Thursday, January 25, 2007

...and he said "Yes"!!!!

A girls gotta do what a girls gotta do or be left ruing the half chances she never converted to full points. Yesterday I decided to take the plunge. There is this guy in my office whom I have been eyeing for quite some time. He is a Sales Engineer. My friends and female colleagues advised that I pop the question before someone else did and so I did!!! And his answer was “YES!”. I am so happy!

I finally got what I had set my heart on for some time now. And my dear gal blog pals, I would like to tell you that I am in seventh heaven now and please never hesitate to go after what you want. This is the 21st century, so throw away the old notions that it is the guy who should make the first move. There is no harm in stating your intentions. Many thanks to my team members who also helped make this happen, supported me and helped set the stage for this occasion.

And for all those people who want the details, let me recount this momentous occasion!

My colleagues decided that they will all assemble in the the cafeteria so that I could pop the question in front of the whole team. We planned to have a small celebration after that if the outcome was positive with the blessings of our manager and big boss.

At precisely 10 am my friend LS bought RV to the Cafeteria where I waited. He sensed something was happening, started grinning and was a little nervous. I stepped upto him with the whole team watching. I was little nervous but felt firm on popping the question no matter what the answer might be.

Me: RV we have been good friends, colleagues and have been through a lot of ups and downs professionally especially due to the &^%$*# vendors.
RV: ha ha thats right!!
Me:I have always looked upto to you for advice, support and you have always been there for me.
RV: Well that was the least I could do!
Me: So I hope you don’t mind that I have taken the liberty to come to certain conclusions and based on that I want to ask you something.
RV(nervously): Hey where is all this going?
Someone from the crowd: Let the girl complete yaar!
RV: Ok k k k k..... go ahead!
Me ( getting down on my knees): RV will you ..................................... return my Mont Blanc pen you borrowed three months ago?
RV: What?????? Err I mean “YES” “YES” the answer is “YES!!”

Applause from the junta followed by a reception for the happy couple after RV fished the pen from his overflowing cupboard. RV’s Manager raised the toast and said that I was the only person who ever got RV to return a borrowed item.

The assemblage are hoping that from now on RV will return the numerous borrowed items from them. RV in turn has promised to return them as soon as he hires the truck, to cart the said items.

(Dear blog pals, do check out Kusum's
loony mela and help her compile blogspots best chuckle inducers! Thank you!!


Nariyal Chutney said...

:) . The Pen should have been the most happy thing around for seeing the orginal owner finally :D

Keshi said...

LOL I knew from the beginning it wasnt a romantic qn...I just knew :)


Anonymous said...

Good for you. I have a lost a good many pens myself:-(


Ajith said...

Oh...that was too good :D ..U deserve a great applause really. :)

Jithesh said...

You always live up to the expectation of the reader!another witty one!But those who have been following your blog for quite some time could very well predict the end. But who bothers about the climax. It is the flow that was exciting! good one!

Jay Sun said...

Nice...very still grinning ear to ear :)

Anoop G said...

disappointed... in the beginning i really thought that Silverine finally fell into love with a boy!

Sanjay said...

Thank goodness!!

Imagine all the hearts you might have broken if the outcome was keeping with the title. (not mine though; lost it sometime back)

Shucks people have had to go into mourning and color their pages black for a week or something (not mine though; its so dark nobody goes there)

Be very very carfull about things you lend out, the repurcursions on this community could be pretty ominous...

Browser said...

MONT BLANC - what do you do and how much does it pay? Maybe I should go down on my knees......

Asterix said...

Haha!! Words fail me. If I ever find them again, I will write them down. With my Mont Blanc pen.

Kusum Rohra said...

Don't know about other borrowed stuff (sheepishly hides all the books, CDs, DVDs and the headphone she has borrowed) but ya me too never returns borrowed pens!!

RV if you are reading this, I am on your side, I know _exactly_ how it feels when one of *them* the owners come back asking for their stuff!!

niti bhan said...

I'm heartbroken. here I thought it was going to be happy ending hindi movie style :)

mathew said...

Lol!!..very much silverish!!(if ever there is such a word)..

Mont Blanc pen and he kept that in his cupboard!!..sacreligious!! :-P

First para got me engrossed and curiousity took me to the last para..

neways cleverly crafted!!:-D

Fleiger said...

Mont blanc? In that case everybody's to do what they have to do.

BTW, Congrats are in the order... and best luck to RV for the imminent change in his life. Taking the plunge (and start returning the borrowed items) must have been a very tough choice for him.

Ardra said...

enjoyed thoroughly catching upw ith u'r posts!
lovvved the one abt u'r brother being auctioned!

naan said...

Form the post heading itself I knew this would be funny.. too good.. I almost laughed out loud in the office !

silverine said...

NC: I hope so :)

keshi: he he great minds think alike :p

Kajan: I know how you feel!!

Ajith: Thank you :)

Jithesh: Thanks buddy!! :)

Jay sun: Thank you :)

Anoop: Wonder why you are disappointed! :p

Sanjay: LOL point noted :))

browser: The MB was a present :)

Asterix: lol now that was one ingenious comment :))

Fleiger: You said it...and I guess he has to adjust to his new status ;)

kusum: Et Tu Kusum!!! Wokay being my alter ego u r forgiven, I always return stuff :p

Niti: You are a die hard romantic I guess :)

Mathew: lol that was a brand new term :P Thanks buddy!

Ardra: Thanks gurl :)

Naan: Thank you :)

~==[[[ Abhi ]]]==~ said...

Well i did think of the title as a distraction, but then i never thot u will have the whole office roaring with laughter with the GOIN ON KNEES for a MONT BLANC story!

Great post, hilariously kool!

G said...

