Tuesday, September 06, 2005

A unique tag

Jagan has tagged me. This is a unique tag. Required a lot of thinking from my side to pen it down. Here are the seven things that I have to reveal about me in all honesty. So here it is……

Seven things you plan to do before you die!!

1. Quit my job in my 30's and become a full time naturalist / birder
2. Start my own ad agency
3. Learn to fly
4. Travel around the world
5. Fall in love!
6. Teach kindergarten kids!
7. Buy a cottage in Ooty

Seven things you can do!!

1. Get back to advertising/copywriting
2. Visit school more often and keep
in touch with the gals who studied with me.
3. Get back to piano classes
4. Read more often
5. Continue birding during weekends
6. Get serious about photography for above purpose
7. Give more time to my hobby “cooking”and "gardening"

Seven things you can't do!!!

1. I can’t flirt
2. I can’t stop being brutally frank
3. I can’t take life too seriously ( I look at the funny side of every thing!!)
4. I can’t stop sobbing while watching sad movies
5. I cant ignore a beggar.
6. I can’t do without my Mom
7. I can’t do without talking to my eldest brother at least once a day( he is my agony aunt and punching bag)

Seven things that attract you to the opposite sex!!

1. Sense of humor
2. Maturity
3. Loyalty
4. The ability to advise without imposing his views
5. Smile
6. A guy who treats a girl as a lady irrespective of who she is.
7. A guy who is not jealous and clingy

Seven things you say most!!!

1. Jeeeeeeeeeeesus Chriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiist!!!
2. Ok, fine
3. For Gods sake!!!!
4. Vendado
5. Poda / Podee
6. Oh my God!
7. Will do

Seven celebrity crushes!!!

1. Tom Selleck
2. Tommy Lee Jones
3. Harrison Ford
4. Bill Pullman
(sigh..they dont make them like these anymore, I mean the above 4)
5. Emraan Hashmi
6. Arjun Rampal
7. Mathew McConaughey

Seven people you want to take this quiz.

Leon Cyril

All that I have revealed here is true to the best of my limited knowledge. Thanks Jagan, this tag made me think really hard and introspect. Didn’t realize it would be this hard to pen down only seven facets of my multifaceted life ;)

Wish there were more than seven hunks to be listed in the celebrity crush list. Mebbe 10 or maybe 15 or maybe umpteen ???? I have wandering 70 mm cinemascope eyes for Gods sake!!!! :)


Jake said...

lol. thats tommy lee jones.

Jiby said...

woh...thats quite some soul-searching i gotta do there...u shud check back on this post after 10 yrs and see how much you managed to do and to overcome! very heart-warming post...i am scared to put all this into print coz i mite force myself to do a few crazy things!

silverine said...

@jake: I stand corrected
@Jiby: Let it all out!This was a good exercise for me. Hope it is for you too :))

Dr. Pissed said...

I wanted to teach kindergarten too.
Morewover, when you setup that ad agency, holler!

Riot said...

Aha! So there is a little nature leaning tendency in you too. Glad to hear that. I hope you do get the time and opportunity to become a naturalist/birder.

Am a little surprised not to find Brad Pitt in that list! Isn't he like every woman's heaven come true ? :)

ada-paavi!!!! said...

why is the average current age of ur crushed over 40??
this tag seems easy but is lots of thinking, it took me one goddam hour!

silverine said...

@dr pissed: Know the feeling :)
@onemorereason:There is more than a 'lil' of a naturalist/birder in me. That's why I would leave everything for it. And Brad Pitt, not my kinda crush... too blond :))
@Vatsan: Most of my friends agree with my celebrity crush list. In fact we were discussing it the other day ;) And (sigh) they dont make them like that anymore :(

Domesticated Bachelor said...

saw this on another friends post and she had left the seven people blank saying its open.. so i avoided her blog for a day *GRIN*

thanks for dropping by...bookmarking you:) i had clicked the link the other day and i guess i got hijacked to a "charismatic site" i respect all religions but cant stand the evangelists - be it hindus or christians...

and i was shocked that someone from a "charismatic site" would go commenting on blogs like mine:))

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

yo madam !!!!

i agree ... they dont make men like that anymore ;))

ad agency .... Ctrl c + Ctrl V dr.pissed .. HOLLER

Jagan said...

OMG - we got similar thoughts . example: ad agency , photography etc.And also u said u wud like to keep in touch with the girls who studied with you.I too cud like to get in touch with those girls ;-)

Anonymous said...

Even I cant stay without my mommy dearest... she is gone on vacation.. she said she needed to stay away from me for a few months to regain her sanity.

PreethZzZ The Original said...

ur right it was extremely hard and some definite soul searching indeed!

Jo said...

He he... Nice answers! :D

Pratish Menon said...

Seven, my favourite number :)

Praveen said...

Hmmm.. wonderful post and it does require a lot of thought! Do you just say Jesus Christ or Jeeeeeeeeeeesus Chriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiist :), must take a long time to say that.

Geo said...

Thanks for the honors, ma'am :_)

'Birding' is something that I do all the time. Not just weekends.. ;_))

Its tuff to come up with 7 ‘printable’ answers for all these since I have decided to be honest for a change :_(
lemme try harder

Leon said...

I haven't read through YOUR "seven" lest I be influenced before I write my "seven".. lol. Just read the questions.. Will comment again when I do get around to reading it completely. :-)

The Dalda said...

hmm, advertising. i can give u a few suggestions abt products if u wont to. but i m not really sure there would be buyers after that. :(

hope and love said...

emran hashmi is my fav.. adorable isnt he..?

Sujith said...


Matter of Choice said...

Jesssssssssus chrissssssssssssst!. i get tagged again..even before i complete the previous tag...hmmm looks like i have some work to do and blogging to catch up

jiby's suggestion on a status check after 10 years was excellent. one should really do that

As u said , i wish i did not have to restrict my selection of celebrity crushes to seven!

for a sec i read one of your lines as "give more time to my hubby cooking and cleaning" and was about to send in congrajulatory comment!!!.

alas, my eyesight recovered fast. now the congrajulatory comment will have to wait untill u do the "fall in love" task that u plan to do before you die!


-Poison- said...

u shud quit ur job n take up writin anecdotes n factbooks.
i will kill myself if they dont sell a million $-)

scorpigle said...

yup looks like a honest list.. kudos. I might never be able to come up with such :)

Mind Curry said...

good job on the blog..