Tuesday, January 24, 2006

And pigs will fly !!

I have been tagged by Anil The Great and Whoosh

Rules of the game are...

1. The tagged victim has to come up with 8 different points of their perfect lover.
2. Need to mention the sex of the target.
3. Tag 8 victims to join this game & leave a comment on their comments saying they’ve been tagged.
4. If tagged the 2nd time, there’s no need to post again.

Sex of the target :

PERFECT LOVER ( Guess it will be easier to find the Loch Ness Monster.)

1. He will treat me like a Queen. Period.
( Thank you girls I knew you would approve)

2. He will have no object of affection except me and that includes his bike/car, his mom and his latest mobile phone.
( Thanks again girls for the overwhelming nodding of heads)

3. He will make me breakfast in bed and say that I am the most beautiful and desirable girl in the whole world at least three times a day.
( Girls! Thank you for that deafening applause)

4. He will be my friend first. Boyfriend, husband, cook, housekeeper etc. secondary but essential. (Thanks again girls for the standing ovation, I knew you would all agree)

5. He will be neat and tidy and not sloppy.
( Girls! It is not lady like to laugh so loudly)

6. He will look after the children if any and make me candle light dinners everyday.
( Yeah girls, high fives from my side too)

7. He will not forget my birthday, our anniversary and the fact that I like long stemmed red rose buds.
( hey stop rolling on the floor girls!!! )

8. He will be comfortable with my friends, family, dogs and hair dresser not necessarily in that order.
( Ok I heard the guffaws grrrrrr)

I used a secret resource called “The License to Dream” to write this tag. I have used it liberally in this post.

I passed this tag around to friends with husbands and boyfriends and I have given their expert opinion in the brackets. I declare solemnly that all that I have written here has been whetted by a panel of female experts and certified as highly unattainable.

I hereby pass on the “The License to Dream” to the below mentioned people.Dream on guys.

He writes with much depth on serious issues.

2. Geo
Here’s a guy blogger who can handle romance and humor with great aplomb.

3. Jithu Wonderful writer. I am glad I discovered his blog.

4. mindcurry
His mission is to save God’s Own Country from becoming Dog’s Own Country!

5. Thanu
Whatever she writes strikes a cord in you.

6. HopeandLove
Read her posts and you will thank God forever for your blessings.

7. Leon
I read this post of his first and was hooked.

8. Praveen
Read his posts to know what the word “refreshing” means!!!

p.s. If you know such a guy then please forward his profile to Ripleys Believe it or Not and CC a copy to me.


Rays Of Sun said...

WOW! am I first or what..Thanks for the applause, Silver:)

Thanu said...

I liked u title.. and pigs will fly.

I will adhere to this tag soon. Div also tagged me for the same...

Rays Of Sun said...

if you find such a guy..please email me.No am not grabbing your guy, but I would try to hook his brother:D

Rays Of Sun said...

See, I dint tag you for this, but it came back to you:D

Whoosh 2 said...

haha.. nice compilation!! :)

well, i am sure even the people at ripleys sure wont believe such a person could exist!!!

Mind Curry said...

uh oh..we are in trouble.. :)

£ijo Isac said...

All Gals expect too much :-D ( Thank you guys for the applause).

No wonder that after marriage most of guys turn philosophers

Anil.kumar03@gmail.com said...

Silverline :

Good to see that you followed my style(telling something about the victims :-) )

And for your perfect lover, definately he is worth the "Ripley's believe it or not " material.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful like always! This infection ... err... tag thing came to u from someone [Anil d gr8]who was tagged by the one [emotions] who was tagged by me [Arti] :D
U hv given a nice list here :)
Ur 7th point is similar to my 2nd point :)


Ashish Gupta said...


now come down to earth!!!


Lost in trance... said...

'perfect lover' - somehow i find that an oxymoron.

Vikram said...

