s wearing ear rings.

why? I'm one of em! On the left ear only, TY...:P

silverine said...

@spawn of satan: I got such a scare when your profile picture dowloaded suddenly LOL Scary!!! Let's just say I hate the earring and not you, ok? :))