Monday, May 19, 2008

Tiger in the woods!

Have you seen that Accenture commercials starring Tiger Woods? Very original and very creative I must admit! The commercials compare Woods' ability on the golf course to the traits of leading businesses, from foresight and preparation to flexibility based on changing circumstances.

This particular TV commercial I saw, demonstrates “Attitude”…which according to the Dictionary is a state of mind or a feeling or disposition. The commercial shows Tiger Woods about to putt a ball when his caddy drops his golf bag, chumma just like that into a water hazard! While the caddy shrugs his shoulders helplessly like a moron, Tiger Woods shakes his head in gentle remonstration. Before they can retrieve the Golf kit from the pool, an alligator or croc swims in from Australia/Florida making the task impossible!

So what does Tiger Woods do when faced with an unexpected turn of events that threatens his success? Tiger demonstrates the adaptability that is essential to every high performer by playing the entire match with the available club with him i.e the Putter! So zimble nah!

(All you Golf legends who are spinning in their graves…please chill! This is just an advertisement!)

I was so inspired by the commercial that I decided to offer free creative work to the team that made this commercial so that they don’t have to scratch their heads when its time to extend the commercial.

Situation one

Situational Word: Effulgence

Tiger Woods is playing Golf. He is aiming to putt the ball into the 10th hole when a helicopter flying above the golf course crashes just short of the 10th hole and bursts into flames. There is flames and petrol fumes between Tiger and the 10th hole! So what does Tiger Woods do when faced with an unexpected turn of events that threatens his success? Rescue the Pilot and passengers!!!! Kidding! He thinks for a while and then takes a golf club and hits the ball in a horizontal wide arc and it flies in the air avoiding the helicopter and does a sharp right turn and falls into the hole Sivaji ishtyle! People applaud!

Voice over: All it takes is simple ideas to shine forth brilliantly. Just another day in the office for a Tiger!

Situation two

Situational Word: Facile

Tiger Woods is playing in a serious international tournament. He hits the ball for a six err hard and it falls into a herd of sheep! The herd belongs to a poor, homeless, thin, hungry three year old gal whose stepfather would beat her up if even a ball of yarn on the sheep is harmed by a golf ball or a Tiger! So what does Tiger do when faced with an unexpected turn of events that threatens his success? Give a few million bucks from his billions towards feeding poor kids! ha ha kidding...again! He thinks for a while and takes out his Golf Iron and thwacks the ground hard a dozen times scattering turf a good hundreds yards away. The sheep run after the turf leaving the field open for Tiger who then hits the ball straight into the 18th hole. The crowds applaud and Woods throws his Accenture hat into the air and gets right back to office to code!

Voice over: The greatest of tasks is easily done! Just another day in the office for a Tiger!

Situation three

Situational Word: Celerity

Tiger Woods is playing golf…again! A mad elephant comes rampaging down the fairway, damages the green, sticks its tongue out at Woods and vanishes out of camera sight! The green is a total mess and Tiger is just one shot away from victory! What does Tiger do when faced with an unexpected turn of events that threatens his success? Go to every Ayyappa temple in the vicinity, smoke out the elephant and stick his tongue right back at him? Of course not!!! Tiger demonstrates the adaptability that is essential to every high performer by using the Sand Wedge! A silence falls over the multitude as Tiger takes aim. After some concerted aiming, Tiger hits the ball hard!! The crowds gasp as the ball takes off into the air in an arc clearing the mess made by the elephant and then dips and falls straight into the 18th hole! Everyone applauds and Tiger Woods PM gives him the day off!

Voice over: It takes great knowledge and great experience to arrive at swift decisions! Just another day in the office for a Tiger!

I can give you endless possibilities. But today is Monday and I have Solitaire err I mean Pin Ball to play! Have a nice week folks!

All 'situational words' have been arrived at after careful thought taking into account the merits of good business practices by using the search option in Dictionary which according to a study gets maximum hits from bum advertising professionals.


Safari Al said...

Bringing up the Volvo buses again, they actually play this ad over and over and over again, interspersed with Josco and IBM ads.

Alternative solution to sheep problem

He simbly roars. He is tiger,no...sheep will run away and at the same time the turf is retained. More optimal solution I thinks.

hammy said...

I never could understand golf... until, of course, I saw Robin Williams explaining the origin ( that sure explained a lot...

Well, you go ahead and play Soli... errr. pinball.. We'll come up with some alternate storylines for the poor suffering advertising professionals...

Situation: Sci-fi

Tiger is just about to tee off from his first par (if I have the reference right) when the sky grows cloudy and a spaceship drops down from the sky emitting low impact John Williams music. Out of the bushes in the right, we see a little brown alien running with it's three-long-fingered hands outstretched. It cries "E.T. Phone home. Phone home. Phonehomephonehomephone..." and Steven Spielberg, who was waiting in the audience jumps to his feet crying "Dammit. I KNEW I didn't dream it all up!!"

So what does Tiger Woods do? He squints his eyes, puts on a frown of determination, takes his driver and putts!! The ball hits E.T. on the head, knocking him unconscious, bounces to the top of the spaceship, shatters the glass window, which we soon find out, was the navigation control panel,and with the force from the explosion caused by the impending crash, gets blown apart into 27 different pieces, all of which safely lands up in the 18th hole.

