Friday, May 02, 2008

You got me trippin', stumbling, flippin' my lid off!

Me: You have the Lyrics of that Fergie song?
D (14 yr old cousin) : What did you say???
Me: I asked for the Lyrics of that latest Fergie number!
D (derisively): It is Fer-gee and not Fur-gee!
Me (tightly): Really? Sorry. I will remember!
D: That’s okay! If you don’t know how to pronounce a word, better not say it!
Me: By the way, do you like my new Neekay shoes?
D: What?!!!!
Me: I said, do you like my new Neekay shoes!
D: *gasp* Thats Nike and not Neekay!
Me: Wotever!! But did you like it?
D (frostily): It is Nike!
Me: he he you sound like a dark!
D (going blue in the face): It is DORK and not DARK for chrissakes!!!
Me: Yeah, big deal! btw your pal Naomi called.
D (panicking): I hope you didn’t talk to her?
Me: I said “hi dewdette” (dudette) and she started giggling and hung up! Strange!!
D(shrieking) : You said what?????? Oh my God!!! *swoon* *thud*

And Silverine walks off triumphantly into the sunset, smoking gun and all to a very retro music from Nellie Furtado playing in the background. Strike one to the very fossilized and ancient in their 20’s generation. Tee hee.

Oops! I hope I got that “tee hee” right!! brrr

The first six words in the title of this post is a Fergie number that I am undecided about. I mean, I don't know whether I love it or hate it.


Aravind said...

Have a great weekend Silverine, and lots of fun with the 14yr old cousin. :P

The Smokin' WDM2 said...

Its FWIDAY you wascally wabbit.

And its yet another strike today here :)

Babychen said...

Nelliyamma Parathodu, you mean.

Philip said...

These young people! They think they know everthing ;)
Good to know you're fighting it out on behalf of the 'ancient fossilized 20-somethings'.

g-man said...

lol...dudette?!? i usually go (to the guys, of course) 'waddup, bitch?' mixed responses, of course. sometimes i do it just to observe their reactions :D

o shit, this post reminds me, i'm gonna turn 20 very very soon!!!

~==[[[ Abhi ]]]==~ said...

Its so bad tht these teenagers don't respect the elders.[:)] *Sigh* Where is the world heading towards? Aw may gwad. I'm sure i never disrespected the aged ppl like ths.

| Balu | said...

Happy weekend.. bu some wine and achappam to give u company (in case get bored!! =/ )

Thomas said...

For the Gen-Next, Silverine becomes Killverine!!

Girl With Big Eyes said...

Hilarious. Generation gap already showing, eh?

Safari Al said...

Why do you pick on kids?

Just give them 50ps mentos and "dimak ki bathi jalado"

Arun Jose Francis said...

hehe... That was awesome!

Arti Honrao said...

Ditto Philip!
But then if he calls 20 something as
ancient & fossilized, I wonder what about the 30 somethings like me *sigh*


Anonymous said...

It was funny. But you should try some more formats for your posts other than the dialogue. Just a suggestion :)

Macadamia The Nut said...

Lol! Precocious kids are both boon and bane, no? They provide so much fodder for entertainment.

silverine said...

Aravind: I rather play with a rabid dog or a Rattle snake than a teenager brr

the smokin' wmdm2: :)

Babychen: Yes!! :)) Wish there was a transliteration of "Fergie" too!

philip: Nowadays I just shut up when they are around. Every single English word now has a different pronunciation *sigh*

g-man: 20 to the teen reads 50 :| Enjoy your middle age! :p

Abi: You are right! Just because we have one leg in the grave doesn't mean these brats can treat us this way!! grr

Balu: Same to you! :)

Thomas: You mean we are not the Gen-Next? *sob*

girl with big eyes: Absolutely! :)

Safari Al: You called them kids? tch tch! Watch your back! The last time I did that, I got a severe ticking off. According to the teen junta they are "Young Adults"!

Arun: Thank you! :)

Arti: The teens have their nemesis in pre teens! There is a God after all! :p

Anon: Thank you! And your suggestion is taken and kept in the recycle bin like the millions before them :p

Inder said...

fergie rocks :)

Safari Al said...

Then you could hold them captive by taking away their Fergie/Black-eyed Peas/Eminem/Akon CDs and refuse to return them till they bow to your demands.

Paavam silverine!

Adorable Pancreas said...

We rawk. And rawl. And trip and stumble our lids off. :D

Deepti said...

ROFL :) fossiled 20 somethings :D

mathew said...

I can very well think the song you listened to.."Say it RIght!!"..wouldnt that sound right for the post..

Thank god, I have yet to meet any young fellas like this..they might have a field day scoring points on me..

Anonymous said...

Awesome! I belong to the generation of the fossiled 20 somethings, and we ROCK! :)

Amooma said...

yah!! why to gao, gerl!

Iceman said...

reminds me one such incident...

Bachpan mein one of my NRI cousin... correcting me... its Ber-mew-da shorts dood... not Barrrmoda...


hammy said...

The youth will kill us all...

Just like we killed our elders. Now that was fun.

Bah. The fight will never end. We can only hope that they will be tortured just as badly by their next gen...

The torch will be passed...


n i t i n said...

oh!! that might me hard...sheesh!!

try listening to metallica....well unless you get to say Meytallikay or something... :|

PS: was that"NELLY" or "NELLIE"!!?? :P

Aths said...

LOL ... my own cousin makes it his job to dictate the correct pronunciation and what-not. Reminds me of how i spent years correcting my elders and gasping at all the errors ... *Shrieks*

Karthik Sivaramakrishnan said...

I must be fossilized in the antarctic! I have no idea what the joke in this is :( What's wrong or right with dudette? :-/ I know the worst way of killing a joke is by asking someone to explain it, so I waited till the starting deluge of comments was out of the way :) Please to expain.

In fact, I am so fossilized, I found your 'wotever' so 14-something-generation-ish :)

silverine said...

Inder: She sure does!

Safari Al: I have NO demands from them...except "leave me alone"! :p

AP: lol!!

deepti: Thats what we are! :p

Mathew: They sure will have a field day scoring goals off us! :p

Ms taggart: We sure do!!! :)

Amooma: High five gerl! :)

iceman: Sounds very familiar! :p

Hammy:lol!! Good one!

nitin: "PS: was that"NELLY" or "NELLIE"!!??" oooh did that hurt? Yes? Strike two to the very fossilized and ancient in their 20’s generation. Tee hee And who cares if I got that 'tee hee' right! :p

aths: We reap what we sow I guess! :)

Karthik: Wotever!

saphire said...

the best way in situations like these wud b to say half the word..cough ..and wen they ask u to repeat, spell out the word, ofcourse only coz they didnt hear u the first time :D Works every time ;-)