Thursday, September 14, 2006

Settling in

I was actually quite depressed after leaving my last job. Everyday I fought the temptation of calling my boss and saying “I am coming back sob”. Then I reminded myself that my company has a open door policy and so I have all the time in the world to go back. Anyways even my folks thought that they should do something for me to cheer me up of the depression , made worse by the HR Team playing mournful songs at the farewell dinner. Imagine eating your food to “O jaane waale ho sake tho laut ke aana” I was trying hard to control my tears and the gulab jamoons. It was so difficult. *sniff*

Many a resignee have sobbed uncontrollably and got back to work after these farewell dinners. (Emotional blackmail is mandatory subject for HR these days). Those with low will power, make their wife/mom/sister call up and say they cannot make it to the dinner. Anyways the gifts were nice and cheered me up.

~My Mom bought me a Copper ring that she said would keep my blood pressure in the right side of the BP measuring machine (which ever side that is). So I gifted it to my new boss.

~My Dad bought me a new set of Golf Clubs. His old ones are worn out he says. (Of course I don’t play Golf but the thought was so sweet.)

~My eldest brother bought me a new bag, which I have gifted to my maid. She was so happy. She said the color was just right for her. It matched her parrot green blouse and Gelusil pink saree.

~My second brother's gift was a surprise. I am still recovering from the surprise. The doctor says it will take two whole months.

~My dog brandy bought me a dead rat….er never mind.

~My other dog Honey, puked on the bed. As a new job gift she made sure she completed the job on my moms bed. Such a nice dog.

~My other dog did me the honor of not mistaking me for a lamppost. I came to work with dry pants and not smelling like walls you see with notices like "Plis to not pas urin here".

~My old car pool fraternity also gave me a goodbye present…a comprehensive list of BMTC routes, so sweet ( err…but I don't remember telling them of the job change)

I am now almost over my old company. Though I did slip once when I saw my old company’s logo on a computer part and went *sob*. But my new boss was so understanding…he made Sysadmin change my computer configuration. I think I will be happy here.


AJITH said...

which company to which one was the jump ? I haven't yet gone through this resignation experience,though i've been to the verge of that.. I think its pretty tough for anyone regardless of the shortcomings of his company..When we move, we are leaving a big bunch of people here and entering a new world.. Good luck with the new place :)

Unni said...

Leaving an org to join a new one is actually an experience with mixed feelings for both parties in my case.. The happiness of leaving the old troubles and thrills of the expectation of new ones, for me, and the happiness that I am atlast going and the fears of living with all program bugs that I leave back, for the company!!

Anyway hope U have a nice time in the new company... And hope that the ur ex-org is not celebrating your resignation!! ;-)

Unnikrishnan G Nair

Fleiger said...

Thank god the songs they played did not incluce, "pardesi pardesi jana nahi". That one is very hard to resist. We played that for a person, who we were pleased was leaving the company, and next day first thing we saw coming to office was his car. (Luckily it was due to the fact that he had some paperwork to finish)

It's very hard to change companies, it's almost like going from your home to your husband's home after marriage. With all that saas-bahu stuff thrown in too... which actually reminds me of something you said in the last post ;)

May you adjust to your new err... job soon. ;)

Pratish Menon said...

and how's the sysadmin in the new job?

Eclipsed thoughts said...

Whaaah whaaaah...
Your touching piece made me wanna cry.... i am also planning to quit job.... wondering what gifts will i get.... *sob*

All da best with the new place

roopa said...

feel sad reading this. dont worry. hope the new place is real nice.

Its the change that brings this sadness and as is with all changes, u will get used to this too....

cheer up...:)

Kusum said...

Well, I know you have cheered up and all, but mera bhi thora contribution hona chahiye na? So I have decided to , well, er.. sing for you:

"Tum to thehre pardesi, Saath kya nibhaooge, subah pehli bus se, naye job ko chale jaaoge"

* Kusum runs away before silverine throws the dead rat and doggie puke on her *

Thanu said...

good luck at the new place and have loads and loads of fun

venus said...

I know, a new place can be little overwhelming initially with a learning curve. But you willg et over it girl!

tell us more about your new job, what do you do here?

wish ya good transitioning!

b v n said...

"My dog brandy bought me a dead rat"...LOL.must be a pretty mature know he's risen up to the occassion...and got a cute name too. btw you must be the first person to get gifts from home for quittin a job :))

*hey doggie bringing a dead rat to you very affectionately..*..what an imagery...i'm still stuck at that :)))

Asterix said...

Scene: One dark night. Its raining. Silverine is walking back from her new office. She is longing for her old one. One night. Just one night. For old times sake. No holds barred, let it clean the system. She ponders for a while. Meanwhile she has reached the intersection on the road. She lifts her head and sees the inviting porch of her ex-office. Passions surge. "What the heck!" is all she thinks before giving in. There was never a doubt.

Asterix said...

Rats! My real name is revealed :-(

Alexis Leon said...

I was trying hard to control my tears and the gulab jamoons. It was so difficult. Loved that. Now I am collecting such perals from your psots before you put a copyright notice.

My second brother's gift was a surprise. I am still recovering from the surprise. The doctor says it will take two whole months. I expected nothing less from him.

You are depressed and I am Pope. But the increase in frequency of post is something that I welcome.

LI said...

What about Welcome gifts ? Didnt the new company give you anything ? Usually people are happy when some one arrive for which they give gifts.

Praveen said...

hope your eldest brother dosent read about what you did to his gift :), and this is sarcasm at its best ;0

aqua said...

ha ha .. the open door calling u.."Laut avoo naa..." Go ahead .. and prove it wrong tht 'Rolling stone gathers no moss'..

