Sunday, May 08, 2005


My mom is the most incorrigible and loving person I know and I am not going to elaborate with paeans of mushy prose. But the world is a better/worse place for having lost her talents to motherhood.

What I mean to say is that my mom could have been:

· A CIA agent, but then CIA agents do not like their hair combed into submission and teeth brushed before they set out on covert missions.
· A RAW agent but she would have indignantly refused to pry into the neighbor’s affairs.
· A cop but she would have used her infamous neem drinks and prayer sessions as third degree and gotten the police force a bad name. ( I mean no one is known to have survived these sessions).
· A Doctor, but then she would have advised patients against surgery, anti-biotics, cesareans, unnecessary tests.....
· A librarian, but then she would have shredded expensive books she thought were bad for young people.
· A soldier but then she would have killed the arms industry by dragging the enemies by their ears and making them kiss and make up.
· A Nurse, but she would have driven away patients with her nasty,smelly home-made cure-all brews.
· A bar tender, and driven away patrons by insisting on “delicious and healthy ”alternatives like hot milk and cardamom tea.
· A traffic cop, but she would have rapped negligent drivers on their knuckles with a ruler and made them do sit-ups in full public view.

And the list goes on. The world’s loss is our gain.

Happy Mothers Day Ma!


Jake said...

yeah, Happy mother' day ma. and you couldnt have put it better, mothers! most incorrigeble and yet so loving. my mother, what do i do with her ?!!! what would i do without her ??!!

Jiby said...

hey silverine, ur posts are simply awesome and a treat to read...i wish i cud impart a light-hearted tone to my blog which is such a delightful hallmark of ur yours.keep it up...u have got a whole lot of fans in this part of the world.

jay menon said...

beautiful words and all the more excellent way of expressing it, thanx for visitin my blog and why u dont put other users to comment on ur blog rather than keepin only blogspot users

zimblymallu said...

ahhh yes. the latest was when my mom called me at work, at 4 in the morning to check if i was ok, coz she heard there was an explosion in midtown. this is why. thanks ma. course, im not planning on telling her, or she'd never stop...

silverine said...

@jake: yes what do we do with them or without them?
@jiby: Thanks Jiby, it was my sense of humor that made life liveable in those wonder years.

The neem drink was a drop of neem oil that we had to swallow whenever we cursed or swore or told lies.

@jay;: what lovely images in your site. The prettiest was of course is your moms!

@zimblymallu: You cannot stop them from worrying and as much as I want them her to lay off fussing over me, I am thankful I have her.

Kraz Arkin said...

Shredding books? She would actually shred books? OOhhhhh....

silverine said...

@ kraz: Yeah! You should have seen 'Lady Chatterley's Lover" torn into neat 2' ribbons!!!!!

chanakya said...

nooo not books rest sounds like a normal mom to me :p
my mom did take a serious of my erading story books so much that i would read them in the bath room :D
nice blog btw light and nice

minerva said...

dear *silverine,
ur posts are enjoyably lively!

Love this sweet dedication to ur Mom:)
Do take care & Wishes,