Friday, April 29, 2005

Roll back

Today I want to thank those numerous people who came into my scholastic life and made me what I am. I would like to apologise to those who failed in their mission in making me a world class athlete, rocket scientist, nun etc..

Sr. Fatima: Thank you for introducing me to James Herriot, Jim Corbett, Salim Ali and E P Gee. I now know my Great Indian Bustard from my Turkey.

Thank you Sr. Isabel for banning Archie comics and Mills and Boon in school because it made me all the more determined to read them.

Ms. Michel: My English teacher for making me realize that there were no bad girls in English nursery rhymes. Only bad boys like Georgie Podgie. (Hah!) And that wearing extremely short skirts in class were not good for boy’s grades.

Sr. Josephine: For telling me that ‘guys are after only one thing’. This led me and friends to covertly read books about that ‘thing’.

Sr. Alphonsa: For those dreadful s** education classes where you hummed like a bee and chirped like a bird to drive home the point.

Sr. Brigitta: For trying to guide me back to a prayerful life with gentle hints like the 12 pound Bible you gave me for my b’day with the ominous words “open a random page everyday.” The first page I opened read “drink not water but wine for thine inequities”.

Sr. Maria: For taking me with her on her numerous shopping expeditions to the vegetable and meat market and commenting on the disgusting dressing style of the ladies in “A” movie posters. Also for wondering out aloud in a crowded shop what the “A” written on the poster meant.

Ms Mary the lab attendant: For letting us have a peek at the lab tables arranged for next days practical exams! God bless your acids and alkalis.

Mr. Phillip the PT master: For making us run around the sports ground 7 times for coming late to PT class. I knew then that I was never going to be another P T Usha.

Mr Bose: My Physics teacher who killed a budding career in Physics with this announcement. "All those who are not willing to work hard 24/7, burn the midnight oil and give up worldly pleasures in pursuit of science, please walk out of this classroom now.”


Vinu said...

Why are you Thanking them now?
Going Somewhere?

QuaTros said...

Awesome, loved this one! :-)
I have a Fr Pulickal,Suzy ma'm and many others on my list to zoom back and thank! :-)

Jiby said...

nicely teachers always leave an indelible mark on our psyche...whether it be good or bad.quatros i went to loyola too!

silverine said...

qua tros- why don't you thank them too on your blog. Will make interesting read.

Jiby:I met one of these people recently which led to this post.There were many more but lack of time forced me cut short my tributes.

Adarsh A. Varghese said...

So, you convent educated huh?

Pradeep said...

Very few like you who will remember and thank their teachers.

You have what in Malayalam is called "gurutvam". I don't know the exact equivalent in English, but loosely it is "deep respect, admiration and gratitude for teachers".

Even though I haven't done one like you did on your blog, I vividly remember many teachers at various occasions even now... just goes to show the sort of impression teachers can leave on pupils' minds.

I think I should do some flashback to my schooldays!

Kraz Arkin said...

No Father Iruttatil Masturbatious??

claytonia vices said...

Arre!!! I did a google on 'poda patti' (coz someone was calling me that) and here I chance upon your wonderful blog!! :-)

Reading this post made my day! :-)

catherine said...

Lol...great efforts to compile them.

Sriganesh Murthi said...

The first page I opened read “drink not water but wine for thine inequities”

Great one, though exaggerated.