You need a robot and not a guy... hahahaha

(Guys! thank you for the cheering, I know she was being unrealstic)

Scoot said...

i wonder if he will look as good as he cooks.

silverine said...

@Thanu: Apt title yeah? :))
@ROS:Sure if he is not hijacked by Ripleys first lol
@Whoosh: Yes, but then i can dream,can't I?
@mindcury: You mean you or me?. I dared to dream Why don't you? :)
@Li:That was socrates's quote wasn't it?
@ATG: You never know ;)
@Arti: So you are the original sinner er...I mean culprit grrrrrr :))
@Ashish: Let me float awhile, cos a guy will definitley bring me down to earth one day lol
@Lotintrance: 'Lover' has other connotations but then for a man to be desirable only looks will not help won't it?
@Vikram: Dreams are free so let me dream on :p
@MayaCassis : LOL ( high five gal)

Angel said...

Amen, sistah!

talk about WILDEST dreams! :))

Rays Of Sun said...

Whats Ripleys??
Thanu, we posted at the same time:
11:43:34 PM:) second to second close:D

silverine said...

@Angel and ROS: We are all in this together. So support me gals :))

Jagan said...

me too tagged with the same thing ....i am borrowed some applause from here :))

Geo said...

I am surprised!
I saw 18 comments when I reached ur post... I expected 18 proposals with certificates showing adherence to the list (attested by gusseted officers).

1.=)) =)) =)) Tooltips speak louder than words :_D

2.Tough one :_(. To make it even tuffer, Tequila, Tata Safari, Tottenham.... Any scope for a negotiation?

3.You like your bread toasted or otherwise? My friends say I am good at lying

4.Are these responsibilities mutually exclusive?

5.That’s me

6.‘if any’ stands out, guess that’s the loophole. (Like Calvin, I am good at finding these trick questions). Would you mind hitting a Ctrl H and replacing that ‘make’ with ‘order’. I am open for negotiation.

7.Like they say, the easiest way is to forget it once, and I am sure you will take care of the same for future events. Red roses...uh... u like 7 or 12 of em in the bunch?

8.If somebody can put up with you, then I guess keeping the dog away will just be a catwalk or a cakewalk or whatever...


Anonymous said...

@Jagan; Waiting to read your tag :)
@Geo: =))
tsk tsk, just when I was kneeling down to propose to you I read this Disclaimer!
"My friends say I am good at lying


calvin said...

I knew a girl who was looking for such a guy and well , she ended up getting such a guy . Only one hitch there. He would do all that and more , but... He got to keep the chequebook + all credit cards.. No more lengthy shopping for her....

Praveen said...

I hope you get that mail with you in the cc "soon". Pretty tough criteria you have set for that prospective male, esp points 1 and 3 :)

div said...

liked the fifth point.."He will be neat and tidy and not sloppy"

hope u'll get ur dream guy..:)


Thanu said...

Have successfully completed my tag duties

-Poison- said...

try gettin a robot!
i m sure that it can be programmed thataway >:)

ps - seems tht vikam had the same thots :)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a dull guys to me. But yeah - you can dream and good luck. :-)

Anonymous said...

1. He will treat me as a Queen.

......Did u mean a 70s rock band with a gay lead singer who died of AIDS?

2. He will have no object of affection except me and that includes his bike, his mom and his latest mobile phone.

....And i thot women objected to being treated as objects!!

3. He will make me breakfast in bed

Ayye.. hasnt mom told u to brush ur teeth before u eat anything everyday?

and say that I am the most beautiful and desirable girl in the whole world at least three times a day.

...ok, hope the dowry is hefty enuff

4. He will be my friend first. Boyfriend, husband, cook, housekeeper etc. secondary.

...why stop with that? u missed gardener,paediatrician,manicurist, driver undertaker...

5. He will be neat and tidy and not sloppy.

...u mean like use surgical gloves while near u ?

6. He will look after the children if any
Children "if any" ...well obviously !!coz he gotta be a friend first (platonic,eh?) and the "children-producable" roles like boyfriend n husband are secondary..

and make me candle light dinners everyday.