Voice over: All it takes for great things to happen is determination... Determination and some hollywood visual effects. Just another day in the office for a Tiger!

Aravind said...

I can give you endless possibilities. But today is Monday and I have Solitaire err I mean Pin Ball to play!
Let me know when your company does a recruitment drive. I know Solitaire and Pin Ball and...I mean i know all of them.

Karthik said...

Hehe..I liked the ad the first time. But I think they have made it boring by bringing up a zillion versions.

I liked the one in which he checks all parameters and after he misses the putt, he says "I forgot the earth's rotation" :)

mathew said...

You low country folks..How dare you make fun of refined of superior fineness!

Oh my Rolex says its already 'posthumous'..I got to attend the Opera!
President, Wine tasting club

Post illusion chinese Dolex says its time..I gotta go for the movie..
Secretary, Karimumpkala shaap fans association

Deepti said...

Too good ... so much creativity .. you should be directing those ads .. those simble folks dont know where the actual talent lies !!!

GhosH said...

Putting a general comment about your posts.

Went through few, great sense of humour.

g-man said...

yea, well, i always thot that ad was stupid! thank goodness they haven't thought of putting rajnikanth in advertisements :| my brain is starting to melt at the very thought of that

sandeep said...

silverine ... can i hire u for directing the new commercials for my product???

Thomas said...

Maybe you should join an ad agency, seriously!!
P.S. The earlier ads of fevicol was too good, if anyone 'member and now the Virgin mobile ads are damn funny, each of them.
P.P.S. If these versions come on TV tomorrow for accenture ads, I've no hand in that. (It isn't copyright protected, is it?)

~==[[[ Abhi ]]]==~ said...

Well well, ppl stand up n applaud for the newest star on International Advertising arena-SILVERINE, the kidu. Ogilvy n Piyush Pandey make way, coz here comes the next big shot. What a creativity, what a style. U ROCK:).

PS-I loved that ad where he says in style "I forgot the earth's rotation". Being an engineer i'd always been awed why they thought of such a technical ad that too with a sportsman of Woods' caliber. But then Woods seems to be used to being the butt of ad jokes. I still rem a ad of Nike with Woods' smile shaped like the Nike logo.:) Imagine that kinda hard sell :d

Amey said...

Why don't you suggest that Sivaji be cast instead of Woods in the commercials you propose? For one thing, he is natural at this stuff, and then, I am sure more people will recognise him than Woods.

Asokan said...


Anonymous said...

what happened to ur blog roll? its disappeared!

Macadamia The Nut said...

LOL!!! Hey, I think Rajinikanth would like to talk to you about his next movie :D

Browser said...

Small change in the elephant situ. Before sticking it's tongue out at TW, it poops on the 18th hole and covers it up. But the best situation would be this - nothing untoward happens and good old TW just stands there scratching his head b'coz he doesn't know what to do :-)

ap said...

U should be in Tamil Movie Industry!

You got it correct!

silverine said...

Safari Al: Brilliant!!

Hammy: LOL!! Now that would be taking it to another plane literally! Very creative!

Aravind: err there is only place for me here :|

Karthik: The caddy ad spoils the entire series actually! :)

Mathew: LOL!! Good one that drop from illusion to reality! :p

Deepti: Honored by thy acknowledgment of my creative prowess to which I agree 100%!

Ghosh: Welcome to my blog and thank you! :)

g-man: *horrors* Pliss don't scare me with such possibilities! :(

Thomas: Fevicol ads were very good I agree and so are the Vodafone ads. I particularly like the Virgin ad in which these young guys fool a middle aged accountant named "Mahalingam" with a gals voice :P p.s. I am keenly watching the TV these days for any resemblance to the work I have exhibited here! Prepare to meet thy maker if I find
any :|

Abhi: Thank you O gracious one! You are very generous with your compliments. Please make it a habit! :p

Amey: I can propose, sure! But will they dispose? :)

Asokan: Thank you! :)

Anon: There is magic in the air I guess! :P

Macademia the nut: lol! I hope so. I can retire after the movie! :p

browser: Nice to see you after a long time! :) Elephant poo? ewwwww If he doesn't know what to do then Accenture can close shaap! ;)

AP: Thank you! I will take that as a compliment! :)

Anonymous said...



why don't you consider writing acripts for classic Rajnikanth flics, they are running out of stories....


Nishant said...

Voice over:Silverine scores yet another fantastic riots of laughter inducing post.....

Abhinav Viswambharan said...

You play PinBall??? How about giving a shot at playing golf online? Check out the following link:-

Come a tigress... :P

-Poison- said...

teeheeeteeheee :-D

The Smokin' WDM2 said...

CAN SOMEONE TELL ME WHAT THE HELL ACCENTURE DOES? (besides the "high performance. Delivered")

I've asked over a hundred people already and they're right behind me as I'm typing this here, waiting for an answer.

silverine said...

The Smokin' WDM2 :LOL!! :)) And thanks for the comments in the other posts too.

Nitin: On popular demand I just may! :p

Nishanth: Thanks buddy! :)

Abhinav: I love playing golf in video games! :) Will check out the link!

Poison: :p

The Smokin' WDM2 said...

one more thing.. if you find typing "The Smokin' WDM2" inconvenient, call me Sriram :)