Thursday, October 13, 2005

Things people type on search engines!

I recently installed a Stat Counter in my blog. I was amazed to see that my blog has recorded 1000 hits in 5 days!!! However my celebrations were cut short when I clicked on another feature that the Stat Counter offers.....”Key Word Activity” (KWA). It lists the key words people have entered in various search engines, which have led them to my blog due to these words being present in my blog or post titles. Here are some examples.

1. getting someones password for yahoo

(please, please pass me the details too)

2. unholy relationships

( now how does one enter into this kind of relationships? Date Lucifer?)

3. mallu brides

( you want mallu brides? hey, polygamy is a punishable offence in India !!!)

4. mallu aunty

( this has to be a mallu ungle! )

5. cooking guys

(if you find the recipe do send me a copy. ps. Lemme know how it turns out)

6. mallu gals

(I would recommend taking a train to Kerala)

7. susan aunty

( so.... susan aunty is lost in Cyberspace? )

8. chemical silverine

( wow they have named a chemical after me?!??! Or are they trying to eliminate me? brrr )

9. bangalore traffic police fining

( yeah, they are very ‘fining’ gentlemen, believe me )

10. mallu cooking

( now you want to see a mallu cooking or you want to learn kerala cuisine? )

11. fowl playing

( well, I have never seen ‘fowls’ playing too, please send me the link)

12. malu masala group

( mallu speaking masala's of the world unite! )

13. colds cure caffiene ( note the typo)

(so when you get a cold, you know what to do. cure Caffien of whatever ails him. )

From now on I will refrain from using words that bring such scum to my blog.
Oh no!! I just used the word ‘scum’ !!!!! I dread the creatures that will now come visiting :(


Geo said...

I always wanted to know ur hit-rate...
I mean ur blogs... Thanks for the stat... 1000 in 5 days in not bad... givin Sid a run for his money? huh ;_)))

Great Going... :_D

Matter of Choice said...

u reap what u sow :))

btwn didnt u hear abt the chemical silverine??? its one of the latest elements discovered, highly radioactive :))

nestpa said...

Well, I haven't got any 1000 hits in 5 days, but whatever hits I got were also interesting though embarassing. I've got mallu aunty, mallu gals in common with you and since I've used the word nude, somewhere in my blog, googling mallu nude gals end up as a hit on my counter. I don't mind the hit. But it's so embarassing, you know!

Safari Al said... the way, i took a train to mallu land...i really cant classify most as mallu girls, but aunty seemed to fit the description. ...that or maybe i had a little too much booze iside of me...

nice one silverine.the name's chemically...chemically silverine, eh?

N David said...

Lol! I like the "mallu cooking" the best. It sounds like someone is looking for a mallu who is cooking.

And yes.. I was linked to an Indian sex site, becuase I had talked about Rani Mukherjee's character in Mangal Pandey, and used the word "Prostitute".. !! Dangerous life we live..

silverine said...

@Alexis: There are more coming in as I type, maybe I will put in an addendum.
@Geo: Well, I am not competing with anyone. Someone suggested that I try it to evaluating my blog traffic.
@matterofchoice: Pithy proverb;) As a chemical engineer guess I will take your word for it :))
@Neil:Yeah, me too have got some embarassing keywords which I haven't highlighted here.
@Safari Al: Better luck next time on your journey. Yeah, the names silverine....chemical silverine LOL
@Nithin:Very dangerous indeed I have just realised that :))

hope and love said...

typical of u..

Adarsh A. Varghese said...

Silverine, I infact got a hit in my blog for the term "silverine's husband" which some jerk had serached for in google!!!

silverine said...

@lash: What a coincidence...I did the same and found you!!! :))
@hnL: Thanks :)
@Adarsh:LOL :))
'Silverine' is a common name and there is a popular singer by that name too.I snitched this name from a children's story of a silver fox named 'silverine'.

Arun R said...

ha ha ha....

Looks like I'm not the only guy who keeps track of keywords for timepass.

Mallu Ungle looking for Mallu Aunty was good!!! ;)

Jagan said...

the worst thing ...after coming to ur page thru the search engine ..most ppl get disappointed ..come on ..u visit a page expecting a mallu bride and u end up reading blogs ..then u will understand their frustation ;-) .

Sujith said...

an intersting account! btw wt are these unholy relationships in ur blog eeh? ;-)

Sreejith Panickar said...

Thanks for coming to my page. An interesting medium blog is, isn't it?

പാപ്പാന്‍‌/mahout said...

Heh heh.

(About #4, it was probably a testosterone-addled teenager, and not a "mallu ungle". Just look at the number of "aunty" films that used to be released to cater to the college-going.)