Heh Heh - I must say that you are possibly the only person I know on this planet that would lend someone a Mont Blanc pen! Might I borrow it one day?

Barani said...

Good One.. :)... first time here,, enjoyed it,


Fleiger said...

Oh yes, change in status is always difficult, what with nostalgia and all...
Also, beware of others "hitting" on your man now ;)

Neihal said...

You rock gal :)
A Mont Blanc PEN....I agree..A girls gotta do what she's gotta do...and I gotta go and buy that damn pen now...its been on my wishlist for too long :D
awesome post yaar!!

Mind Curry said...

:) like most of your blogpals, i guessed too this had to end in a big chuckle :) but i am waiting for the real thing to of these days surely..hee hee..

RV in turn has promised to return them as soon as he is hires the truck, to cart the said items
hilllarrryy-yeeessss!!!! :))

accidental diva said...

lol(claps)...really funny:):)


Synapse said...

apparently the whole blogosphere is waiting for the ice maiden to pop the question! yet another false alarm! :(

Alexis said...

Nice one...But I knew it was not the usual question :-)

But how could you give your MB pen to him. That's preposterous!!!

And I agree with Mathew...Keeping it in the cupboard...sacrilegious:))

Strider said...

what a way to pop the question!!


Gladtomeetin said...

Wow...that was a gr8 idea!!! Many can try and get their things back :-))

Hats off!

Jeseem said...

poor guy,
he got the fright of his life.
luckily he escaped.
did he quit and run away :P

Sachin R K said...

Wow...I thought I was sure that it was not THE question you had in mind but just wasnt sure...Good one...reminded me of that old "Have you done IT" post of yours :)


hope and love said...

You disappointed me.
I was hoping that RV would be dishy enough for my Silverine and I was impatiently reading to come to the end for more juicy details about him :(

HoliDevil said...

2 wickedly good


Anonymous said...

nice one...a 180degree shift on the climax...
i'm a first time visitor to the blog...liked it... :)

Di said...

oh my god!! u shud join a theater! u actually did that to the poor guy?!Atta girl!! ;)

DD said...

Very very mosham. But then the ending still leaves 'hope' for mere mortals hoping for a silverine lining in the dark cloud of their lives! Ok I admit I dont know where that came from :)

You should have put up a pic of the poor thing..the Mont Blanc I mean

zelle said...

hi silver! i have been reading your posts for quite sometime now (i saw u at kusum's place). i know that there's a hitch in this post....i had a great laugh. ur a fantastic writer!

i was silently hoping that this has something to do with falling in love though :P

Puchu said...

"Silver(ine) lining someone" ????
After all that you have written, about all the poor guys who have crossed your path, you expected us to beleive that....???? Well... I initially did... :(

Nice post... keep 'em coming... and keep us guessing...

Dev said...

Heh heh heh... I thought Silverine was losing her touch. No sirreeee... no way! Silly me.

And thanks for the humor.. I espy hours of laughter ahead ;)

abhishek said...

ahh silverine...u never fail to draw a smile and a tear at the same time...

here's a toast to more chuckles from you and perhaps, sappier and senti endings :)

i'd disappeared from the blogging scene for a few months myself, trying to find a replacement for blogrolling (i'm rather lost and lazy without it) and also, because personal events have taken over my life for the better, which makes this post all the more bittersweet.

silverine said...

Abhi: Thank you :)

G: Not you may not!!! I have learnt my lessons well! :P

barani: Thanks for dropping by :)

fleiger:Unfortunately everybody is hitting on my man :(( He owes everyone something or the other :p

neihal:High five gal!!:))

MC: *hmmph* so you guessed it too? Why don't people believe me anymore?!?!!? *sigh*


accidental diva: Thanks gurl!! :)

synapse: They can keep waiting ;)

Alexis: Et tu Alexis!!! *sighhhhh*
I gave him the pen because I had it in my hand when he asked :(

strider: and he went *pop* when I popped the question :P

jeseem: No, he didn't :P

gladtomeetin: Thank you :)

sachin rk: Thank you :)

HnL: U r an incurable aren't you? :) I will divulge all when IT happens doc!!

holidevil: Thankeee!!

DJ:Thanks for dropping by :)

DI:I actually did it girl, it was make it or break it for me :(

Deepak: he he I think I should have!! :P

zelle: All the girls seemed to be hoping for a sappy ending :))

Dev: Thanks buddy, your profile pic always brings a smile on me face :)

abhishek: That comment meant a lot!! *hugs*

Anonymous said...

what a let down :-)
Nice build up, though..

pophabhi said...

I knew you were onto something, when I read the intro itself ;)
Very nice one. LOL! Hope you started to write with the Mont Blanc...(Hush...Is this Mont Blanc of yours called Reynolds too? My Mont Blanc is Cello.)

പെരിങ്ങോടന്‍ said...

എന്തോ എനിക്കത്ര വിശ്വാസം വന്നില്ല ;) ഈ mont blanc ഒക്കെ ഉള്ളതാണല്ലോ അല്ലേ?

Sandeep said...

that was intstng sure....
i guess even i got to get a team for my CDs...books !!!!!
good idea!!!!

Anonymous said...

hehe....just when I thought you found your prince :)


silverine said...

Anon: :)

Abhi: "Hush...Is this Mont Blanc of yours called Reynolds too? My Mont Blanc is Cello" ROFL good one!!! Unfortunately mine is a real MB though a cheaper model :)

Raj: It is actually a MB pen but not the very expensive one :)

sandeep: Thank you :)

Nita: Not yet dear, and am in no hurry, besides my mom will kill me if I find a prince that doesnt meet all her 'requirments specs" :p

Arun Jose said...

good one! :-)