Monday, January 18, 2010

Corporate twits err tweets

The bad news for me this week is that the Boss is on Twitter *gulp*
The good news is that he doesn’t know I am on Twitter tee hee. *phew*

The PJ’s in office is in full flow.

Did you hear? Our profits are up 50 % since last quarter.
Who told you?
A little bird :|


A little bird tells me that you are moving to the Gurgaon office.
If I catch that little bird I will make him bird fry! That little twit!!!
Hyuk hyuk

And so on and so forth. Each cornier than the rest. Everyone looks at everyone with suspicion now. You never know who the little bird is who is giving out official information that has been confirmed by HR mails which no one reads anyways.

Note to self: Time to educate the office about Twitter.

Now that the Boss is singing like a canary, oops I mean Tweeting about how good we are and how fantastic our products are, I wonder if he tweets about us, his (dis)loyal minions. And I wonder what his tweets about me will be like hmmm

The Insubordinate is in office on time today. Wonder what she is up to hmmm

From my cabin it looks like she is working. Ha! Like I will fall for that heh heh

Busy planning and strategizing…gotta keep her busy for the rest of the year!

One more Excel to go and then I am oops I mean, she is finished heh heh

Off to Lunch. Productive first half of the day :)

Back from lunch. Looking forward to the look on her face when I give her the work plan, *smirk* *smirk*

Everything went well. She took it surprisingly well. I am now worried. Getting nasty feelings here tweeples.


She has delegated everything!! #%@*%

Back to the drawing board… sigh!

Heh heh….When it comes to work, I always have the last laugh. I love my job!

p.s. searching for creative names for my new incognito Twitter account! This will be a busy week!


Pink Mango Tree said...

His next tweet, "Huh?! Is this woman too on twitter?"
BTW, the post is as hilarious as always!

Cheers! :)

Unknown said...

Funny! Let your boss read it. :P

Shrutzz said...

very funny...loved it...LOL

skar said...

I like the idea of

Unknown said...

:) ha..ha..haa....

Guruji said...

Looking for a name for your twitter account? Scramble your name and create one - such as 'Hippi in a jail'

Unknown said...

how about
that should throw your boss off track..

Anonymous said...

hehe ....Loved it especially the second last line :)

Rajlakshmi said...

thats hillarious... wonder if you boss read this :P that should be fun :D hehehe

Nona said...

You have maintained a good balance in your posts... from the time I have been following/reading. Even though most of the blogs are about office pranks, you have carefully hidden the identity of your organization.

If your boss is not careful enough, then it could backfire on him. Remember Tharoor! :)

Now, you have two options
1. Maintaining incognito status, you can inform him.
2. Wait till his face lands on "it"

My hunch. You will go for option 2. :D

By the way, I'm glad you are back to your monday morning updates. :)

The Holy Lama said...

Tweet till its sweet, Beat the retreat when the you feel the heat.

Destiny's child... said...

Wait till he finds out. :p
But since the person in question here is Ms. Silverine, I'd rather rule out that possibility. Your boss must be smart enough to know that you will not just blog about the whole episode but also have everyone laughing at him.

skar said...


mathew said...

why does it feel like Silverine and grapevine sort of rhymes!! *covers!!* :P

hammy said...

An incognito Twitter ID? Ooh! Ooh! I know...

How about "notAnjaliPhilip"?

No, not enough boost... perhaps

"NOT_AnjaliPhilip"?? That ought to do... In case you still feel it may not be enough, try "CERTAINLY_NOT_ANJALI,at_least_not_the_one_working_for_you" - Ought to take care of any manager.

Unknown said...

Superrrr wonleee.. Howlarious... :D

Sorcerer said...


good ones!

Rajlakshmi said...

thats hillarious :D
wonder if your boss too read this :P

silverine said...

Thank you folks for your comments and name suggestions! :)

Vinod Asokan said...

Nice! Twitterrific...!

Aniket Thakkar said...

You seriously were quite easy to find. Just started following you. ;)

silverine said...

Vinod: :D That was a twitterific comment!

Aniket: Thanks buddy! Me following you back. You better tweet thoughtful, funny and fundoo tweets from now on! :|