Binoy, The One and Only said...

I am imagining the situation in which I am leaving the company.

Me: Boss, I am leaving this company.
Boss: When? I mean, why? Don't we give you a fat paycheck?
Me: If you can call a pencil fat then, yes?
Boss: Don't you get your promotions on time?
Me: Yes, I have been promoted from the cube near the restroom to the one near the fire exit.
Boss: So why do you want to leave this job?
Me: I feel I don't have enough growth oppurtunities here.
Boss: When you joined you were 80 Kgs. Now you are 110 Kgs. Don't you call that growth?
Me: Don't you feel that it was because I spent 23 out of 24 hours infront of the comp? But I meant career growth.
Boss: Stick around for a couple more years, and you will see that you will go places.
Me: Hell? Satan's speciality torture resorts?
Boss: Let me think about it. We will talk about this later.

While I walk back, Boss calls HR.
Boss: HR, Binoy wants to resign. Make that process such a pain in the a$$ that he never will want to do anything like that again.
Evil HR: Sure boss *maniacal laughter*

So that is why I am still in the same company.

G said...

Interestingly, I have very recently rejoined my old company. I was away for two and a half years and now, since I have come back, it feels like I had never been away.

The shameless dogs, though, bought me no presents. They did take me out on a Saturday night in Bangalore. To a place called - Crossover Point. I was a part of a Royal Stag bunch, by which I mean, we were all men. By the end of this evening, I wanted to Crossover myself. I have sworn never to let them con me into something like this again.

Bags, Rats and doggie-puke I could have done without and am certainly glad I was not Past ant Yourin here, I would have liked one of those blood pressure rings. (I don't suffer from the affliction, thankfully, but I would have flashed it any time my bosses begin to lose their tempers).

All said and done, I know you're having a blast. The first few days of joining a new company are such fun! (Until you realise, they are no hotties here as well, DAMN).

Cheers and have a good ... week!

Jeremy Ryan said...

Best of luck, babe! You'll do just great :)

silverine said...

Ajith: Thank you!

unni: My ex org is waiting for me to come crying back :)

fleiger: lol I am adjusting, but I miss my last co.

pratish: So far so good!

Eclipsed thoughts: Thank you, if you were happy here then it will be hard to quit :)

Roopa: Thank you!

kusum: It was that chat with ya y'day that cheered me up from you know what! Thanks gurl :) So no dog puke will be thrown at you at least for now :)

Thanu and Venus: Thank you :)

b v n:Brandy is very caring you know! :p

Praveen: Thank you buddy, always good to see you here :)

asterix: It was that one time only :( I was weak and gave in *snifff*

Alexis:"You are depressed and I am Pope" ROTFL and as usual you got it!!!
I am copyrighting you as my inspiration :)

li: I never heard of welcome gifts in joining a new co :)

acqua: Thanks buddy :)

binoy: That was soooo funny lol

G: ha ha sounds like you had fun :)Well..lots of hotties here ;)Thanks for that comment, chered me up!

Jeremy: *HUGS* :)

Jiby said...

i am a job-change u know what i am thinking after reading this!

ur hard-time at parting reminded me of the campus job i did for almost 2 years at my university...i was so attached to the place and the people that i called the shots on who should replace me. I conveniently placed a mallu pal there, made him swear that he would also place another mallu there, and that mallu shud swear to him that he wud place another mallu there...all so that if ever i returned to school to study again, i can get that guy to give me the job! my friends still make fun of me for that obsession.

Jagadish said...

was unplugged for sometime....
feels nice to be back.
seems that ive missed quite some action.nyway all the best at ur new place and may u have lots time to blog ;)

Fleiger said...

Yes, change is always hard. I agree with your brothers though, shock therapy is actually very good way of curing anxiety. (Now they are using magnetic fields, but still same principle)

And have you given a thought that your carpool people might have been saying "Ab bus"?

monu said...

:) all the best ...

too sad that they sing a mallu song also.. like "idaya kanyakey povuka neee" or anthing simmilar :D

Dhanush said...

That first 2-3 weeks of Settling in a new comp is really the difficult part. As abhi said u r out of ur comfort zone, you fee like an alien there, you try to make up a smile eventhough thinking did I make a wrong move. Having experienced it myself, I can quite understand the feelings u r gng through. All the best in the new adventures.

Well the gifts lists are cool, my ppl didnt buy me anything except that they were happy that I was moving more closer to home.

Arti Honrao said...

"My other dog did me the honor of not mistaking me for a lamppost. I came to work with dry pants and not smelling like walls you see with notices like "Plis to not pas urin here"." LOL!!!

Jahan bhi raho ... khush raho!


Rockus said...

All the best on your new job! :-)
Just joined mine and right now things looking soo rosy! :D

Anonymous said...

All the best anjechi!

Bobby, Leena and Joby and all at home.

Safari Al said...

Congrats on the new job. By the way i landed my first job a month ago. I will start work(ugh!!!) end of july next year.

Any words of wisdom???

silverine said...

Jiby: This is my third job, the first one lasted a few months, the last was the best experience in my life, hence the parting pains :)

Jagadish: Welcome back!! :)

fleiger:Time to get a new carpool :)

monu: Thanks :)

dhanush: Yeah, change can be unsettling when your last job was a peach!

arti: Thanks gurl :)

Rockus: May it always remain rosy, best of luck :)

Bobby,Leena,Joby: Thank you so much!!! :)

safari al: My advice...keep learning and all the best for the days ahead! :)

Maya Cassis said...

hee hee heee.i know you are settling in ,in this post but it makes me giggle so much.I love the punch in your writing.

silverine said...

maya cassis: lol thank you gurl!!! :))