Sunday, July 10, 2005

MIT Weblog Survey

Take the MIT Weblog Survey


Jake said...

arrey mem saheib!! yeh achanak survey fever kaisa ?

this weekend wasnt a bee(a)ch?! lol.

-Poison- said...

i did already :)

Unknown said...

Bell Curve..Normal Distribution..again points to a well balanced person...and a normal one at that.

Praveen said...

Hey Silverine, whats with this survey thing, i am looking forward to an actual post from you :)

Jake said...

@injinuity :dude, relax. the survey wasnt being forced on anybody.

minerva said...

heya *silverine,
Thanks for ur comments over at my blog.
yep, hope U enjoy the film when U do watch it:)

& of course, Thanks for the MIT blog survey link - was intg, and as U've prob. realized, it allowed for a nice parallel to musings from the post itself;)

Take care & Wishes,