...yeah by candle light it'll be difficult to spot the cockroaches n lizard tails in the dinner?

7. He will not forget my birthday, our anniversary and the fact that I like long stemmed red rose buds.

...Hope u wont forget his death anniversary!

8. He will be comfortable with my friends, family, dogs and hair dresser not necessarily in that order.

...u mean u'll give him enuff opportunities to get comfortable with ur friends? how broad minded!!

flaash :-)))

PNA said...

why it should be the tag i have to read every where .....ammmmma!!!!

intersting to know what ppl want in their lover ...i am no exception because i did toow as tagged and passed it on ...


Anonymous said...

@Flaash: he he :))

1.Queen[noun] a female sovereign ruler ( of his heart);)
2.As long as I am the "Object of his affection" I dont mind.
3.Naah, brushing teeth can wait and here lies the crux of this whole post the Perfect Lover will fulfill these 8 points without dowry =))
4.Etc. [adverb] continuing in the same way,and so forth, and so on...
5.I didn't know that neat and tidy was enough for surgery =))
6.Who says friendship is purely platonic? ;)And if it is candle light dinner then I am willing to turn a blind eye to lizards tail and cockroach :))
7.Death Anniversary? Sure. My new Mr Right will remember it for me ;)
8.Com·fort·a·ble: adj. 1. Free from stress or anxiety,

silverine said...

@aashik: Well we cant have everything can we? :))
@Praveen: I dared to dream :))
@Divs: thanks gal. Nice to have you here.
@Thanu: Hey that was fast! Thanks.
@Poison: Well no harm in listing what we want isn't it? :)
@Browser: thanks for the support *hugs*
@Ash: It's an infection sweeping blogistan :))

Matter of Choice said...

hey u r addressing the wrong audience (pardon the ad lingo!)..u urgently need to change the sex of the target to female :)

i know same sex marriage isnt yet legal in india but still... :))

in case u are not ready for sex change (of the target i mean!) here are some comments on ur perfect 8

1) would treating u as a queen allow the fellah to keep a harem?

2)would it be ok if he has no object of affection INCLUDING u? SF

3) making breakfast in bed?? isnt that kinda dangerous?? u really want the poor fellah to be jailed for bride burning ouuch!!

4) cant he just be your boy friend and hire a few cute maids to be ur friend, cook and housekeeper? SF

5) Provided you will promise to clean after him :))

6) children: can he skip the hassle and use protection? SF

7) everything will be remembered (post-event!)

8) u gals dress ur hair??? we just have them cut!!. Ok hair dresser is acceptable as long as she is cute

TamilPonnu said...

just marry a guy- and him the list of rules.. on ur wedding night! Change YOU WILL to YOU BETTER!

silverine said...

MoC: Hilarious!!!!! :))))

p.s. didnt quite understand your demented rambling about sex change etc. SF

ahem now to answer to your observations!

1.btw I didn't say he will be treated as a king SF
2.He will have no object of affection except me you didn't read the line properly grrrr :)
4. Naah, maids are far too expensive!!!
5. Suggestion overruled!!! grrrr :)
6.ROFL :))
7. Over ruled !!! grrr :)
8. ROFTL =))

Ganja Turtle said...

Hey,as I was leaning out of my balcony, I heard a funny oink from somewhere above...and guess what I saw! Drop in and check out the Cochin skies...u will be amazed!

silverine said...

@tamilponnu:That's a simple solution to a complicated problem! :))
@Ganjaturtle: ROFL :))
And here I am looking at the Bangalore sky!sheesh

Mind Curry said...

now you know i did too :)we gonna be merry alright! you are the guru when it comes to being demanding!! (chuckles!)absolute fun tag this has been.

Sujith said...

who exactly were the TG/TA of this tag :p. u were looking to the approval of the fairer sex in all the cases. :-)

Jagan said...

hey ..done with the tag ....hopefully ur advertising skills will help me in finding my perfect lover ...

