Monday, November 28, 2011

The unsung ungeniouses

We were having coffee with Genius at the cafeteria. We call him Genius for a reason. You will see why very soon. Sunitha, a manager was musing aloud that her male subordinates seemed to have some problems with her because she was a lady manager. Genius who overheard this remark interrupted her with a “No, no no!!!” accompanied by a violent shaking of his head from side to side in disagreement.

‘Well…” started Sunitha defensively, “I am just talking aloud here….”

“No, no, no!” said Genius shaking his head again. He looked like a toy that had jammed its internal mechanism causing it to rotate its head from shoulder to shoulder till the battery ran out. Finally he paused, to our relief and said “It is not like that Sunitha. They don’t have a problem with you being a lady. It is just your perception.”

“What do you mean?” asked Sunitha intrigued.

“See our country manager…what his name…” mused Genius scratching his head.

“Ramakrishnan!” I offered.

"Yes! Ramakrishnan!" he repeated needlessly.

"He is a guy isn’t he!” he asked animatedly. We nodded in affirmation.

“Is there any lady in this organization having problems with him because he is a male manager!”

And then he leaned back in his chair and watched us in bewilderment as we got up and banged our heads against the wall. Genius still hasn't figured out why people react this way after he has answered their queries with his astounding logic.


The Holy Lama said...

Good medicine for idle talk

Bikram said...

he he he he .. yepp correctly GENIUS .. I laughed out LOUD reading this


Nona said...

Can't beat that logic!!! :p

Nithya Sriram said...

good one !!!

Guruji said...

"There are no male managers or female managers, there are only managers" ~Confusionus

Destiny's child said...

Haha! Genius indeed...

Lol @ Holy Lama :D

Browser said...

Oh Poomanam, we your faihful followers are waitinge agerly for your next post. With 2012 being the "end of the world", we wish to worship more of your posts before DDay comes. Please do grace your worshipors with your presence.

Arati Harikumar said...

Hi! I just chanced upon your blog & read them all in 3 days flat! :D

Needless to say, i loved it! Awaiting next one from you!

Btw, being a fellow mallu helped - could relate to the mallu-ness :P


merlin said...

pls do write something!!! i have been dropping by on a daily basis :(

silverine said...

Thanks a bunch for your comments folks and for kicking me out of my blogging lethargy! :-)