Jiby said...

haha...i have typed mallu gals on google and was amused to see your blog come up as one of the results. and we commentors also need to be careful with our words, then on your site!!!

kickassso said...

im most linked because of the word "charakkukal":D

Riot said...

Funny :)

How was ?

Lost in trance... said...

maan are auntys in demand or wat?

Praveen said...

I think you are being too modest here :).Key words or not, 1000 hits in 5 days is amazing. So keep it up! :)

awakeningcoma said...

now i understand the feeling when ppl with utmost intrst search something in search engine and it leads to my blog then how much disappointment feelin the ppl would have felt, the same when i typed mallu figures and it lead 2 ur blog.iyyoda

Casablanca said...

Awww come on.. dont refrain from using colourful words. How else will we get to read such colourful posts? :D

silverine said...

@arun:So you keep track of keywords too? ;)
@Jagan:Yeah, guess people will be most frustrated by the tame stuff found on my blog LOL
@Jithu: The word 'relationships' appears in my blog many times I guess :)
@srijith: It is indeed an interesting medium.
@mahout: Now that information is new to me.
@Jiby:I think the word "mallu" is a much used and abused word in cyberworld!!!
@onemorereason:Thanks... and no It.In starts Oct last week.
@kickasso:True, I get linked due to the word mallu :)
@lostintrance: :))
@Praveen:Thanks :)
@awakeningcoma: I would call it the height of disappointment lol
@casablanca:Naah, I am not gonna restrain my writing!!! :)

ada-paavi!!!! said...

i have similar problems,
the best is when searching for jagan, ur directed to my blog!!

QuaTros said...

Well, this is news to me! I must check out what links would lead people to my blog! But I guess those are going to be myriads of pretty much unrelated stuff. :-)

Sujit said...

great research on net.. :)

Thomas said...

nice blog.

Hitanshu said...


Lady, your post just made me a hearty laugh :-)

Tips on how to install it on mine will be highly appreciated!

Arun R said...

Yeah, I do.... The latest guy to drop in on my blog had searched for "Katrina Kaif Lynched" !!!!!

Anonymous said...

How would you know which key words won't lead strange people to ur blog. Search engiens does strange things.
BTW thanx for dropping by my Cook Blog(tonyskitchen.redi...) . have been updating that much thouh. Plan to shift to my own domain and link them all.

If I tell ya, I'll have to kill ya said...

Hey girl,

I want to add one of those counters too. Which one are you using?

I love the way, you take the ordinary, and write about it in a way that makes it extraordinary.

Looks like you're ready to strip Sidin tho (hehehehe...nice thought eh?)

Anonymous said...

[STRAIGHT FACE]I searched for mallu aunties and dint get your blog!
PSSST! for the guys here advising on mallu aunties...If you DO get any good hits, send em to me ASAP:P

The elderly camel said...

very entertaining :)

Sonia said...

lol! just goes to show, you gotta be careful of what you write!

-Poison- said...

typical chemical silverine... :-)

Anonymous said...

Am scared now !Anyone who looks for any of the following in google can be led to my site ....

1. how-to-explode-software engineers-in-bangalore roads,

2. how-can-i-marry-david-beckham's bicycle,

3. Sardarji-nahi-mein-liz-taylor-hoon,

4. Gujju- to-marry-Silverine!

5. Dont just Inspect- Banana- karlo duniya mutthi mein ;-)

6. number of mosquitoes per pothole in Bangalore

And..... now !!!!These are all searches in ur site too

(late aayi vandhaalum "latest" aayi varundhavan-)
hehehe thats borrowed from Rajanikanth's Baasha!

Unknown said...

gr8 ur blog seems to be reference for those ppl who needs to know abt kerala.
i wonder y my case is always microsoft or google or mobile phones..sometime i have even seen bluetooth dating or Technodating!!

Kousik said...

Sure, looking at the referring URL is amusing. Sometimes I perform the same search to find where does it feature in google ;-)

Unfortunately, the keyword 'Hacking' brings lots of people (and sure they get frustrated) to my blog who are looking for 'cracking' informations. Especially I see a lots of losers looking for airtel/hutch prepaid recharge code crack ...

Nunzia said...

hahah that is amazing! What counter is that? I want one!

SNM said...

I'm gettin ready for a bigger adventure now! ;)

Leon said...

Damn.. I was going to put up a post of keywords that led to my blog.. but you beat me to it. I guess I'll do it anyway..

btw the words that led to my blog are much worse than those u've put up as u'll soon find out.. ;-)

Anonymous said...

well madam.. this is just the start.. soon you will have spam in the stat counter haha...

and oh p.s: I seem to have some guy from the U.S searching for 'silverine' and coming to my blogs as well.... ;-)