Anonymous said...

You dont have to look far!

Bluefrogtribute said...


Jina said...

Well..if u get the guy...send him to guiness world records too..n maybe to the great american circus also..ok..i have to stop being rude..hehe..
hey..dat was a gud one

Anonymous said...

Thanks for making my Mondays less blue and my weekdays a lot lighter with your posts. I owe you one.

Ammo said...

Happy searching, also, in case you find Cinderella, The little Mermaid, the Unicorn and the lost continent - Atlantis...please let me know about it :D


Alexis Leon said...

Yes pigs will fly :-) I liked the reaction of your fans that you have given after each comment.

But by using the "The License to Dream" loophole, you deftly avoided the tag and that's not fair.

ninetieschild said...

hey my bros kinda like that..i fart in bed..umm rays of sun, u were saying..??

silverine said...

@mindcurry: The tag seems to be everywhere :)
@Jithu:B School peeping out again I see :) No TG/TA as this is not a marketing gimmick :))
@Jagan:I liked your tag :)
@JK: Could you eleborate that in KMs please ;)
@Blufrogtribute:I think you are looking in the wrong blog for the missus :))
@Ursjina; thanks, I loved your tag.
@KornKorb: Thank you !!
@Ammo: Yeah sure and then we will all live happily ever after :p
@Alexis: You got me there. You are the only one who found out my evasion tactic!!! Hats Off Sir.
@Icy High: Hello!

Mind Curry said...

:) yes, pandemic!! and looks like you are still dreaming!

Fleiger said...

I strogly object to injustice done here to the male species. The characterization of men done here is not at all correct. Watch out for the dharnas and morchas outside your home ;)

And by the way, other gadgets ok in the second point? Like laptop, ipod, TV bacause of cricket etc.?

Sujith said...

there u go! usual communication/advertising speak. caught the loop hole in my comment and didnt answer what i asked. :-) there has always been a communication gap btn managers and advertisers! and they think we didnt understand it :p

silverine said...

@mindcurry:I am in analytical mode now. So watch out for a post on those lines by today evening or by Monday :)
@Fleiger: LOL
I am so scared ;) Hey! Thanks for expanding the etc. by listing those gizmos!! Consider them all included in the list. I think you just made some male enemies :))
@Jithu:Thanks for clearing the air. Birds of a feather... and all that jazz. So I will always seek the approval of tha sistahood! ;)

Mind Curry said...

will wait with bated breath and whisphering humbleness!

The Storyteller said...

Long time u no write I no read, whats up?
Searching for ur perfect lover kya? ;)
How abt getting a shoutbox for ur blog to dropofy a simple hi :D


Anonymous said...

#2 --> Mother also??? That was very cruel :-)

But of course.. The applause from the ladies still rings

If I tell ya, I'll have to kill ya said...

forget the robot. they tend to develop alternate processing systems dat can defy the 3 laws (yes, i just saw i, robot). me thinks ur better off getting a dog (i just saw lassie too).

btw, ur tagged. with the whole story with selected words thing i had to do too. dorp by mine to get the details won't ya :-)

Sonia said...

wow! that is some list! i don't think i need to make mine anymore! i can just direct the people who tagged me to YOUR blog! ;o)

btw, don't hold ur breath waiting for that mail!

Anonymous said...

the title was gud and u cn dream betr :)

silverine said...

@mindcurry: Thank you :)
@Akansha: Your wish is my command ma'am. New post is up!
@anthony: No one is spared, not even moms :))
@if I tell ya..: Et tu Sistah!!!
@sonia: Ok. just let out my breath whew LOL

Dewaker Basnet said...

u write very well..keep it up:)

Srinivas said...

you are the only girl ever who does not have "tall" and "funny" in her laundry list!


silverine said...

@Dewakar: Thank you :)
@Srinivas:"Funny" yes, tall not necessary :))Thank you.